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HTML template for the AsyncAPI Generator

HTML template for the AsyncAPI Generator using an AsyncAPI React Component under the hood.

All Contributors



ag asyncapi.yaml @asyncapi/html-template -o output

If you don't have the AsyncAPI Generator installed, you can install it like this:

npm install -g @asyncapi/generator

Supported parameters

Name Description Required Default Allowed values Example
sidebarOrganization Defines how the sidebar should be organized. Set its value to byTagsNoRoot to categorize operations by operations tags. Set its value to byTags when you have tags on a root level. These tags are used to model tags navigation and need to have the same tags in operations. No undefined byTags, byTagsNoRoot byTagsNoRoot
baseHref Sets the base URL for links and forms. No / Any /docs
version Override the version of your application provided under info.version location in the specification file. No Version is taken from the spec file. Any (See Semver versionning) 1.0.0
singleFile Set output into one html-file with styles and scripts inside No false true,false true
outFilename The filename of the output file. No index.html Any asyncapi.html
pdf Generates output HTML as PDF No false true,false false

NOTE: If you only generate an HTML website, set the environment variable PUPPETEER_SKIP_CHROMIUM_DOWNLOAD to true and the generator will skip downloading chromium.


The HTML-Template is built with an AsyncAPI React Component. For any changes regarding the styling of the page, rendering of the missing/existing elements, please contribute to the AsyncAPI React Component repository.

If you want make changes in template itself, please follow:

  1. Make sure you have the latest generator installed: npm install -g @asyncapi/generator.

  2. Modify the template or its helper functions.

    NOTE: If you have to modify the dummy.yml file to develop your features, open a PR with the changes in the asyncapi/generator repository.

  3. Generate output with watcher enabled: npm run develop.

    NOTE: If your changes are not visible, this is maybe because the ag use the already installed html-template so you should use the --install option

    • run npm run develop:install
    • if command failed, delete the cached html-template module in your system and re-rerun the command
  4. Open HTML in your browser: open ./test/output/index.html.


Thanks goes to these wonderful people (emoji key):

James Crowley

💻 🐛

Waleed Ashraf

💻 🐛

Julian Rabe



⚠️ 💻

Gordeev Artem


Mitchell Sawatzky


Talmiz Ahmed


Jürgen B.


Gabriel Claudino


Barbara Szwarc


Julian S.


Ludovic Dussart


David Weber


Maciej Urbańczyk

💻 ⚠️ 🐛

This project follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind welcome!