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  • v1.5.0
  • 39f2c6d
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@yoshuawuyts yoshuawuyts released this Feb 3, 2020 · 22 commits to master since this release

API Documentation

This patch includes various quality of life improvements to async-std.
Including improved performance, stability, and the addition of various
Clone impls that replace the use of Arc in many cases.


  • Added links to various ecosystem projects from the README (#660)
  • Added an example on FromStream for Result<T, E> (#643)
  • Added stream::pending as "unstable" (#615)
  • Added an example of stream::timeout to document the error flow (#675)
  • Implement Clone for DirEntry (#682)
  • Implement Clone for TcpStream (#689)


  • Removed internal comment on stream::Interval (#645)
  • The "unstable" feature can now be used without requiring the "default" feature (#647)
  • Removed unnecessary trait bound on stream::FlatMap (#651)
  • Updated the "broadcaster" dependency used by "unstable" to 1.0.0 (#681)
  • Updated async-task to 1.2.1 (#676)
  • task::block_on now parks after a single poll, improving performance in many cases (#684)
  • Improved reading flow of the "client" part of the async-std tutorial (#550)
  • Use take_while instead of scan in impl of Product, Sum and FromStream (#667)
  • TcpStream::connect no longer uses a thread from the threadpool, improving performance (#687)


  • Fixed crate documentation typo (#655)
  • Fixed documentation for UdpSocket::recv (#648)
  • Fixed documentation for UdpSocket::send (#671)
  • Fixed typo in stream documentation (#650)
  • Fixed typo on sync::JoinHandle documentation (#659)
  • Removed use of std::error::Error::description which failed CI (#661)
  • Removed the use of rustfmt's unstable format_code_in_doc_comments option which failed CI (#685)
  • Fixed a code typo in the task::sleep example (#688)
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