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@@ -102,15 +102,15 @@
<p class="bullet big"><b>node</b></p><p>an instance of the Erlang VM</p>
- <div class="step line bold" data-x="-800" data-y="770">
+ <div class="step line bold" data-x="-600" data-y="800" data-scale="0.5">
<p>Actor Model</p>
- <div class="step line bold" data-x="-800" data-y="870">
+ <div class="step line bold" data-x="-600" data-y="850" data-scale="0.5">
<p><b>Hot</b> Code Upgrades</p>
- <div class="step line bold" data-x="-800" data-y="970">
+ <div class="step line bold" data-x="-600" data-y="900" data-scale="0.5">
<p>Node Distribution</p>

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