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Real-time Map

Real-time Map displays real-time positions of public transport vehicles in Helsinki. It's a showcase for Proto.Actor - an ultra-fast distributed actors solution for Go, C#, and Java/Kotlin.

This repository contains the Go version of the sample

The app features:

  • Real-time positions of vehicles.
  • Vehicle trails.
  • Geofencing notifications (vehicle entering and exiting the area).
  • Vehicles in geofencing areas per public transport company.
  • Horizontal scaling.

The goals of this app are:

  1. Showing what Proto.Actor can do.
  2. Presenting a semi-real-world use case of the distributed actor model.
  3. Aiding people in learning how to use Proto.Actor.

Find more about Proto.Actor here.


Running the app


  1. Go 1.18+
  2. node.js 17+

Configure Mapbox:

  1. Create an account on Mapbox.
  2. Copy a token from: main dashboard / access tokens / default public token.
  3. Paste the token in frontend\src\config.ts.

Start Backend:

cd backend
go run main.go

Start frontend:

cd frontend
npm install
npm run serve

The app is available on localhost:8080.

How does it work?

Please refer to the .NET version README for a detailed description of the architecture.