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CapnBry commented Aug 21, 2011

I started these enhancements 9 months ago before the WiShield became unavailable. I've ported them from my svn tree to git.

-- Merges all the WEP / WPA into one variable, called security_data. This saves on code space and the user can only use one at a time anyway
-- Adds WPA / WPA2 Precalc as a security type. This is a 32 byte precalculated key so the g2100 doesn't have to do it on every boot. Reduces startup time from 35 seconds to 6 seconds.
-- Reduces RAM (~150 bytes) and PROGMEM (~300 bytes) by optimizing some functions and removing the runtime verbose flag. You can still compile with verbose but not change it at runtime.
-- Take back some of that RAM I freed by increasing the UIP buffer size by 100 bytes. Increases throughput by 29%.

CapnBry added some commits Aug 21, 2011

@CapnBry CapnBry Pull server httpGET from progmem, saves 6 bytes of RAM
If user code is also using strncmp_P() this could save 28 additional byes of code space from the elimination of linking strncmp()
@CapnBry CapnBry Convert to UNIX line endings like the rest of the source is 6df03e8
@CapnBry CapnBry Use the global var ssid_len instead of cmd->ssid_len, saves 2 bytes 0a9b8a4
@CapnBry CapnBry Remove verbose flag from WiServer class and wrap the old code with #i…
…fdef DEBUG. Old DEBUG code moved to DEBUG_VERBOSE.

Saves (bytes): 260 code, 132 data, 1 bss = 392 PROGMEM, 133 RAM
@CapnBry CapnBry A little better comment for the DEBUG / DEBUG_VERBOSE defines 3d0bfc0
@CapnBry CapnBry Change processLine to use strncpy. Technically this adds 2 bytes to t…
…he code size due to linking strncpy() but I want to use that function later and it will come free then.
@CapnBry CapnBry Remember those savings for using strncpy I mentioned? Convert memset/…
…memcpy/memcpy_P to use strncpy/strncpy_P. Saves 90 bytes of code.

Also removed security_passphrase_len because it is only used in one place, saves 1 byte of RAM but means one less thing in the WiFi config block
@CapnBry CapnBry Remove security_passphrase_len from all the examples 5c5be6a
@CapnBry CapnBry More EOL conversion to UNIX 3726cc4
@CapnBry CapnBry Remove UIP_WEP_KEY_DEFAULT and only support one WEP key. There's no n…
…eed to waste the space of storing four compiled-in keys when only one can be used.
@CapnBry CapnBry Consolidate wep_keys and security_passphrase into one variable. Saves…
… some code space if you had both defined. This is prep for adding precalculated WPA keys.
@CapnBry CapnBry Add support for precalculated WPA keys d8ef789
@CapnBry CapnBry ssid_len should be local to g2100.c because it is calculated, not sup…
@CapnBry CapnBry Update examples to new default security_data d6d88ac
@CapnBry CapnBry There is no enableVerboseMode() any longer, compile with DEBUG / DEBU…
…G_VERBOSE defined
@CapnBry CapnBry Increase the UIP buffer size from 400 -> 500 bytes.
This is a 29% throughput increase and it shouldn't cause any overflow because I reduced the RAM usage by 133 in the DEBUG commit alone (7f035e1)

Wow, I'm really excited about the precalc feature!

@jtouch jtouch Ported to Arduino 1.0 compiler.
Includes support for size_t print functions (not void) and changed program code suffix (.pde to .ino).
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