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This repository contains the sources of AsyncAPI website:


Use the following tools to set up the project:


Install dependencies

To install all dependencies, run this command:

npm install


Launch the development server with the hot reloading functionality that allows any change in files to be immediately visible in the browser. Use this command:

npm run dev

You can access the live development server at localhost:8080.

Spin up Gitpod codespace

In order to prepare and spin up a Gitpod dev environment for our project, we configured our workspace through a .gitpod.yml file.

To spin up a Gitpod codespace, go to


To build a production-ready website, run the following command:

npm run build

Generated files of the website go to the .next folder.

Project structure

This repository has the following structure:

  ├── .github                     # Definitions of Github workflows, pull request and issue templates
  ├── components                  # Various generic components such as "Button", "Figure", etc.
  ├── config                      # Transformed static data to display on the pages such as blog posts etc.
  ├── context                     # Various React's contexts used in website
  ├── css                         # Various CSS files
  ├── lib                         # Various JS code for preparing static data to render in pages
  ├── pages                       # Website's pages source. It includes raw markdown files and React page templates.
  │    ├── about                  # Raw blog for /about page
  │    ├── blog                   # Blog posts
  │    └── docs                   # Blog for /docs/* pages
  ├── public                      # Data for site metadata and static blog such as images
  ├── scripts                     # Scripts used in the build and dev processes
  ├── next.config.js              # Next.js configuration file
  ├── postcss.config.js           # PostCSS configuration file
  └── tailwind.config.js          # TailwindCSS configuration file


Thanks goes to these wonderful people (emoji key):

Fran Méndez

💻 📖 🐛 🎨 🚧 🚇 🤔 👀 📝

Lukasz Gornicki

💻 📖 🐛 🎨 🚧 🚇 🤔 👀 📝

Maciej Urbańczyk

💻 📖 🐛 🎨 🚧 🚇 🤔 👀 📝

Alejandra Quetzalli

📖 👀 📢

Aayush Kumar Sahu

💻 🐛 🎨

David Boyne

💻 🎨

Jesse Menning


Dimitrios Dedoussis


Jonas Lagoni

📝 💻 👀

Sergio Moya

💻 📝 👀

Bodo Graumann


Damilola Randolph


Barbanio González

📝 🤔

This project follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind welcome!