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[tracking] Streams parity #2

3 of 79 tasks
yoshuawuyts opened this issue Mar 14, 2020 · 4 comments
3 of 79 tasks

[tracking] Streams parity #2

yoshuawuyts opened this issue Mar 14, 2020 · 4 comments
enhancement good first issue help wanted


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@yoshuawuyts yoshuawuyts commented Mar 14, 2020

Similar to async-rs/async-std#129, this tracks all missing methods and functions for ParallelStream. Each method and function should take an async closure as an argument (even if it's still slightly cumbersome to do so), and expose its return future.

If you'd like to implement a method or a function, just comment on this issue and it's yours!

Missing free functions

  • from_fn
  • repeat_with
  • successors

Missing traits

  • ParallelExtend
  • ParallelProduct
  • ParallelSum

Missing stream methods

  • ParallelStream::all
  • ParallelStream::any
  • ParallelStream::by_ref
  • ParallelStream::chain
  • ParallelStream::cloned
  • ParallelStream::cmp
  • ParallelStream::collect
  • ParallelStream::copied
  • ParallelStream::count
  • ParallelStream::cycle
  • ParallelStream::enumerate
  • ParallelStream::eq
  • ParallelStream::filter
  • ParallelStream::filter_map
  • ParallelStream::find
  • ParallelStream::find_map
  • ParallelStream::flat_map
  • ParallelStream::flatten
  • ParallelStream::fold
  • ParallelStream::for_each
  • ParallelStream::fuse
  • ParallelStream::ge
  • ParallelStream::gt
  • ParallelStream::inspect
  • ParallelStream::last
  • ParallelStream::le
  • ParallelStream::lt
  • ParallelStream::map
  • ParallelStream::max
  • ParallelStream::max_by
  • ParallelStream::max_by_key
  • ParallelStream::min
  • ParallelStream::min_by
  • ParallelStream::min_by_key
  • ParallelStream::ne
  • ParallelStream::next
  • ParallelStream::nth
  • ParallelStream::partial_cmp
  • ParallelStream::partition
  • ParallelStream::peekable
  • ParallelStream::position
  • ParallelStream::product
  • ParallelStream::rev
  • ParallelStream::rposition
  • ParallelStream::scan
  • ParallelStream::size_hint
  • ParallelStream::skip
  • ParallelStream::skip_while
  • ParallelStream::step_by
  • ParallelStream::sum
  • ParallelStream::take
  • ParallelStream::take_while
  • ParallelStream::try_fold
  • ParallelStream::try_for_each
  • ParallelStream::unzip
  • ParallelStream::zip

Missing FromStream impls

  • FromParallelStream<()> for ()
  • FromParallelStream<char> for String
  • FromParallelStream<String> for String
  • FromParallelStream<&'a char> for String
  • FromParallelStream<&'a str> for String
  • FromParallelStream<T> for Cow<'a, [T]> where T: Clone
  • FromParallelStream<A> for Box<[A]>
  • FromParallelStream<A> for VecDeque<A>
  • FromParallelStream<Result<A, E>> for Result<V, E> where V: FromStream<A>
  • FromParallelStream<Option<A>> for Option<V> where V: FromStream<A>
  • FromParallelStream<(K, V)> for BTreeMap<K, V> where K: Ord
  • FromParallelStream<(K, V)> for HashMap<K, V, S> where K: Eq + Hash, S: BuildHasher + Default
  • FromParallelStream<T> for BinaryHeap<T> where T: Ord
  • FromParallelStream<T> for BTreeSet<T> where T: Ord
  • FromParallelStream<T> for LinkedList<T>
  • FromParallelStream<T> for Vec<T>
  • FromParallelStream<T> for HashSet<T, S> where T: Eq + Hash, S: BuildHasher + Default
@yoshuawuyts yoshuawuyts changed the title [tracking] API [tracking] Streams parity Mar 14, 2020
@yoshuawuyts yoshuawuyts added enhancement good first issue help wanted labels Mar 14, 2020
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@amadeusine amadeusine commented Mar 18, 2020

I would like to take on ParallelStream::any if that seems reasonable. Since Contributing on the readme seems unavailable, should I PR directly? 🙂

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@yoshuawuyts yoshuawuyts commented Mar 18, 2020

@amadeusine that all sounds perfect!

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@Thegaram Thegaram commented Mar 20, 2020

I'd like to add ParallelStream::count if that's okay for you.

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@CollinValley CollinValley commented Mar 22, 2020

#10 Implementation of FilterMap, would be willing to do more as well.

bnjjj added a commit to bnjjj/parallel-stream that referenced this issue May 13, 2020
Signed-off-by: Benjamin Coenen <>
bnjjj added a commit to bnjjj/parallel-stream that referenced this issue May 13, 2020
Signed-off-by: Benjamin Coenen <>
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