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-Version 1.1.0
+Version 1.2.0
-- The WiShield library now uses a new, more stable TCP/IP stack. The library
- includes a port of the uIP stack.
-- Server and client modes supported in the TCP/IP stack.
-- The limitation of 446 bytes is removed. Larger sized packets can be
- transmitted and received but will have to be broken down into smaller
- sized chunks which are <= 346 bytes.
-- Sample WebServer sketch modified to use the new stack to serve up simple
- webpages
-- The stack provides an implementation of the socket interface which can be
- used to transmit or receive data
+- Fixed buffer overflow issue
+- Added files for WiServer implementation
+- Removed stray debug prints from source code
+- Made sketches uniform to existing examples
+- Added missing implementation for setURL function
+- Adding support for using Digital pin 8 on Arduino as the interrupt pin for
+ WiShield
+- Added function for base64 encoding
+- Fixing IP address assignment macro
New features:
-- Sample WebClient sketch added which demonstrates the operation of sending
- status updates to a account
-- ARP client added to periodically send ARP packets to the AP. This was done
- to prevent certain APs from disconnecting the device due to long periods of
- inactivity
+- Adding sample SocketApp sketch to demonstrate using WiShield for socket
+ communication
+- Adding UDPApp sketch to demonstarte use of UDP protocol for communication
Known issues:

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