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.NET C# NATS template

This is a .NET C# NATS template for the AsyncAPI generator

All Contributors

This template is for generating a .NET C# wrapper for the NATS client based on your AsyncAPI document. The template is based on the library.

Have you found a bug or have an idea for improvement? Feel free to contribute! See the contribution guidelines how to do so.

Example usage

Given any AsyncAPI file (AsyncAPI.yml) first generate the client with the AsyncAPI generator such as

ag --install --output ./nats-client ./AsyncAPI.yml @asyncapi/dotnet-nats-template

How to use

The generated output shall be seen a separate library (similar to any REST API client), that can be interacted with. It generates all the necessary functionality for you to easily interact with the NATS broker based on the AsyncAPI definition of the application.


  • @asyncapi/generator < v2.0.0 >v1.1.1

Install the generator through npm or run it from docker official installer.


Before contributing please read the CONTRIBUTING document.


Thanks goes to these wonderful people (emoji key):

Jonas Lagoni

💻 🚧 💬 🤔 📖 🐛

Lukasz Gornicki


This project follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind welcome!