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🍾 Flexible promise-based React data loader
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React Async
Handle promises with ease.

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React component and hook for declarative promise resolution and data fetching. Makes it easy to handle every state of the asynchronous process, without assumptions about the shape of your data or the type of request. Use it with fetch, Axios or other data fetching libraries, even GraphQL.

  • Zero dependencies
  • Works with promises, async/await and the Fetch API
  • Now with experimental Suspense support
  • Choose between Render Props, Context-based helper components or the useAsync and useFetch hooks
  • Debug and develop every part of the loading sequence with the React Async DevTools
  • Provides convenient isPending, startedAt, finishedAt, et al metadata
  • Provides cancel and reload actions
  • Automatic re-run using watch or watchFn prop
  • Accepts onResolve, onReject and onCancel callbacks
  • Supports abortable fetch by providing an AbortController
  • Supports optimistic updates using setData
  • Supports server-side rendering through initialValue
  • Written in TypeScript, ships with type definitions
  • Works well in React Native too!

Upgrading to v9

Version 9 comes with a minor breaking change. See Upgrading for details.


Getting started





Thanks goes to these wonderful people (emoji key):

Gert Hengeveld

💻 👀 💬


💻 📦

Lenz Weber

💻 📦 🤔


👀 📖

Fred K. Schott


Cedric van Putten


Tom Shane


Philip Peterson


Sibelius Seraphini


Jim Cummins


Mihkel Sokk


Jiří Brabec


Andrii U


Matthisk Heimensen


Danny Hurlburt

🤔 📖

Noel Yoo

⚠️ 💻 🤔

Adam Ratcliffe


Kent C. Dodds




Jacob Lee


Youngrok Kim


Munir Ahmed Elsangedy




Sal Olivares

💻 🐛

Neale Upstone


Martin Barksten


This project follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind welcome!

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