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            == SCuMD ==

This package is licensed under the MIT License


   	A pure Java sshd daemon for serving up of git over the native
   	protocol. SCuMD is based upon jgit ( by Shawn Pearce.
   	SCuMD has the following advantages:
   	- Pure Java
   	- Can run as an unprivilaged user
   	- Does not require shell accounts
   	- Does not require os level ssh to be exposed
   	- Has a pluggable authentication and authorization layer which
   	  allows easy addition of any auth mechanisms (or multiple).

            == WARNINGS / CAVEATS              ==

- Repository rules fall under the same rules as jgit.

            == Current Features                ==

Here is what is currently built into SCuMD

- jgit 0.5.0 support
- minasshd 0.1.0 support
- spring configuration
- multiple authenticators
- multiple authorizers
- LDAP authenticators
- LDAP authorizers
- Flat File authenticators
- Flat File authorizers

            == Missing Features                ==

To be useful to many there are quite a few things that need to go in.
Many of them are authentication /authorization extensions which are
quite simple to add. If anyone is interested, please contact me 
@ mr.gaffo @ gmail dot com.

- Documentation :)
- update-server-info functionality in jgit for compatibility with http repos
- Database auth
- Webservices auth

            == Support                         ==

  Post question, comments or patches to the mailing list
  with the [SCuMD] tag in the subject.

            == Contributing                    ==

  See SUBMITTING_PATCHES in this directory. However, feedback and bug reports
  are also contributions.

            == About GIT                       ==

More information about GIT, its repository format, and the canonical
C based implementation can be obtained from the GIT websites:

			== Other							==
This file shamelessly copied from Shawn Pearce's jgit file of the same name.