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*** NOTE: See also base-specs/ChangeLog.pre-2-18 ***
2007-02-28 Jerry Tan <>
* SUNWrealplayer.spec add comments for patch
2007-02-28 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWsolaris-devel-docs.spec: Add BuildRequires SUNWgnome-common-devel
for intltoolize.
* patches/esound-01-esd-config.diff: Rework one chunk for new tarball.
* include/ Bump SUNW_ProdVers and default_pkg_version to 2.17.92.
2007-02-28 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-base-libs-java.spec: Add Build/Requires
SUNWgnome-vfs/-devel, an indirect requirement.
2007-02-28 simon.zheng <>
* SUNWevolution.spec: Move evolution icons from /usr/share/pixmaps to
2007-02-28 Halton Huo <>
* SUNWgnome-media-player.spec: Add -I%{_includedir}/mps into
CXXFLAGS to fix build error.
* SUNWgnome-ui-designer.spec: Add package -devel and change files
section since upgrade to glade3.
* SUNWgnome-xml.spec: Update Build/Requires after running script
2007-02-27 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
* SUNWgnome-common-devel.spec: delete the info dir file as it's
owned by another packages (and should be generated automatically
2007-02-27 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-doc-utils.spec: Add %{_bindir}/gnome-doc-tools from new
* manpages/Makefile: Add SUNWgnome-base-libs-java package and
man3/java-gnome.3 file.
* SUNWgnome-base-libs-java.spec: Incorporate java-gnome.3 manpage.
2007-02-27 Brian Cameron <>
* SUNWgnome-common-devel.spec: Updated packaging. Now delete
any scrollkeeper files in case you build this module after
scrollkeeper is installed. Add new %{datadir}/info directory.
* base-specs/gettext.spec: Bumped to 0.16.1.
* patches/gettext-01-build.diff: Remove upstream patch.
2007-02-26 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
* SUNWgnome-xml.spec: rewrite based on Fedora Core 6 spec files
* base-specs/docbook-dsssl-stylesheets-1.77.spec: delete.
* base-specs/docbook-xsl-stylesheets-1.60.1.spec: delete.
* base-specs/docbook_3-3.1.spec: delete.
* base-specs/docbook_4-4.2.spec: delete.
* base-specs/sgml-skel.spec: delete.
* patches/docbk30.dif: delete.
* patches/docbk30sxml.dif: delete.
* patches/docbk30xml.dif: delete.
* patches/docbkdsl.dif: delete.
* patches/docbook-xsl-stylesheets-02-g11n-i18n-ja.diff: move to
* SUNWgnome-themes.spec: add comment about ICON_NAME_MAPPING_DIR ->
INU_DATA_DIR name change in coming release
2007-02-26 Dermot McCluskey <>
==== Vermillion build 60 ====
2007-02-25 Doug Scott <>
* SUNWdbus.spec: updated to include 64-bit build RFE: #6480511
* SUNWdbus-bindings.spec: updated to include 64-bit build RFE: #6480511
2007-02-23 Doug Scott <>
* SUNWgnome-audio.spec: PKG_CONFIG_PATH64 should use _pkg_config_path64
2007-02-22 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-media-player.spec: Add '-features=extensions' to CXXFLAGS
because __func__ is used in new totem tarball.
2007-02-22 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
* SUNWgnome-audio.spec: fix the build. Use PKG_CONFIG_PATH32 and
PKG_CONFIG_PATH64 instead of PKG_CONFIG_PATH, because that's
what esound.spec expects.
2007-02-21 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
* SUNWgnome-audio.spec: rewrite. Now includes 64-bit libaudiofile
and libesound.
* manpages/man1/gconftool-2.1: s/--usage/--help/
reported by Bernd Markgraf
2007-02-20 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-games.spec: Remove %if/%endif with_guile code as aisleriot
is no longer built - it is excluded via a configure option in
2007-02-19 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-applets.spec: Add now applet back to %files.
2007-02-18 Glynn Foster <>
* SUNWgnome-applets.spec: Update the install location for the python
files into vendor-packages.
2007-02-16 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-common-devel.spec: Update %files because gtk-doc xml files
moved from %{_datadir}/gnome/help to %{_datadir}/doc with the bumping
of gtk-doc to 1.8.
* SUNWgnome-games.spec: Add Build/Requires
* SUNWflac.spec: Add %{_libdir}/pkgconfig to %files devel.
2007-02-14 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
* SUNWflac.spec: add BuildConflicts against SFEnasm as it breaks
the build if installed. Problem reported by Doug Scott.
2007-02-14 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-img-viewer.spec, SUNWgnome-panel.spec, SUNWgnome-utils.spec,
SUNWgnome-pdf-viewer.spec: Delete en_GB files in %install. Takao
Fujiwara approved the change. See SUNWzz-gnome-l10n.spec for comment
about deleting English locales.
2007-02-14 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-utils.spec: Add to %files l10n to include baobab-en_GB.omf.
* SUNWgnome-system-monitor.spec: Remove omf files from %files as they
aren't in the build! Remove reference to ${_prefix}/var too as it is
not installed.
* SUNWgnome-desktop-prefs.spec: Update %files for new tarball.
2007-02-14 Takao Fujiwara <>
* patches/control-center-01-solaris-printmgr.diff: Updated for
* SUNWgnome-desktop-prefs.spec: Added l10n files. Fixes 6485370
2007-02-14 Jeff Cai<>
* SUNWgnome-spell.spec: Make gnome-spell use enchant.
2007-02-13 Damien Carbery <>
* include/ Bump SUNW_ProdVers and default_pkg_version to 2.17.91.
2007-02-13 Brian Cameron <>
* SUNWgnome-camera.spec: Update packaging for 2.3.1 update.
2007-02-12 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-media-player.spec: Remove '-I/usr/include/mps' from CFLAGS
and CXXFLAGS. Make change to firefox-xpcom.pc file instead.
2007-02-12 Damien Carbery <>
==== Vermillion Devel build 59 ====
2007-02-12 Brian Cameron <>
* SUNWliboil.spec: Rework %build section based on comments by
2007-02-11 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
* SUNWlibpopt.spec: delete PATH changes in the 64-bit build: not
needed anymore and break the build on SXDE
2007-02-12 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-games.spec: aisleriot game is only built when SFEguile is
installed. Use %if/%endif to include its files only when SFEguile is
2007-02-10 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-games.spec: Add sol-games dir to %files and
aisleriot.schemas to %files and %preun root.
2007-02-09 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-im-client.spec: After a review, remove code that made
unnecessary copy of $RPM_BUILD_ROOT before installing second module
in this spec file.
* SUNWkeyring.spec: Change an absolute symlink to a relative one
(man -> share/man) as absolute symlinks are not permitted in Solaris.
* Add list of absolute symlinks to build mail. Absolute
symlinks are blockers for Solaris integration.
2007-02-09 Brian Cameron <>
* SUNWliboil.spec: Fix setting of CFLAGS.
2007-02-09 Brian Cameron <>
* SUNWgnome-camera.spec: Add SUNWdbus dependency since libgphoto2
requires D-Bus.
* SUNWliboil.spec: Now build with gcc so that hardware acceleration
is supported when building on x86.
2007-02-08 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-desklets.spec, SUNWgnome-desklets-extra.spec: Update
dependency list for files used in %post and during build.
2007-02-08 Glynn Foster <>
* manpages/Makefile: Update to include update-desktop-database.
* manpages/man1/update-mime-database.1: Fix the committment to
Committed rather than Volatile. Remove references to deprecated
MIME system, but let's keep around the old man pages for the
2007-02-08 Brian Cameron <>
* manpages/man1/pkg-config.1, manpages/man1/pango-querymodules.1:
Update committed interfaces to reflect latest CLI changes.
2007-02-07 Rick Ju <>
* SUNWgnome-im-client.spec: fixed an install issue
2007-02-06 Takao Fujiwara <>
* SUNWsolaris-devel-docs.spec: Add patch for UI I18N (#6517955) and
add l10n packages.
* patches/SUNWsolaris-devel-docs-01-g11n-desktop.diff: Added for UI
I18N. CR 6517955.
2007-02-05 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
* SUNWPython.spec: add --with-pydebug configure option if
--with-debug option (of pkgbuild) is used
2007-02-05 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
* SUNWPython.spec: restore some rm lines in %install that were
accidentally deleted when I removed Python 2.3
* SUNWiso-codes.spec: add SUNWPython build-time dependency
2007-02-05 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-desklets.spec: Remove 'rm -rf $RPM_BUILD_ROOT' from
%install as it is not needed. Remove the deletion of *.cache files
as they are not installed.
2007-02-05 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-a11y-reader.spec, SUNWgnome-base-libs.spec,
SUNWgnome-im-client.spec, SUNWgnome-system-monitor.spec,
SUNWgnutls.spec, SUNWpilot-link.spec: Update Build/Requires after run.
2007-02-05 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-desklets.spec: Set %dir %attr for icons dirs.
* SUNWgnome-desklets-extra.spec: Add %prep section to create dir in
BUILD dir.
* SUNWPython.spec: Delete bsddb files if SUNWevolution-bdb-devel is
not installed.
2007-02-05 Chris Wang <>
* SUNWgnome-desklets.spec:Add spec file for gdesklets
* SUNWgnome-desklets-extra.spec: Add spec file for gdesklets extra
2007-02-05 Halton Huo <>
* SUNWevolution-bdb-devel.spec, SUNWgnutls.spec,
SUNWlibgcrypt.spec, SUNWlibgpg-error.spec,
extra-specs/gnutls.spec, extra-specs/libgcrypt.spec,
Change module owner to jefftsai.
2007-02-04 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
* patches/popt-01-xgettext.diff: remove; no longer needed because
we have GNU xgettext in our build environment
* SUNWlibpopt.spec: remove patch popt-01-xgettext.diff
2007-02-04 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
* SUNWgnome-media.spec: don't include gtk-doc files in %files
when --without-gtk-doc is used
2007-02-04 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
* SUNWPython.spec: remove python 2.3 as per PSARC/2006/666;
define bsddb subpkg which gets built if SUNWevolution-bdb-devel is
2007-01-31 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-panel.spec: Remove from %files as it is no
longer installed.
2007-01-31 Glynn Foster <>
* manpages/man1/update-desktop-database.1: Add new page, mark it as
2007-01-30 Stephen Browne <>
* SUNWtgnome-tstripe.spec: added config file to %files section
2007-01-30 Brian Cameron <>
* SUNWgnome-a11y-gok.spec: Remove the 'ang' locale files when not doing
l10n build.
2007-01-30 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWperl-authen-pam.spec: Fix typo s/Autoconf/autoconf/.
* SUNWzz-gnome-l10n.spec: Add some new gok locales, and a bunch from
2007-01-29 Dave Lin <>
* SUNWflash-player.spec: Bump version to to get security
bug fix(CR#6491186)
2007-01-29 Damien Carbery <>
==== Vermillion Devel build 58 ====
2007-01-28 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
* include/ define %is_s10, 1 (true) if uname -r is 5.10
* SUNWgnome-panel.spec: add /usr/openwin/lib to the library
search path, needed for libXau on s10
* SUNWgnome-session.spec: same again
* SUNWlibcdio.spec: undo the removal of %with_hal
* SUNWgnome-games.spec: add -xc99 to CFLAGS
* SUNWperl-xml-parser.spec: update %files so that dir attributes
work on both s10 and nevada
* SUNWimagick.spec: same again
* SUNWperl-authen-pam.spec: same again
* SUNWgnome-display-mgr.spec: same again
* SUNWgnome-spell.spec: same again
* SUNWgnome-desktop-prefs.spec: same again
* base-specs/docbook_3-3.1.spec: fix download url (point to
2007-01-27 Henry Zhang <>
* SUNWgnome-system-monitor.spec: Delete dependency on SUNWpcre/-devel
as it is not required.
2007-01-26 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWdbus-bindings.spec: Set PKG_CONFIG vars in %build because
dbus-python use autofoo/configure/make process rather than
2007-01-26 Dave Lin <>
* SUNWthunderbird.spec: Enable lightning extension(0.3) in
Thunderbird, remove "BuildRequires: SUNWfirefox-devel" and
"-R%{_libdir}/firefox" since is not necessary
2007-01-25 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-utils.spec: Add SUNWgnome-doc-utils/-devel dependencies so
that the log viewer is built. Delete *.la in %install. Remove the
code that deleted %{_localstatedir} because it isn't installed.
* patches/SUNWtgnome-xagent-01-trusted-extensions.diff: Rework.
2007-01-25 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-utils.spec: Undo removal of SUNWgnome-log-viewer-devel.
Will try to find out what pkg that SUNWgnome-utils should be added to
the dependencies.
* SUNWgnome-text-editor.spec: Remove plugins/*.py* from %files as none
are installed.
* SUNWdbus-bindings.spec: Add %{_datadir}/doc to devel pkg, because of
new dbus-python tarball.
2007-01-25 Brian Cameron <>
* SUNWgnome-audio.spec: Update patch comments.
* patches/audiofile-01-uninstalled-config.diff: Minor correction
to version number.
2007-01-24 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-desktop-prefs.spec: Add %{_datadir}/icons to %files.
* SUNWgnome-terminal.spec: Add to LDFLAGS to find libXrender.
* SUNWgnome-utils.spec: Remove SUNWgnome-log-viewer-devel package as
no files are installed for it. Remove other files that are no longer
installed. Remove -f from rm calls.
2007-01-24 Brian Cameron <>
* SUNWgnome-media.spec: Now use %build_with_cd as per Laca's
2007-01-23 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-applets.spec: Rename %{_datadir}/quick-lounge to
* SUNWgnome-a11y-gok.spec: Add ang locale.
2007-01-23 Damien Carbery <>
* Disable the deletion of the packages dir ('nightly-')
because the network area often fills and this makes a good backup.
* include/ Bump SUNW_ProdVers and default_pkg_version to 2.17.90.
2007-01-23 Brian Cameron <>
* SUNWgnome-media.spec: Add %with_cd so that users can more
easily build with gnome-cd if they want.
2007-01-22 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-session.spec: Add %{_datadir}/icons to %files for new
gnome-session tarball.
* SUNWgnome-media-player.spec: Add '-I/usr/include/mps' to CFLAGS and
CXXFLAGS so that prtypes.h can be found. This resolves bugzilla
398071 issue. s/totem-mozilla-viewer/totem-plugin-viewer/ in %files.
2007-01-21 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
* SUNWiso-codes.spec: update %files for version 1.0
2007-01-18 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-im-client.spec: Add %{_includedir}/libotr to %files devel
as gaim-otr has been added to the module.
2006-11-16 Rick Ju <>
* SUNWgnome-im-client.spec: Add gaim-otr.spec.
2007-01-16 Padraig O'Briain <>
* patches/gnome-netstatus-03-ne-po.diff: Remove as bugzilla 316750 has
been fixed.
2007-01-16 Padraig O'Briain <>
* SUNWgnome-desktop-prefs.spec: Update patch metainfo.
2007-01-16 Wang Xin <>
* SUNWgnutls.spec: Do not ship psktool now right.
* base-specs/gnutls.spec: Bump to 1.6.1.
2007-01-15 Damien Carbery <>
==== Vermillion Devel build 57 ====
2007-01-12 Dermot McCluskey <>
* SUNWvirt-manager.spec: fix %files
2007-01-12 Brian Cameron <>
* SUNWgnome-panel.spec: No longer remove gnome-feedback omf files
since gnome-feedback was removed from the gnome-desktop module.
2007-01-11 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWtgnome-tstripe.spec: Add '-lnsl' to LDFLAGS to fix build.
* SUNWtgnome-zz-l10n.spec: s/tar/gtar/ to fix errors about ACL support.
2007-01-11 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWzz-gnome-l10n.spec: Add ca and vi locales to extra package.
2007-01-11 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWtgnome-zz-l10n.spec: Add BuildRequires entries so that module is
not built unless these packages are installed. This results in
* SUNWgnome-img-viewer.spec: Add new icons to %files.
2007-01-11 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-pdf-viewer.spec: The omf files have appeared again. Undo
the previous commit.
2007-01-11 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-common-devel.spec: Bump pkg-config to 0.21. Remove upstream
patch, pkgconfig-01-wall.diff. Rename rest.
* patches/pkgconfig-01-wall.diff: Removed, upstream.
* patches/pkgconfig-01-suppress_gnome-config_error_msg.diff: Added,
renamed from 02.
2007-01-10 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-desktop-prefs.spec: Remove %{_datadir}/mime until clash
with SUNWgnome-vfs resolved.
* SUNWgnome-pdf-viewer.spec: Remove references to omf files as they are
no longer in the source tarball.
* SUNWgnome-system-monitor.spec: Add to LDFLAGS so that libsocket and
libnsl are linked against.
2007-01-10 Dermot McCLuskey <>
* SUNWvirt-manager.spec: handle GConf schemas properly;
use %{_libexecdir}; move patch 01 to linux spec file
2007-01-10 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-applets.spec: Add deskbar help files to %files.
* SUNWgnome-archive-mgr.spec: Update l10n code for omf files as some
locales have been removed.
2007-01-10 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-libs.spec: Add 2 new schema files to %files and %preun root
2007-01-09 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
* SUNWgnome-python-libs.spec: define PYCC_CC and PYCC_CXX to
override what the configure script sets in CC/CXX
2007-01-09 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-games.spec: Add glchess.schemas to %preun root and %files.
* SUNWlibrsvg.spec: Add BuildConflicts SFEgeckosdk because the build
fails when SFEgeckosdk is installed. SFEgeckosdk provides
/usr/bin/mozilla-config but not the required headers. Added
BuildRequires SUNWfirefox-devel because it provides
/usr/bin/firefox-config and the header files.
2007-01-05 Damien Carbery <>
* Use vermillion-devel.lst data file when making
2007-01-04 Damien Carbery <>
* include/ Bump SUNW_ProdVers and default_pkg_version to 2.17.5.
* SUNWgnome-a11y-dasher.spec: Remove '-f' from rm calls so that changes
that require spec file changes are seen quickly.
2007-01-04 Jerry Yu <>
* SUNWgnome-pilot.spec: Delete "%define plink_prefix /usr/sfw" and
changes in LDFLAGS and CFLAGS since the path of pilot-link which was
depended by gnome-pilot is moved from /usr/sfw to /usr. Changes in
Requires since the package name of pilot-link is modified from
SUNWpltlk to SUNWpilot-link
* SUNWevolution.spec: evolution's dependencies-gnome-pilot and
pilot-link are upgraded to new version
2007-01-04 Jerry Yu <>
* manpages/Makefile,
Add the manpage for SUNWpilot-link since pilot-link is removed from
sfw gate to JDS gate
2007-01-04 Jerry Yu <>
* SUNWpilot-link.spec: Move pilot-link from sfw gate to JDS gate and
bump to 0.12.1
2007-01-03 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-applets.spec: Changes in %files for 2.17.1 update. Remove
GNOME_KeyboardApplet.server as the base patch that creates it has
been removed. Added %{_datadir}/xmodmap dir.
2006-12-28 Dave Lin <>
* SUNWthunderbird.spec: Remove "Requires: SUNWfirefox" since it's
not necessary
2006-12-28 Dave Lin <>
* SUNWfirefox.spec: remove %preun to fix bug CR#6502253
2006-12-21 Brian Cameron <>
* SUNWdbus-bindings.spec: Remove references to root package since
we do not build a SUNWdbus-bindings-root package.
2006-12-21 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-gaim-otr.spec: Remove root and l10n packages as nothing is
installed for them.
2006-12-20 Rick Ju <>
* SUNWgnome-gaim-otr.spec: Adding OTR plugin for gaim.
2006-12-19 Brian Cameron <>
* SUNWgnome-camera.spec: Update spec due to bumping libgphoto2,
gphoto2, and gtkam releases.
2006-12-19 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-file-mgr.spec: Update %files for new graphics files.
* SUNWgnome-system-monitor.spec: Add SUNWgnome-themes/-devel dependency
for gnome-icon-theme module.
2006-12-19 Ghee Teo <>
* SUNWgnome-desktop-prefs.spec: updated to include metainfo.
* patches/control-center-01-solaris-printmgr.diff: patched to fix
6483813 and 6452491 on neveda.
2006-12-19 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-config-editor.spec: Add l10n files to the l10n package.
2006-12-18 Damien Carbery <>
* install-jds: s/2.16/2.17/.
2006-12-18 Damien Carbery <>
==== Vermillion Devel build 56 ====
2006-12-15 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWdbus.spec: Create symlink to support hal which was built with an
older version of dbus.
* s/2.16/2.17/
2006-12-15 Takao Fujiwara <>
* SUNWgnome-cd-burner.spec: Updated
* SUNWzz-gnome-l10n.spec: Updated to build l10n package. CR6314057
2006-12-13 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-libs.spec: Update %files (add some docs) after removal of
scrollkeeper.spec patch.
* SUNWgnome-img-viewer.spec: Delete some l10n omf files in %install
when not building l10n packages.
* SUNWzz-gnome-l10n.spec: Move '%if %build_l10n' so that patch does not
fail when not building l10n packages.
2006-12-13 Wang Xin <>
* Solaris/SUNWevolution-exchange.spec: Ship schema and replace
evo_major_version with major_version in evolution.spec.
2006-12-12 Padraig O'Briain <>
* SUNWperl-authen-pam.spec: Update patch metainfo.
2006-12-12 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWevolution.spec: Fix %build_l10n section in %install to remove the
files when necessary.
* SUNWvirt-manager.spec: Add Build/Requires SUNWgnome-python-libs/
-devel for pygtk.
2006-12-12 Takao Fujiwara <>
* SUNWgnome-a11y-reader.spec: Updated to create l10n package.
* SUNWgnome-menu-editor.spec: Updated to create l10n package.
* SUNWzz-gnome-l10n.spec: Updated. Fixes 6499543 and 6493499
2006-12-11 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-spell.spec: Set LD to $CXX so that linking to C++ libs
works in enchant.
2006-12-11 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
* SUNWlibexif.spec: delete some unnecessary env variables
* base-specs/libexif.spec: moved to ../
* patches/libexif-01-no-docs.diff: delete.
2006-12-11 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWpcre.spec: Added. Perl Compatible Regular Expressions. Required
by SUNWgnome-system-monitor.
* SUNWgnome-system-monitor.spec: Add SUNWpcre/-devel dependency.
2006-12-11 Dermot McCluskey <>
* SUNWvirt-manager.spec: new file
2006-12-08 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
* SUNWfirefox.spec: add SUNWsolaris-devel-docs dependency
* SUNWsolaris-devel-docs.spec: bump to 0.2; update %files
2006-12-08 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-spell.spec: Add enchant.spec module and update %files.
2006-12-07 Brian Cameron <>
* SUNWgnome-sys-suspend.spec, SUNWgnome-audio.spec: Add patch
2006-12-07 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-desktop-prefs.spec: Remove schema file from %preun root and
%files as it is no longer in the control-center module. Remove
icons dir from %files as they are not installed.
* SUNWgnome-games.spec: Add python libs dir and glchess/gnome-sudoku
2006-12-07 Darren Kenny <>
* SUNWgnome-panel.spec: Create a wrapper script around gnome-about to
enable certain other actions to also take place the first time that
the user logs in, specifically in this case is the copying of a
Solaris Developer Guide startpage launcher to the Desktop, and
running firefox on first login with this page.
2006-12-06 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
* SUNWsolaris-devel-docs.spec: update to use a tarball instead of
individual source files.
2006-12-06 Brian Cameron <>
* SUNWlibcdio.spec: Add patch comments.
2006-12-06 Damien Carbery <>
* include/ Bump SUNW_ProdVers and default_pkg_version to 2.17.3.
* SUNWsolaris-devel-docs.spec: Added. Package for developer docs.
2006-12-06 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWlibgtop.spec: Add gtk-docs to the devel package.
2006-12-06 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWevolution.spec: Remove scrollkeeper files during %install. Add
l10n files to l10n pkg.
* SUNWgnome-a11y-dasher.spec: Add root package for dasher.schemas, and
%post/%preun scripts to accompany the new package.
* SUNWgnome-img-viewer.spec: Update packaging for new tarball - remove
scrollkeeper files, add omf files to the l10n package.
2006-12-05 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWPython.spec: Remove "-j$CPUS" from 'make' calls to fix
(parallel) build errors.
2006-12-04 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWflac.spec: Remove ogg flac libraries as they are no longer built.
2006-12-03 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWimagick.spec: Revert to 6.2.5-5 because 'convert' cannot find png
info (breaks SUNWgnome-themes).
2006-12-01 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWimagick.spec: Bump to 6.3.0-7. Remove '-lCrun -lCstd' from
CXXFLAGS. Add 'make' to %build.
2006-12-01 Takao Fujiwara <>
* SUNWgnome-base-libs.spec: Updated to add SUNWuiu8 dependency.
Fixes 6499071.
2006-11-30 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-media-player.spec: Remove duplicate 'BuildRequires:
SUNWfirefox-devel' line.
2006-11-29 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWevolution-exchange.spec: Remove unnecessary 'cd' calls in %prep.
2006-11-29 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWevolution-data-server.spec, SUNWevolution-exchange.spec,
SUNWevolution.spec, SUNWevolution-jescs.spec: Revert version to
%{default_pkg_version} as this module has been integrated to Nevada
with this version. Using the base module's version number (2.8.x)
is lower than 2.16.x and will cause an integration error.
* SUNWevolution-exchange.spec, SUNWevolution-jescs.spec: Bump
evo_major_version to 2.10 to match SUNWevolution.
* SUNWgnome-img-viewer.spec: Fix packaging as some locales have been
2006-11-29 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-vfs.spec: Add Build/Requires SUNWdbus-bindings/-devel for
the glib bindings.
2006-11-28 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-audio.spec: Change defattr in root package to 0644 to fix
* SUNWgnome-vfs.spec: Change attr of gnome-vfs-mime-magic file in root
package to fix 6497737.
* SUNWgnome-libs.spec: Change attr of scrollkeeper.conf file in root
package to fix 6497737.
* SUNWgnome-pdf-viewer.spec: Change attr of xpdfrc file in root package
to fix 6497737.
2006-11-28 Jeff Cai <>
* SUNWevolution-data-server.spec: Fix version info displaying in
* SUNWevolution-exchange.spec: Fix version info displaying in
2006-11-28 Dave Lin <>
* SUNWfirefox.spec: Added %if %with_apoc_adapter to conditinoally
disable building apoc adapter, default: build apoc adapter,
use --without-apoc-adapter to disable it
2006-11-27 Brian Cameron <>
* SUNWdbus.spec: Minor cleanup
* SUNWdbus-bindings.spec: Add new specfile to build D-Bus bindings.
2006-11-28 Jeff Cai <>
* SUNWevolution-data-server.spec:
* SUNWevolution-exchange.spec:
* SUNWevolution-jescs.spec:
* SUNWevolution.spec:
Change version information, use versions of Evolution components
to replace default gnome ones.
2006-11-27 Dave Lin <>
* SUNWfirefox.spec: Enable apoc adapter(SUNWfirefox-apoc-adapter)
* SUNWrealplayer.spec: Fixed bug CR#6495887(x86 only), CR#6492679
2006-11-24 Damien Carbery <>
* s/2.15/2.18/.
2006-11-24 Darren Kenny <>
* SUNWacroread.spec: This is a fix for bug#6497045.
2006-11-24 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWdbus.spec: Update %files - remove python dir, add
* SUNWgnome-utils.spec: Update %files (baobab icons) for 2.17.0 tarball.
* SUNWgnome-archive-mgr.spec: Update %files for 2.17.2 tarball.
* SUNWgnome-games.spec: Remove empty %{_libdir}. Remove glchess and
gnome-sudoku games as they were not installed.
2006-11-24 Padraig O'Briain <>
* manages/Makefile: Change all references to sman to man.
* manpages/sman1: Rename to manpages/man1
* manpages/sman1m: Rename to manpages/man1m
* manpages/sman3: Rename to manpages/man3
* manpages/sman3tiff: Rename to manpages/man3tiff
* manpages/sman4: Rename to manpages/man4
* manpages/sman5: Rename to manpages/man5
Fix for bug 6497033.
2006-11-23 Damien Carbery <>
* .pkgtoolrc: Add gnome2.18 dir to tarballdirs list.
* include/ Bump SUNW_ProdVers and default_pkg_version to 2.17.1.
2006-11-22 Laszlo Peter <>
* SUNWTiff.spec: add patches for 6451119, see base-specs/ChangeLog.pre-2-18
2006-11-22 Laszlo Peter <>
* SUNWopensp.spec: add --datadir=%{_datadir}, part of 6443777
2006-11-22 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-games.spec: 2.17.1 changes - remove gataxx references; add
glchess, gnome-sudoku and ggz games.
* SUNWgnome-system-monitor.spec: 2.17 update: Add SUNWgnome-libs/-devel
dependency and add pixmaps to %files.
2006-11-21 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-panel.spec: Remove man3 dir from -devel package. Fixes
2006-11-20 Laszlo Peter <>
* SUNWgnome-media-player.spec:
s/Requires: SUNWfirefox-devel/Requires: SUNWfirefox/, fixes 6495619
2006-11-20 Dave Lin <>
* SUNWfirefox.spec: Add patch comment
* SUNWthunderbird.spec: Add patch comment
* SUNWgnome-meeting.spec: Add patch comment
2006-11-20 Damien Carbery <>
==== Vermillion Devel build 54 ====
2006-11-18 Darren Kenny <>
* SUNWgnome-system-tools.spec:
Rework patch based on Laca's comments - to use install rather than
cp-int the file twice. Also corrected permissions.
2006-11-17 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-menu-editor.spec: Add missing SUNWPython dependency (for
2006-11-17 Darren Kenny <>
* SUNWgnome-system-tools.spec, manpages/Makefile,
manpages/sman1/network-admin.1, manpages/sman1/services-admin.1,
manpages/sman1/shares-admin.1, manpages/sman1/time-admin.1,
manpages/sman1/users-admin.1: Add manpages.
2006-11-16 Padraig O'Briain <>
* SUNWperl-authen-pam.spec: Add patch metainfo.
2006-11-16 Henry Zhang <>
* SUNWgnome-system-tools.spec: Remove unneeded files from
2006-11-15 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-utils.spec: Remove unneeded chmod call. It changed help
xml files to 0755 for no obvious reason.
* SUNWgnome-a11y-reader.spec: Use %{default_pkg_version} instead of
* SUNWgnome-solaris-branding.spec: Change package version number
from tarball version to default one (currently 2.16.1).
2006-11-14 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-dtlogin-integration.spec: Bump to 0.29, to change menu
string to 2.16. Fixes 6493544.
2006-11-15 Glynn Foster <>
* SUNWgnome-text-editor.spec: Update dependencies. Thanks to
Paolo Borelli for pointing this out.
2006-11-13 Damien Carbery <>
==== Vermillion Devel build 53b ====
2006-11-13 Lin Ma <Lin.Ma@Sun.COM>
* SUNWgnome-utils.spec: Deliver two more manpages for logview. Add a
new package SUNWgnome-log-viewer-devel.
2006-11-11 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWevolution-bdb-devel.spec: Change pkg category to DontShipMe,
removing underscores, as the category must be alphanumeric.
2006-11-10 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
* SUNWevolution-bdb-devel.spec: set the pkg category to
dont_ship_me; this will result in an error if we accidentally
try to integrate it into Solaris
* SUNWgnome-base-libs.spec: remove duplicate SUNWPython dep
(Do we need one at all?!?)
2006-11-09 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-games.spec: Add BuildRequires SUNWgnome-vfs-devel as
gnome-libs pc file requires gnome-vfs.
2006-11-08 Halton Huo <>
* SUNWgnome-remote-desktop.spec: Add manpage section to fix bug #6489749
2006-11-06 Stephen Browne <>
* SUNWtgnome-tsol-libs.spec: added owner
* SUNWtgnome-tsoljdsdevmgr.spec: added owner
* SUNWtgnome-tsoljdslabel.spec: added owner, removed tsoljdslabel-helper
* SUNWtgnome-tsoljdsselmgr.spec: added owner
* SUNWtgnome-tstripe.spec: added owner
* SUNWtgnome-xagent.spec: added owner
2006-11-06 Stephen Browne <>
* SUNWgnome-file-mgr.spec: added owner
2006-11-06 Darren Kenny <>
* SUNWgnome-pdf-viewer.spec:
Forward ported the use of xpdf font files from 2.14 branch, this fixes
Also did same with FIXME comments in relation to dbus dependency.
2006-11-06 Damien Carbery <>
==== Vermillion Devel build 53 ====
2006-11-06 Damien Carbery <>
* Remove count of patches in Solaris/patches as that
directory does not exist anymore. All patches are in ../patches.
2006-11-06 Glynn Foster <>
* SUNWgnome-libs.spec: Remove ghttp as part of LSARC 2006/600
Now Applet EOF.
2006-11-06 Dave Lin <>
* SUNWrealplayer.spec: Bump version to, which
contains bug fix of CR#6479630, CR#6474581
2006-11-06 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
* SUNWgnome-base-libs.spec: add glib/gobject build dir to PATH
in %install so atk can rebuild atk-enum-types.h. No idea why
this wasn't needed before, though. Will investigate further...
2006-11-04 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
* SUNWPython.spec: bump to 2.4.4
2006-11-04 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-panel.spec: Undo removal of man5 dir. A manpage is
installed there.
2006-11-03 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
* SUNWgnome-pdf-viewer.spec: add -lm to LDFLAGS so that
libpoppler links against it, fixes 6470804
* include/ define %gtk_doc_option, lets the user disable
building gtk-docs using --without-gtk-doc; also added comments
about usage
2006-11-03 Damien Carbery <>
* manpages/Makefile: Remove sman3/libwnck-1.3 from SUNWgnome-panel
listing as the manpage is not in svn.
* SUNWgnome-panel.spec: Remove man5 dir as nothing is installed there
now. Add man3 dir as updated manpage tarball installs 2 files there.
* SUNWgnome-applets.spec: Remove the 'rm' of invest-big.png as it is
referenced in %files.
* SUNWgnome-im-client.spec: Updates for new tarball. Add 'root' package
for the gaim.schemas file (and %post/%preun scripts too). Remove
%{_datadir}/doc from %files as nothing is installed there now.
2006-11-03 Michal Pryc <>
* manpages/sman3/java-gnome.3: Added for Java Gnome module.
2006-11-03 Ghee Teo <>
* SUNWtgnome-xagent.spec: added to make this work for GNOME 2.16
* patches/SUNWtgnome-xagent-01-trusted-extensions.diff: modified
2006-11-02 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-base-libs.spec: Add two manpages as included in the manpage
tarball: gdk-pixbuf-query-loaders.1 & gtk-update-icon-cache.1.
2006-11-02 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-applets.spec: Remove the invest-chart files as it is not
in the UI spec (#6488895).
2006-11-01 Damien Carbery <>
* Add code to rebuild the manpage tarballs.
* manpages/Makefile: Fix line wrap for those on 80 char wide terminals.
* .pkgtoolrc: Add manpages/sun-manpage-tarballs dir to 'tarballdirs'
as the process for manpage tarballs has changed (created for each
build rather than being submitted).
2006-11-01 Glynn Foster <>
* base-specs/gnome-netstatus.spec,
* base-specs/printman.spec: Move to ../../
2006-11-01 Glynn Foster <>
* base-specs/docbook-dsssl-stylesheets-1.77.spec,
extra-specs/docbook_3-3.1.spec: Remove the %{name} from the Source
line as a workaround, since Damien's script doesn't
detect it.
2006-10-31 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-base-libs-java.spec, SUNWgnome-config-java.spec,
SUNWgnome-terminal-java.spec: Correct dir perms for javadoc dir, to
match SUNWdtrc. Fixes 6488070.
2006-10-31 Takao Fujiwara <>
* SUNWgnome-cd.spec: Updated
* SUNWgnome-session.spec: Updated
* SUNWzz-gnome-l10n.spec: Updated to add l10n packages. Fixes 6488189
2006-10-30 Irene Huang <>
* SUNWgnome-session.spec: Remove 01-gnome-volcheck-default-session.diff
* patches/gnome-session-01-gnome-volcheck-default-session.diff: removed
2006-10-30 Glynn Foster <>
* install-jds: s/GNOME 2.14/GNOME 2.16/
2006-10-27 Damien Carbery <>
* Remove rsh/rcp commands because the build machines
have direct write access to the /sgnome/pkgs area.
2006-10-26 Dave Lin <>
* SUNWgnome-meeting.spec: Move these two patches from Solaris/patches
to patches and rename them to solve the patch number conflict
* patches/ekiga-06-opal-jitter.diff: Removed.
* patches/ekiga-07-conststr.diff: Removed.
2006-10-26 Damien Carbery <>
* patches/control-center-03-sun-help-key.diff: Rework to fix fuzz.
2006-10-26 Dave Lin <>
* patches/ekiga-05-pwlib-jitter.diff: Removed. Remove this
patch since it has been upstreemed in Ekiga 2.0.2
2006-10-26 Glynn Foster <>
* patches/ekiga-05-pwlib-jitter.diff,
patches/gnome-perfmeter-01-mainwin.diff: Remove patches that
are no longer referenced, due to being upstream or having
non-existant spec files. See
for details.
2006-10-26 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-removable-media.spec,
* SUNWzz-l10n-gnome.spec: Remove reference to
SUNWgnome-removable-media-l10n as the base package has been obsoleted
with the integration of hal into snv.
2006-10-25 John Rice <>
* glib2-java.spec:
- Bumped glib-java tarball to 0.4.0 for the Java-Gnome 2.16 release
- All patches merged upstream, so removed following local patches
- Solaris/patches/glib2-java-01-pointer.diff
- Solaris/patches/glib2-java-03-installpaths.diff
- Solaris/patches/glib2-java-05-doc.diff
* cairo-java.spec:
- Bumped cairo-java tarball to 1.0.6 for the Java-Gnome 2.16 release
- All patches merged upstream, so removed following local patches
- Solaris/patches/cairo-java-02-installpaths.diff
- Solaris/patches/cairo-java-03-doc.diff
* gtk2-java.spec:
- Bumped libgtk-java tarball to 2.10.0 for the Java-Gnome 2.16 release
- All patches merged upstream, so removed following local patches
- Solaris/patches/gtk2-java-01-example.diff
- Solaris/patches/gtk2-java-03-installpaths.diff
* gnome-libs-java.spec:
- Bumped libgnome-java tarball to 2.12.6 for the Java-Gnome 2.16 release
- All patches merged upstream, so removed following local patches
- Solaris/patches/gnome-libs-java-01-example.diff
- Solaris/patches/gnome-libs-java-03-installpaths.diff
- Solaris/patches/gnome-libs-java-04-doc.diff
* glade-java.spec:
- Bumped libglade-java tarball to 2.12.7 for the Java-Gnome 2.16 release
- All patches merged upstream, so removed following local patches
- Solaris/patches/glade-java-01-config.diff
- Solaris/patches/glade-java-02-installpaths.diff
- Solaris/patches/glade-java-03-doc.diff
* SUNWgnome-config-java.spec:
- Bumped libgconf-java tarball to 2.12.5 for the Java-Gnome 2.16 release
- All patches merged upstream, so removed following local patches
- Solaris/patches/gnome-config-java-01-config.diff
- Solaris/patches/gnome-config-java-02-jni.diff
- Solaris/patches/gnome-config-java-03-example.diff
- Solaris/patches/gnome-config-java-04-installpaths.diff
- Solaris/patches/gnome-config-java-05-doc.diff
- Solaris/patches/gnome-config-java-06-srcjar.diff
- Solaris/patches/gnome-config-java-07-docbasedir.diff
* SUNWgnome-terminal-java.spec:
- Bumped libvte-java tarball to 0.12.2 for the Java-Gnome 2.16 release
- All patches merged upstream, so removed following local patches
- Solaris/patches/gnome-terminal-java-01-installpaths.diff
- Solaris/patches/gnome-terminal-java-02-doc.diff
- Solaris/patches/gnome-terminal-java-03-srcjar.diff
- Solaris/patches/gnome-terminal-java-04-docclasspath.diff
- Solaris/patches/gnome-terminal-java-05-jardir.diff
- Solaris/patches/gnome-terminal-java-06-docbasedir.diff
2006-10-25 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-a11y-reader.spec: Added, renamed from SUNWgnome-a11y-orca.
* manpages/Makefile: Remove a11y-reader refs; s/a11y-orca/a11y-reader/
* manpages/sman1/magnifier.1, manpages/sman1/srcore.1: Remove
gnopernicus manpages as it has been EOF'd.
2006-10-25 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-a11y-reader.spec: Removed because gnopernicus has been
EOF'd, replaced by orca.
2006-10-25 Wang Xin <>
* base-specs/libgcrypt.spec: Bump to 1.2.3.
2006-10-23 Damien Carbery <>
==== Vermillion Devel build 52 ====
2006-10-23 John Rice <>
* Consolidated patches for SUNWgnome-terminal-java:
Bugzilla Bug 360207: Building libvte-java on OpenSolaris
* patches/gnome-terminal-java-03-srcjar.diff: Fixed fuzz offset
* patches/gnome-terminal-java-06-docbasedir.diff: Fixed fuzz offset
* patches/gnome-terminal-java-04-docclasspath.diff: Fixed fuzz offset
* patches/gnome-terminal-java-05-jardir.diff: Fixed fuzz offset
2006-10-23 Darren Kenny <>
* SUNWgnome-system-tools.spec:
Add pkg dependencies on SUNWgksu. Also fix a build issue with the m4
macros not being included from setup-tools-backends.
2006-10-23 Irene Huang <>
* SUNWevolution-exchange.spec: removed patche
* SUNWevolution.spec: removed patches
evolution-01-solaris-sed.diff and evolution-02-kerberos.diff
* SUNWevolution-data-server.spec: removed patches
evolution-data-server-01-kerberos.diff and 02-libexec.diff
and evolution-data-server-03-mail-rlimit.diff
* patches/evolution-01-solaris-sed.diff:
* patches/evolution-02-kerberos.diff:
* patches/evolution-data-server-01-kerberos.diff:
* patches/evolution-data-server-02-libexec.diff:
* patches/evolution-data-server-03-mail-rlimit.diff:
* patches/evolution-exchange-01-solaris-eutil.diff: patches removed.
2006-10-20 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-base-libs-java.spec: Add SUNWgnome-base-libs-java/-devel to
Build/Requires list.
* SUNWlibcdio.spec: Remove %with_hal code as HAL is in snv now.
* SUNWgnome-img-viewer.spec: Fix packaging for new locales.
2006-10-20 Ghee Teo <>
* patches/docbook-xsl-stylesheets-02-g11n-i18n-ja.diff: fixed fuzz
2006-10-20 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWevolution-data-server.spec: Add code to expand manpage tarball,
otherwise build breaks.
2006-10-20 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWevolution.spec, SUNWgnome-cd-burner.spec, SUNWlibcdio.spec,
SUNWgnome-desktop-prefs.spec, SUNWgnome-file-mgr.spec,
SUNWgnome-media-player.spec, SUNWgnome-media.spec, SUNWgnome-vfs.spec:
Remove SUNWhalh BuildRequires because header files are in SUNWhea in
2006-10-19 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-media-mp3.spec: Delete $RPM_BUILD_ROOT at top of %install.
Move .a/.la removal to base spec.
* SUNWgnome-applets.spec: Remove obsolete 'rm -r' calls from %install.
2006-10-19 Harry Lu <>
* patches/gnome-netstatus-01-restart.diff: unfuzz the patch.
2006-10-19 Irene Huang <>
* SUNWevolution-data-server.spec: Modified to add new manapges
* manpages/Makefile: Modified to add new manpages of libe* shipped
by evolution and evolution-data-server.
* manpages/sman1/evolution.1: Modified to add libe* to SEE ALSO
* manpages/sman3/libebook-1.2.3:
* manpages/sman3/libecal-1.2.3:
* manpages/sman3/libedata-book-1.2.3:
* manpages/sman3/libedata-cal-1.2.3:
* manpages/sman3/libedataserver-1.2.3:
* manpages/sman3/libedataserverui-1.2.3: New manpages of libe*
2006-10-18 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWevolution.spec: Use %{evolution.major_version} instead of hard
coded version number.
2006-10-18 Glynn Foster <>
* SUNWgnome-applets.spec: Hrm, I swear this built before. Remove
the quick-lounge pixmaps again. Some weirdness with the /var dir
that I'll leave the build machine to choke on, just in case it's
a local issue.
2006-10-18 Glynn Foster <>
* SUNWgnome-applets.spec: Add WebEyes server back in again.
2006-10-17 Glynn Foster <>
* SUNWgnome-applets.spec: Remove webeyes from the build. See
base-specs/ChangeLog.pre-2-18 for details.
2006-10-17 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWtgnome-tstripe.spec: Add 'make' to the %build section as only
having 'make install' was populating $RPM_BUILD_ROOT even when the
package failed.
2006-10-17 Jeff Cai <>
* SUNWevolution-data-server.spec: Add patch for bug 348888
* SUNWevolution.spec: Remove patch patches/evolution-03-mail-
2006-10-16 Brian Cameron <>
* SUNWgnome-base-libs.spec: Fix comment.
2006-10-16 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-cd-burner.spec, SUNWgnome-media-apps.spec,
SUNWimagick.spec: Remove the '-rf' from the 'rm *.la *.a' lines so
that any changes to the module source will be seen as a build error
and action can be taken.
2006-10-13 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-base-libs.spec, SUNWgnome-media-player.spec: Delete .a and
.la files.
2006-10-13 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-base-libs-java.spec, SUNWgnome-config-java.spec,
SUNWgnome-terminal-java.spec: Correct and sync dir perms. Change
root:other to root:sys.
2006-10-12 John Rice <>
* SUNWgnome-config-java.spec
- Modified srcjardir to conform to PSARC/2006/053
- Add patches to allow doc base dir to be specified in configure
* patches/gnome-config-java-07-docbasedir.diff: change to
use docbasedir, instead of hardcoded $(datadir)/doc
- Enabled generation of src jar. Added configure option.
* patches/gnome-config-java-06-srcjar.diff: added BUILD_SRCJAR target
- Modify patch to so specifying javadir as configure option works
* patches/gnome-config-java-04-installpaths.diff: replace hard coded
java dir with specifiable javadir.
* SUNWgnome-terminal-java.spec
- Modified srcjardir to conform to PSARC/2006/053
* patches/gnome-terminal-java-03-srcjar.diff: updated patch with
all-local target
* patches/gnome-terminal-java-05-javadir.diff renamed to
* SUNWgnome-base-libs-java.spec
- Added support for srcjar creation and doc api creation for
gnome, glade
- Modified srcjardir to conform to PSARC/2006/053
- Added support for srcjar creation and doc api creation for
cairo, gtk
- Add srcjar and api doc to dev files
- Use docbasedir and macrobasedir
2006-10-10 Irene Huang <>
* patches/evolution-data-server-02-libexec.diff: Modified to remove
the fuzziness when patching.
2006-10-10 Wang Xin <>
* Solaris/patches/evolution-exchange-01-solaris-eutil.diff:
Update the patch to remove fuzzy hunks.
2006-10-09 Dermot McCluskey <>
==== Vermillion Devel build 51 ====
2006-10-08 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWimagick.spec: Unbump because it breaks gnome-themes.
2006-10-07 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
* SUNWimagick.spec: Bump to 6.2.9-8
2006-10-06 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-terminal-java.spec, SUNWgnome-config-java.spec: Set dir
perms of %{_datadir}/lib/java/javadoc to match
2006-10-05 John Rice <>
* gnome-terminal-java-03-srcjar.diff: updated patch with all-local
* SUNWgnome-config-java.spec:
- Add patches to allow doc base dir to be specified in configure.
- Enabled generation of src jar. Added configure option.
- Modify patch to so specifying javadir as configure option works.
* gnome-config-java-07-docbasedir.diff: change to use
docbasedir, instead of hardcoded $(datadir)/doc.
* gnome-config-java-06-srcjar.diff: added BUILD_SRCJAR target to
* gnome-config-java-04-installpaths.diff: replace hard coded java dir
with configure specified javadir.
2006-10-05 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
* SUNWgnome-keyring-manager.spec: fix postrun scripts to match
those in other JDS packages
2006-10-05 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
* SUNWevolution-webcal.spec, SUNWevolution.spec, SUNWfsexam.spec,
SUNWgnome-a11y-gok.spec, SUNWgnome-a11y-reader.spec,
SUNWgnome-applets.spec, SUNWgnome-archive-mgr.spec,
SUNWgnome-calculator.spec, SUNWgnome-cd-burner.spec,
SUNWgnome-cd.spec, SUNWgnome-config-editor.spec,
SUNWgnome-crash-report.spec, SUNWgnome-desktop-prefs.spec,
SUNWgnome-file-mgr.spec, SUNWgnome-games.spec,
SUNWgnome-hex-editor.spec, SUNWgnome-img-viewer.spec,
SUNWgnome-keyring-manager.spec, SUNWgnome-libs.spec,
SUNWgnome-media-apps.spec, SUNWgnome-media-player.spec,
SUNWgnome-media.spec, SUNWgnome-meeting.spec,
SUNWgnome-panel.spec, SUNWgnome-pdf-viewer.spec,
SUNWgnome-pilot.spec, SUNWgnome-print.spec,
SUNWgnome-remote-desktop.spec, SUNWgnome-session.spec,
SUNWgnome-system-monitor.spec, SUNWgnome-system-tools.spec,
SUNWgnome-terminal.spec, SUNWgnome-text-editor.spec,
SUNWgnome-utils.spec, SUNWgnome-vfs.spec, SUNWgnome-wm.spec:
add guards to the %preun scripts that exit 0 if postrun
is not installed (workaround for Solaris install bug 4511042)
2006-10-05 John Rice <>
* gnome-terminal-java-06-docbasedir.diff: removed unecessary patch to
autogenerated aclocal.m4 file, patch needs to be applied to
jg_common.m4 as is being done in glib2-java-04-docbasedir.diff
2006-10-05 John Rice <>
* SUNWgnome-config-java.spec: separated pacakge version and tarball
* SUNWgnome-terminal-java.spec:
- Add patches to allow doc base dir to be specified in configure
- Add patch so specifying javadir as configure option works
- Add patch to remove javadoc compiler warnings
- Add tarball_version as this needs to be different from the
* gnome-terminal-java-01-installpaths.diff: modified patch so generated
.pc file now refers to $(jardir) instead of hard coding classpath
* glib2-java-04-docbasedir.diff: add docbasedir param to jg_common.m4
which is used to create the aclocal.m4 macros by autoconf,
which are used to create using automake.
* gnome-terminal-java-06-docbasedir.diff: change to use
docbasedir, instead of hardcoded $(datadir)/doc
* gnome-terminal-java-05-javadir.diff: replace hard coded java dir
with speficiable javadir
* gnome-terminal-java-04-docclasspath.diff: add classpath to javadoc
options in
2006-10-05 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWbrltty.spec: Add Requires SUNWxwplt to partially fix 6454451.
* Add code to report the number of patches used in
each build (a simple 'ls *.diff | wc -l').
* SUNWgnome-terminal-java.spec: Correct tarball version defines.
* SUNWgnome-config-java.spec: Correct tarball version specifiers.
2006-10-04 John Rice <>
* SUNWgnome-terminal-java.spec: added patch to get src jar
* gnome-terminal-java-03-srcjar.diff: added BUILD_SRCJAR target to
2006-10-04 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWzz-l10n-gnome.spec: Add si locale to 'extra' package. gdm,
gnome-backgrounds and gnome-themse installed the files.
* SUNWlibglade-java.spec: Removed as module has been merged into
* SUNWgnome-config-java.spec, SUNWgnome-termina-java.spec: Correct
dir perms.
2006-10-04 Padraig O'Briain <>
* SUNWgnome-dtlogin-integration.spec: Update version number
to 0.28 as Xinitrc.jds now includes call to
/usr/bin/linc-cleanup-sockets to fix bug 6425609.
2006-10-03 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
* SUNWPython.spec: make the patches not create .patch<n> backup
files because some of them ended up in the packages; fix the
path to the python interpreter in the .py files before they
are compiled, fixes 6469243;
add patch write_compiled_module-atomic.diff
* include/ define %_patch_options, this specifies extra
options for gpatch when using pkgbuild 1.1.1 or later
* base-specs/gettext.spec: fix libtool in libasprintf so that
it works if you use a different C compiler from the one used
to build the JDS CBE
2006-10-03 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWlibglade-java.spec: Change dependency list because other modules
merged into SUNWgnome-base-libs-java.
2006-10-03 John Rice <>
* SUNWgnome-config-java.spec: added patch to get api doc
generated. Issue with "find -mindep" not supported.
* gnome-config-java-05-doc.diff: patch added
* SUNWgnome-terminal-java.spec: added patch to get api doc
generated. Issue with "find -mindep" not supported.
Also examples not being created correctly due to
invalid "examples" setting in
* gnome-terminal-java-02-doc.diff: patch added
2006-10-03 Damien Carbery <>
* include/ Bump SUNW_ProdVers and default_pkg_version to 2.16.1.
* SUNWlibglade-java.spec, SUNWgnome-config-java.spec
SUNWgnome-terminal-java.spec: Remove '>= 2.14' info from
BuildRequires and Requires lines as it messes with packaging.
2006-10-02 John Rice - <>
* SUNWgnome-config-java.spec:
updated to build against modified SUNWgnome-base-libs-java.
* SUNWgnome-terminal-java.spec:
updated to build against modified SUNWgnome-base-libs-java.
* gnome-config-java-04-installpaths.diff:
patch for install dirs for jar location on Solaris
* gnome-terminal-java-01-installpaths.diff:
patch for install dirs for jar location on Solaris
* SUNWgnome-base-libs-java.spec: Remove INSTALLED_CLASSPATH and
2006-10-02 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-base-libs-java.spec: Correct group for %{_datadir}/lib.
Use global version for package version number.
Add Build/Requires for Java packages (SUNWj5dev/SUNWj5rt).
* SUNWgnome-media-player.spec: Remove application-registry and
mime-info dirs from %files as they are no longer installed.
2006-10-02 John Rice <>
* SUNWgnome-libs-java.spec: Deleted. Code moved to gnome-libs-java.spec
for inclusion in SUNWgnome-base-libs-java.spec.
2006-09-29 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-base-libs-java.spec: Add PKG_CONFIG vars to support
uninstalled .pc files.
2006-09-28 John Rice <>
* SUNWgnome-libs-java.spec, SUNWgnome-terminal-java.spec,
SUNWgnome-config-java.spec: Replaced mkdir with install -d
* SUNWgnome-base-libs-java.spec:
- Initial rev: merge of glib-java, cairo-java, gtk-java
and glade-java. Using linux spec files to simplify merge
- Work in progress, need to add patches to and to allow jar & doc locations
to be configured to the Solaris install locations
2006-09-28 Damien Carbery <>
* Add 'Development' to mail sent to Beijing.
2006-09-27 Brian Cameron <>
* SUNWgnome-wm.spec: Add -lXrender to LDFLAGS.
2006-09-27 John Rice <>
* SUNWgnome-libs-java.spec:
- Changed requires to use new Java-Gnome package names.
- Rename to SUNWgnome-libs-java, rename patches and add devel package
- Moved location of docs under
- Bump to 2.12.5
2006-09-27 John Rice <>
* SUNWgnome-config-java.spec: Rename from SUNWlibgconf-java.spec. Also
add devel package, move docs to
* patches/gnome-config-java-02-jni.diff,
patches/gnome-config-java-01-config.diff: Renamed from
* SUNWgnome-terminal-java.spec: Renamed from SUNWlibvte-java.spec. Also
add devel package and move docs to %{_datadir}/lib/java/javadoc
and jar files to %{_datadir}/lib/java.
2006-09-27 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-system-tools.spec: Delete empty omf dir when not doing l10n
2006-09-23 Brian Cameron <>
* manpages/sman5/gnome-interfaces.5: Move URL's to SEE ALSO section
and reference the System Admin guide there also. Recommendations
from Glynn.
2006-09-24 Dermot McCluskey <>
==== Vermillion Devel build 50 ====
2006-09-22 Padraig O'Briain <>
* SUNWdbus.spec: Change -mt to -D_REENTRANT
2006-09-22 Dermot McCluskey <>
* SUNWgnome-remote-desktop.spec: temporarily comment out manpages
2006-09-22 Padraig O'Briain <>
* SUNWdbus.spec: Add -mt to fix bugster 6470244.
2006-09-20 Henry Zhang <>
* SUNWlibgtop.spec: Shorten the summary according to Shirley comments
Delete unuseful binary files from /usr/bin
* Solaris/manpages/sman1/gnome-system-monitor.1: Add some contents for
Sun Ray
2006-09-20 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
* SUNWgnome-system-tools.spec: Fix l10n package - nl locale omf
file was in base and l10n package.
2006-09-18 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
Python 64-bit changes
* SUNWPython.spec: added patched 3,4,5 (see base-specs/ChangeLog.pre-2-18 for
defails); build 32-bit and 64-bit versions of python 2.4.3;
upgraded to 2.4.3; moved to /usr/demo/python
* include/ define cxx_optflags64 -- 64-bit c++ compiler
2006-09-18 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
* .pkgtoolrc: add ${tarballdirs} to the tarball dir search path
so that you can specify additional directories in ~/.pkgtoolrc
* SUNWbrltty.spec: delete some unnecessary env variables
* SUNWdbus.spec: revert to normal optimisation flags, the build
problems were caused by ld(1) bug 6467925;
change /var/run/dbus permissions to root:root, fixes 6460949
* SUNWevolution-data-server.spec: delete some unnecessary env variables
* SUNWevolution-exchange.spec: delete some unnecessary env variables
* SUNWevolution-jescs.spec: delete some unnecessary env variables
* SUNWevolution-libs.spec: delete some unnecessary env variables
* SUNWevolution-webcal.spec: delete some unnecessary env variables
* SUNWevolution.spec: delete some unnecessary env variables
* SUNWfsexam.spec: delete some unnecessary env variables
* SUNWgnome-a11y-gok.spec: delete some unnecessary env variables
* SUNWgnome-a11y-libs.spec: delete some unnecessary env variables
* SUNWgnome-a11y-reader.spec: delete some unnecessary env variables
* SUNWgnome-applets.spec: delete some unnecessary env variables
* SUNWgnome-archive-mgr.spec: delete some unnecessary env variables
* SUNWgnome-calculator.spec: delete some unnecessary env variables
* SUNWgnome-camera.spec: delete some unnecessary env variables
* SUNWgnome-cd-burner.spec: delete some unnecessary env variables
* SUNWgnome-character-map.spec: delete some unnecessary env variables
* SUNWgnome-component.spec: set PERL to /usr/perl5/bin/perl as per
* SUNWgnome-config-editor.spec: delete some unnecessary env variables
* SUNWgnome-desktop-prefs.spec: delete some unnecessary env variables
* SUNWgnome-dialog.spec: delete some unnecessary env variables
* SUNWgnome-doc-utils.spec: delete some unnecessary env variables
* SUNWgnome-file-mgr.spec: delete some unnecessary env variables
* SUNWgnome-games.spec: delete some unnecessary env variables
* SUNWgnome-help-viewer.spec: delete some unnecessary env variables
* SUNWgnome-img-editor.spec: delete some unnecessary env variables
* SUNWgnome-img-viewer.spec: delete some unnecessary env variables
* SUNWgnome-keyring-manager.spec: delete some unnecessary env variables
* SUNWgnome-libs.spec: delete some unnecessary env variables
2006-09-18 Brian Cameron <>
* SUNWevolution.spec, SUNWgnome-cd-burner.spec,
SUNWgnome-desktop-prefs.spec, SUNWgnome-file-mgr.spec,
SUNWgnome-media.spec, SUNWgnome-media-player.spec,
SUNWgnome-vfs.spec, SUNWlibcdio.spec: Now BuildRequires
SUNWhalh instead of SUNWhal since SUNWhalh contains the
header files.
2006-09-16 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
* SUNWgnome-common-devel.spec: set PERL to /usr/perl5/bin/perl as
per CR6454456
2006-09-15 Brian Cameron <>
* SUNWgnome-common-devel.spec: Now install gtk-doc
documentation so people know how to use gtk-docs if they
want to use them.
2006-09-15 Takao Fujiwara <>
* SUNWtgnome-tsol-libs.spec: Updated
* SUNWtgnome-tsoljdsdevmgr.spec: Updated
* SUNWtgnome-tsoljdslabel.spec: Updated
* SUNWtgnome-tsoljdsselmgr.spec: Updated
* SUNWtgnome-tstripe.spec: Updated to add l10n packages
* SUNWtgnome-zz-l10n.spec: Added to create l10n packages
2006-09-14 Brian Cameron <>
* manpages/Makefile : Jerry misspelled libgstbase-0.10.3.
* manpages/sman3/libgstbase-0.10.3 : The shadow manpage didn't inlcude
the ".3" on the manpage it was referring to, so it didn't actually
work. Fixed.
2006-09-14 Dave Lin <>
* SUNWflash-player-plugin.spec: Bump version to to port
the security bug fixes(CR#6461058)
2006-09-12 Matt Keenan <>
* manpages/sman1/scrollkeeper.1 : Updated
2006-09-12 Matt Keenan <>
* manpages/sman1/gnome-calculator.1 : Updated
2006-09-12 Matt Keenan <>
* SUNWgnome-audio.spec : Revert back removal of _mandir before man page
installation, needed
2006-09-12 Jerry Tan <>
* manpages/sman1/rhythmbox.1: update man page, add sections for doc,
2006-09-12 Jerry Tan <>
* manpages/Makefile : Add libgstbase shadow man page
* manpages/sman3/libgstbase-0.10.3 : libgstbase man page
* manpages/sman3/libgstreamer-0.10.3: add desc for libgstbase
* manpages/sman5/gnome-interface.5 : add libgstbase
2006-09-11 Brian Cameron <>
* manpages/sman1/gdmdynamic.1: Correct some mistakes.
2006-09-11 Matt Keenan <>
* SUNWgnome-a11y-orca.spec : New manpage tarball
* manpages/Makefile : Add SUNWgnome-a11y-orca tarball generation
* manpages/sman1/orca.1 : Orca man page
2006-09-11 Matt Keenan <>
* SUNWgnome-utils.spec : Ship baobab.1 community man page
* SUNWgnome-pdf-viewer.spec : Ship pdf*.1 community man pages
2006-09-11 Dermot McCluskey <>
==== Vermillion Devel build 49 ====
2006-09-08 Matt Keenan <>
* manpages/Makefie : Add SUNWgnome-hex-editor
* SUNWgnome-hex-editor.spec : Amend for Man page Tarball
* SUNWgnome-cd.spec : Amend for Man page Tarball
* SUNWgnome-media-player.spec : Amend for Man page Tarball
also deliver community totem.1 and totem-video-thumbnailer.1
man pages
* SUNWgnome-crash-report.spec : Amend for Man page Tarball
* SUNWgnome-audio.spec : Deliver esd.1 esddsp.1 esdfilt.1 and esdloop.1
* SUNWgnome-component : Deliver bonobo-activation-server.1 man page
* SUNWgnome-doc-utils : Deliver xml2po.1. manpage
* SUNWgnome-keyring-manager : Deliver gnome-keyring-manager.1 man page
2006-09-08 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
* SUNWopenjade.spec: remove -z ignore from LDFLAGS because it
corrupts the jade executable, fixes CR 6466538
2006-09-08 Brian Cameron <>
* manpages/sman5/gnome-interfaces.5: Add more information about
System Admin guide and where gtk-docs are located. Also gail
is a Platform not Desktop library, so corrected. Now should
be accurate.
* manpages/sman1/gtk-update-icon-cache.1: Reference gtk-docs.
* manpages/sman1/gnome-open.1: Fix manpage.
* manpages/sman1/eog.1: Cleanup.
2006-09-08 Brian Cameron <>
* manpages/Makefile : Add some missing manpages (charmap.1 shadow,
libwnck-1.0.3, gnome-printinfo.1, and gnome-panel-screenshot.1
* manpages/sman1/gedit.1: Update so that it mentions
/usr/lib/gedit/plugins directory.
2006-09-08 Matt Keenan <>
* manpages/Makefile : Add SUNWgnome-cd, SUNWgnome-media-player,
SUNWgnome-crash-report, remove unused gnome-desktop-prefs.1
* manpages/sman3/libpangoxft-1.0.3 : Rename and add .3 section suffix
* manpages/sman3/libpangocairo-1.0.3 : Rename, added .3 section suffix
2006-09-08 Damien Carbery <>
* Use /usr/bin/echo to send multiline mail to Beijing.
2006-09-08 Matt Keenan <>
* manpages/Makefile : Amend notes/instructions for adding/changeing
man pages.
2006-09-08 Brian Cameron <>
* manpages/sman1/sound-juicer.1, manpages/sman1/rhythmbox.1:
Add gnome-std-options to the OPTIONS section. Make Volatile
not External in ATTRIBUTES.
2006-09-08 Brian Cameron <>
* manpages/sman3/libcairo.3, manpages/sman3/libpangocairo-1.0,
manpages/sman3/libspi.3, manpages/sman3/libgnome-desktop-2.3,
manpages/sman3/libpangoxft-1.0, manpages/Makefile: Added new
manpages. libpango* and libspi are shadow manpages.
* manpages/sman5/gnome-interfaces.5: Updated so it lists all
Committed interfaces and contains a few paragraphs about
GNOME Interface stability and how to get involved with
integrating with the Solaris desktop.
* manpages/*/*: Updated most of the manpages, fixing the
termlength value in the <variablelist> tag so that the listitems
(options, files, envvars, etc.) are not cut off. This makes the
manpages far more readable. Improved the SEE ALSO sections of
many manpages. Fixed some incorrect package names in the
ATTRIBUTES tables. Fixed other errors I noticed.
2006-09-08 Chris Wang <>
* manpages/sman1/rhythmbox.1 Add missing manpage for rhythmbox.
* manpages/sman1/sound-juicer.1 Add missing manpage for sound-juicer.
2006-09-07 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWzz-gnome-l10n.spec: Add nds@NFE locale to 'extra' package. Yelp
(SUNWgnome-help-viewer) installed the files.
* SUNWgnome-meeting.spec: Remove upstream patch,
* patches/ekiga-08-pwlib-audiodev.diff: Removed, upstream.
2006-09-06 Brian Cameron <>
* manpages/Makefile: Add two new manpages
* manpages/sman1/gdk-pixbuf-query-loaders.1,
manpages/sman1/gtk-update-icon-cache.1: Added missing manpages
for new Committed interfaces.
* manpages/sman1/glib*,gdk*,gtk*: Updated SEE ALSO to reflect
new manpages.
2006-09-06 Lin Ma <Lin.Ma@Sun.COM>
* SUNWgnome-utils.spec: Turn to NROFF manpage of gnome-system-log.
* manpages/Makefile: Remove gnome-system-log.1 from
* manpages/sman1/gnome-system-log.1: Removed.
2006-09-05 Brian Cameron <>
* SUNWgnome-desktop-prefs.spec: Update so that it checks if HAL
is available so the control-center.spec can set --enable-hal or
--disable-hal as appropriate. No longer require SUNWgnome-panel
as a package dependency since we don't build with libxklavier.
* SUNWgnome-panel.spec: Remove libxklavier from the package.
2006-09-05 Brian Cameron <>
* SUNWgnome-panel.spec: Fix comments. Don't put -g in CFLAGS.
* SUNWgnome-applets.spec: Remove libical since we no longer ship
the now applet - this removes the SUNWgnome-intranet-applets-devel
package. Fix comments. Don't put -g in CFLAGS.
2006-09-05 Matt Keenan <>
* SUNWfirefox.spec, SUNWthunderbird.spec: Ammended to use new man page
2006-09-05 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-text-editor.spec: Fix root pkg
* SUNWgnome-crash-report.spec: Update packaging for new tarball.
2006-09-05 Matt Keenan <>
* SUNWgnome-removeable-media.spec : Amended to use new man page tarball
* manpages/Makefile : Remove gstreamer-properties.1 from
2006-09-04 Matt Keenan <>
* SUNWrealplayer.spec : Amended to use new man page tarball
* manpages/sman1/realplay.1 : Moved from ext-sources to here
* manpages/Makefile : Added making of SUNWrealplayer man page tarball
2006-09-04 Matt Keenan <>
* SUNWgnome-base-libs.spec : Amended to use new man page tarball
2006-09-04 Matt Keenan <>
* manpages/Makefile : Add usage comments to header
2006-09-04 Matt Keenan <>
* SUNWgnome-gtksourceview.spec : Amended to use new man page tarball
* SUNWgnome-help-viewer.spec : Amended to use new man page tarball
* SUNWgnome-im-client.spec : Amended to use new man page tarball
* SUNWgnome-img-viewer.spec : Amended to use new man page tarball
* SUNWgnome-libs.spec : Amended to use new man page tarball
* SUNWgnome-media-apps.spec : Amended to use new man page tarball
* SUNWgnome-media.spec : Amended to use new man page tarball
* SUNWgnome-menu-editor.spec : Amended to use new man page tarball
* SUNWgnome-panel.spec : Amended to use new man page tarball
* SUNWgnome-pilot.spec : Amended to use new man page tarball
* SUNWgnome-print.spec : Amended to use new man page tarball
* SUNWgnome-session.spec : Amended to use new man page tarball
* SUNWgnome-sys-suspend.spec : Amended to use new man page tarball
* SUNWgnome-system-monitor.spec : Amended to use new man page tarball
* SUNWgnome-terminal.spec : Amended to use new man page tarball
* SUNWgnome-text-editor.spec : Amended to use new man page tarball
* SUNWgnome-ui-designer.spec : Amended to use new man page tarball
* SUNWgnome-utils.spec : Amended to use new man page tarball
* SUNWgnome-vfs.spec : Amended to use new man page tarball
* SUNWgnome-wm.spec : Amended to use new man page tarball
* SUNWjpg.spec : Amended to use new man page tarball
* SUNWlibpopt.spec : Amended to use new man page tarball
* SUNWlibrsvg.spec : Amended to use new man page tarball
* SUNWogg-vorbis.spec : Amended to use new man page tarball
* SUNWpng.spec : Amended to use new man page tarball
2006-09-04 Damien Carbery <>
* include/ Bump version number to 2.16.0.
2006-09-04 Yandong Yao <>
* SUNWzz-gnome-l10n.spec: add missing evolution l10n pkgs to fix 6448327
2006-09-01 Matt Keenan <>
* manpages/Makefile : Fix entities delivery bug
2006-09-01 Matt Keenan <>
* SUNWgnome-display-mgr.spec : Amended to use new Man page tarball
* SUNWgnome-config.spec : Amended to use new Man page tarball
* SUNWgnome-desktop-prefs.spec : Amended to use new Man page tarball
* SUNWgnome-dialog.spec : Amended to use new Man page tarball
* SUNWgnome-file-mgr.spec : Amended to use new Man page tarball
2006-09-01 Matt Keenan <>
* SUNWgnome-character-map.spec : Amended to use new Man Page Tarball
* SUNWgnome-a11y-reader.spec : Amended to use new man page tarball
* SUNWgnome-a11y-gok.spec : Amended to use new man page tarball
* SUNWgnome-component.spec : Amended to use new man page tarball
* SUNWTiff.spec : Amended to use new man page tarball
* SUNWgnome-cd-burner.spec : Amended to use new man page tarball
* SUNWevolution-exchange.spec : Amended to use new man page tarball
* SUNWgnome-a11y-libs.spec : Amended to use new man page tarball
* SUNWgnome-common-devel.spec : Amended to use new man page tarball
* SUNWgnome-audio.spec : Amended to use new man page tarball
* SUNWgnome-a11y-base-libs.spec : Amended to use new man page tarball
* SUNWgnome-calculator.spec : Amended to use new man page tarball
* SUNWgnome-archive-mgr.spec : Amended to use new man page tarball
* SUNWgnome-a11y-poke.spec : Amended to use new man page tarball
* SUNWevolution.spec : Amended to use new man page tarball
* SUNWgnome-config-editor.spec : Amended to use new man page tarball
2006-09-01 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgksu.spec: Delete %{_datadir}/locale/locale.alias as it caused a
packaging conflict.
2006-09-01 Matt Keenan <>
* manpages/Makefile : New Makefile for generating Man Page Tarballs
* manpages/Makefile.template : Template Makefile to be included in Man
Page Tarballs
2006-09-01 Irene Huang <>
* manpages/sman1/alacarte.1: new manpage for GNOME Menu Editor.
2006-08-30 Brian Cameron <>
* SUNWgnome-perf-meter.spec, ext-specs/gnome-perfmeter.spec: Removed
since this is replaced by GNOME System tools.
* SUNWzz-gnome-l10n.spec: Remove reference to removed package.
2006-08-29 Brian Cameron <>
* manpages/sman1/*: Fix some broken tags.
2006-08-29 Brian Cameron <>
* SUNWgnome-menu-editor.spec: Remove "alacarte" from
summary at request of Shirley Woo since we should have
generic package summaries.
2006-08-30 Glynn Foster <>
* SUNWgnome-utils.spec: Add post/postun install scripts so that we
get nice GConf love.
2006-08-30 Glynn Foster <>
* SUNWgnome-utils.spec: Update to install the icons within
the correct packages.
2006-08-29 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWapoc.spec: Correct JAVA_HOME (/usr/j2se -> /usr/java).
2006-08-29 Geoff Higgins <>
* SUNWapoc.spec: Unset DISPLAY to stop apoc installer build trying to
connect to a display.
2006-08-29 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWzz-gnome-l10n.spec: Add gok/mr and gok/or locales to
2006-08-28 Brian Cameron <>
* Solaris/SUNWgnome-a11y-dasher.spec: Ship NROFF manpage for now.
* Solaris/manpages/sman1/yelp.1: Updated.
* Solaris/manpages/sman1/gedit.1: Minor fixes.
2006-08-29 Glynn Foster <>
* manpages/sman1/zenity.1: Update the zenity man page. The
help manuals are unfortunately not in sync, but hopefully the
community can pick those up before they release 2.16.0
2006-08-28 Brian Cameron <>
* Solaris/manpages/nautilus-cd-burner.1,
Solaris/manpages/nautilus.1, Solaris/manpages/metacity.1,
Solaris/manpages/metacity-message.1: Updated manpages
2006-08-28 Brian Cameron <>
* Solaris/SUNWgnome-display-mgr.spec: Add missing gdmdynamic
* Solaris/manpages/sman1/*, Solaris/manpages/sman1m/*:
Finish updating pkg-config (ENVVAR section). Fix gconftool-2,
gconf-editor, gedit, and bonobo-slay manpages. Updated SEE ALSO
of GDM manpages to include gdmdynamic.
2006-08-28 Irene Huang <>
* manpages/sman1/gnome-sys-suspend.1: Added long version of arguments.
2006-08-28 Damien Carbery <>
==== Vermillion build 48 ====
2006-08-28 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-python-libs.spec: Fix typo in PKG_CONFIG_PATH data (s/=/-/).
2006-08-28 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWdbus.spec: Use '-xO2' optimization (not -xO4) as the latter
causes seg faults in build.
2006-08-28 Dave Lin <>
* SUNWgnome-meeting.spec, patches/ekiga-08-pwlib-audiodev.diff:
Add patch ekiga-08-pwlib-audiodev.diff to fix the bug CR#6462870
2006-08-28 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWzz-gnome-l10n.spec: Add SUNWgnome-applets-l10n and gok locales.
2006-08-28 Irene Huang <>
* manpages/sman1/evolution.1: Updated Evolution manpage.
2006-08-25 Brian Cameron <>
* SUNWgnome-character-map.spec, manpages/sman1/gnome-charagter-map.1,
manpages/sman1/charmap.1: Add new charmap manpage.
* manpages/sman1/gst-launch: Fixes for examples.
* manpages/sman1/pkg-config.1: Many fixes based on latest version
of the manpage from the module.
* manpages/sman1/gnome-screenshot.1, manpages/sman1/gedit.1: Fix.
2006-08-25 Brian Cameron <>
* manpages/sman1/*: Many more manpage updates.
2006-08-25 Brian Cameron <>
* SUNWgnome-media.spec, manpages/sman3/libgstreamer-0.8.3,
manpages/sman3/libgstreamer-0.10.3: Move to reflect new library
name. Remove pointless libgstgetbits manpage, we no longer ship
this library.
* SUNWgnome-utils.spec, manpages/sman1/gnome-panel-screenshot.1: Add
gnome-panel-screenshot.1 shadow manpage.
* manpages/sman1/*, manpages/sman3/*, manpages/sman5/*: Many manpage
2006-08-25 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
* SUNWgnome-system-monitor.spec: make the postrun scripts use
$BASEDIR instead of $PKG_INSTALL_ROOT so that it works during
diskless client installation, part of CR6448317
* SUNWgnome-display-mgr.spec: move the smf profile rename
postinstall stuff into the -root subpkg, because the base
package doesn't have access to the / files in the case of a
diskless installation, part of CR6448317
2006-08-25 Padraig O'Briain <>
* SUNWdbus.spec: Use c99 compiler.
2006-08-25 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWzz-gnome-l10n.spec: Add SUNWgnome-applets-l10n.
* SUNWgnome-applets.spec: More updates to %files for new deskbar-applet
2006-08-24 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
* SUNWgnome-utils.spec: add SUNWxcu4 dependency for /usr/xpg4/bin/grep
2006-08-24 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
* SUNWgnome-dtlogin-integration.spec: remove autoheader call since
there is AC_CONFIG_HEADER in
2006-08-24 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-applets.spec: Minor update to %files.
* SUNWlibgtop.spec: Remove the %{_datadir}/info dir as no other modules
install .info files.
2006-08-23 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
* include/ define _localstatedir
2006-08-23 Brian Cameron <>
* SUNWgnome-display-mgr.spec: Moved man pages for programs moved
to /usr/sbin to sman1m.
* manpages/sman1/gdmsetup.1, manpages/sman1/gdm.1,
manpages/sman1/gdm-binary.1: Removed.
* manpages/sman1m/gdmsetup.1m, manpages/sman1m/gdm.1m,
manpages/sman1m/gdm-binary.1m: Added, updated to reflect changes
in interfaces.
* manpages/sman1/gdmflexiserver.1, manpages/sman1/gdmphotosetup.1,
manpages/sman1/gnome-terminal.1, manpages/sman1/gdmthemetester.1
manpages/sman1/gnome-session-save.1, manpages/sman1/esdctl.1
manpages/sman1/gnome-session.1, manpages/sman1/jmplay.1
manpages/sman3/libvte.3, manpages/sman3/libvorbis.3
manpages/sman3/libogg.3, manpages/sman1m/gdm-restart.1m: Updated
to reflect changes in interfaces.
2006-08-23 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
* SUNWgnome-config.spec: edit %changelog to avoid %ifarch
at the beginning of the line which now (correctly) breaks
the build with Unclosed %if error.
2006-08-23 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-applets.spec: Update %files for new icons.
* include/ Bump SUNW_ProdVers to 2.15.92.
2006-08-23 Halton Huo <>
* SUNWgnome-menu-editor.spec: New module for gnome-menu-editor.
2006-08-22 Brian Cameron <>
* manpages/sman1/gst-feedback.1, manpages/sman1/gst-xmlinspect.1,
manpages/sman1/esdplay.1, manpages/sman1/gst-typefind.1,
manpages/sman1/esdmon.1, manpages/sman1/gnome-sound-recorder.1,
manpages/sman1/gst-launch.1, manpages/sman1/gst-xmllaunch.1,
manpages/sman1/esdcat.1, manpages/sman1/esdctl.1,
manpages/sman1/jmplay.1, manpages/sman1/gst-inspect.1,
manpages/sman5/gst-std-options.5: Updated media manpages.
* manpages/sman1/gnome-cd.1, manpages/sman1/gst-md5sum.1: Remove
old manpages
* Solaris/SUNWgnome-media.spec: Remove gst-md5sum manpage since
it is no longer a part of GStreamer.
2006-08-22 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-a11y-orca.spec: Update %files after bump to 0.9.0.
* SUNWevolutions-libs.spec: Only change compiler options for non-debug
2006-08-22 Jeff Cai <>
* SUNWevolution-libs.spec: Remove optimization option
to fix 6461613.
2006-08-21 Brian Cameron <>
* manpages/sman1/at-poke.1: Fix spelling error.
* manpages/sman5/gnome-interfaces.5: Mark libgnomeprintui as
Obsolete, libgnomeprint as Volatile.
2006-08-21 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-archive-mgr.spec, SUNWgnome-games.spec,
SUNWgnome-media-apps.spec, SUNWgnome-system-tools.spec,
SUNWgnome-perf-meter.spec. SUNWgnome-panel.spec: Fix l10n package -
C locale omf file was in base and l10n package.
2006-08-21 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWglib-java.spec: Bump to 0.3.2. Update %files for new tarball.
* SUNWlibgtk-java.spec: Bump to 2.9.2. Update %files for new tarball.
2006-08-18 Brian Cameron <>
* manpages/sman1/glib-mkenums.1,
manpages/sman1/glib-gettextize.1: Manpage corrections.
2006-08-17 Brian Cameron <>
* manpages/*: Updated all manpages so External->Volatile and
Stable->Committed to reflect the new taxonomy used in
LSARC 2006/202.
2006-08-17 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-media-player.spec: Add Build/Requires SUNWfirefox/-devel
for the xpidl compiler. Add the mozilla/plugins dir and
* SUNWgnome-games.spec: Change 'icons' line in %files to pick up files.
2006-08-16 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-a11y-orca.spec: Comment out 'orca' dir until build issues
with 0.2.[5-8] are resolved.
* SUNWgnome-applets.spec: Add invest-applet files to internet-applets
* SUNWgnome-crash-report.spec. SUNWgnome-utils.spec,
SUNWgnome-cd-burner.spec: Change 'icons' line in %files to pick up
* SUNWgnome-media-player.spec: Remove empty mozilla/plugins dir in
* SUNWgnome-text-editor.spec: Add gtk-doc dir to %files.
* SUNWgnome-user-docs.spec: Add %files entry to pick up pt_BR and
zh_CN omf files.
* SUNWlibvte-java.spec: Add Build/Requires SUNWlibgtk-java as required
by configure.
* SUNWgnome-config-editor.spec: Remove scrollkeeper files under /var.
Remove missing help files from l10n pkg.
2006-08-14 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWmozilla.spec: Removed because mozilla has been EOL'd from snv47.
2006-08-14 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWevolution.spec, SUNWgnome-file-mgr.spec, SUNWgnome-media.spec,
SUNWgnome-vfs.spec, SUNWlibcdio.spec: Add Build/Requires SUNWhal
after run.
2006-08-14 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-themes.spec: Fix path to icons dir in %preun.
* SUNWglib-java.spec: Bump to 0.3.1.
* SUNWlibgtk-java.spec: Bump to 2.9.1.
2006-08-14 Jim Li <>
* SUNWgksu.spec: initial SUN spec file for gksu
2006-08-13 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
* SUNWgnome-base-libs.spec: delete %pre script (hack) and SUNWj5rt
dep since we changed the icon dirs back to root:other;
set PERL to /usr/perl5/bin/perl as per CR6454456
2006-08-12 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
* SUNWgnome-a11y-dasher.spec, SUNWgnome-a11y-reader.spec,
SUNWgnome-applets.spec, SUNWgnome-archive-mgr.spec,
SUNWgnome-cd-burner.spec, SUNWgnome-cd.spec,
SUNWgnome-character-map.spec, SUNWgnome-config-editor.spec,
SUNWgnome-crash-report.spec, SUNWgnome-desktop-prefs.spec,
SUNWgnome-display-mgr.spec, SUNWgnome-games.spec,
SUNWgnome-gui-test.spec, SUNWgnome-help-viewer.spec,
SUNWgnome-img-editor.spec, SUNWgnome-media-player.spec,
SUNWgnome-panel.spec, SUNWgnome-pdf-viewer.spec,
SUNWgnome-remote-desktop.spec, SUNWgnome-solaris-branding.spec,
SUNWgnome-themes.spec, SUNWgnome-utils.spec, SUNWrealplayer.spec:
change datadir/icons permissions back to root:other since it's a
stable interface and wasn't supposed to be changed
2006-08-12 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
* SUNWgnome-libs.spec: use the exact same postrun script for
scrollkeeper-update as in other spec files so that it's
only executed once. Should fix 6431478.
2006-08-11 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-cd-burner.spec, SUNWgnome-media-player.spec: Change
SUNWhal-devel ref to SUNWhal as the former does not exist.
* SUNWgnome-doc-utils.spec: Remove %{_libdir}/locale files because
I don't want to create a l10n pkg.
* SUNWlibcdio.spec: Add Build/Requires SUNWdbus/-devel as LDFLAGS
references dbus.
2006-08-09 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWlibvte-java.spec: Add Build/Requires SUNWgnome-terminal/-devel
for vte.
2006-08-08 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-utils.spec, SUNWgnome-cd-burner.spec,
SUNWgnome-media-player.spec, SUNWgnome-python-desktop.spec: Add to
Build/Requires after run.
2006-08-08 Yandong Yao <>
fix bug 6447036 and do following changes:
* gst-plugins-base.spec, gst-plugins-good.spec, gst.spec: add
* gst-plugins-base-01-gettext.diff, gst-01-gettext.diff: Add
2006-08-07 Jeff Cai <>
* SUNWevolution.spec:
* patches/evolution-03-mail-rlimit.diff: Add patch to fix bug
2006-08-04 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWlibvte-java.spec: Added.
* SUNWgnome-dtlogin-integration.spec: Bump to 0.27, to change menu
string to 2.15.
* SUNWglib-java.spec: Bump to 0.2.6.
* SUNWcairo-java.spec: Bump to 1.0.5.
* SUNWlibgtk-java.spec: Bump to 2.8.6.
* SUNWlibgnome-java.spec: Bump to 2.12.4.
* SUNWlibglade-java.spec: Bump to 2.12.5.
* SUNWlibgconf-java.spec: Bump to 2.12.4.
2006-08-03 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-applets.spec: Add multiload files back to %files.
2006-08-01 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
* SUNWevolution-data-server.spec: require the use of the Solaris
bdb package when building a supported product (i.e. one for
Solaris integration)
2006-08-01 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
* SUNWapoc-adapter-gconf.spec: set the permissions of
/etc/gconf/2/path to the expected ones. Fixes 6455156.
* SUNWgnome-config.spec: change 755 to - in defattr in %files root
so that the config files don't become executables.
2006-08-01 Darren Kenny <>
* SUNWgnome-applets.spec: Add SUNWlibgtop dependency for building the
multiload applet.
2006-07-31 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-system-monitor.spec: Remove 'devel' package definition as
there is no matching %files section.
2006-07-30 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWtgnome-tsol-libs.spec, SUNWtgnome-tsoljdsdevmgr.spec,
SUNWtgnome-tsoljdslabel.spec, SUNWtgnome-tsoljdsselmgr.spec,
SUNWtgnome-tstripe.spec: Always use nightly tarballs as source.
2006-07-29 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-vfs.spec: Add Build/Requires SUNWdbus/-devel.
* SUNWgnome-applets.spec: Remove multiload files from %files.
* SUNWgnome-utils.spec: Add Build/Requires SUNWlibgtop/-devel.
2006-07-28 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
* SUNWdbus.spec: add pre and post scripts for enabling the dbus
svc upon installation but leaving it as is upon upgrade
(Artem Kachitchkine, reviewed by David Bustos)
2006-07-28 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
* SUNWTiff.spec: bump to 3.8.2
2006-07-28 Brian Cameron <>
* Solaris/SUNWgnome-file-mgr.spec: Add gnome-volume-manager and
gnome-mount if HAL is enabled.
* Solaris/SUNWlibcdio.spec, patches/libcdio-01-usehal.diff: Get
default CD drive name from HAL, if it is available.
* Solaris/SUNWgnome-removable-media.spec: Only build if HAL is not
* Solaris/SUNWgnome-session.spec,
patches/gnome-session-01-gnome-volcheck-default-session.diff: Only
apply if HAL is not enabled, since we only want to run gnome-volcheck
if HAL is not enabled.
2006-07-28 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-session.spec: Remove l10n pkg as nothing installed.
* SUNWzz-gnome-l10n.spec: Update for new languages. Remove dependencies
on modules that no longer have l10n pkgs.
* SUNWgnome-applets.spec: Remove 'gtik' stuff and add deskbar stuff to
%files. Fix dir perms for 'applications' dir.
2006-07-28 Yuriy Kuznetsov <>
* SUNWzz-gnome-l10n.spec: corrected fix for CR#6432073
2006-07-28 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-a11y-reader.spec: Set X_LIBS so that libX11 is found.
Update %files for new tarball.
2006-07-28 Matt Keenan <>
* SUNWgnome-desktop-prefs.spec : Add dbus-1 to %files
2006-07-28 Matt Keenan <>
* SUNWgnome-desktop-prefs.spec : Remove bonobo from %files
2006-07-28 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-cd.spec: Omit locale files from packaging as not installed.
* SUNWgnome-text-editor.spec: Update %files for new tarball.
* SUNWgnome-img-viewer.spec: Remove scrollkeeper files before
packaging. Update l10n package as some files are no longer installed.
2006-07-27 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
* SUNWPython-extra.spec: add elementtree.spec
2006-07-27 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-terminal.spec: Delete scrollkeeper files.
* SUNWgnome-keyring-manager.spec: Fix packaging of omf files.
* SUNWgnome-a11y-dasher.spec: Delete scrollkeeper files.
* SUNWgnome-python-libs.spec: Add pycairo module.
2006-07-27 Matt Keenan <>
* SUNWgnome-keyring-manager.spec: New file for gnome-keyring-manager
2006-07-27 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-media-player.spec: Make #FIXME changes as dbus is on the
build systems. Update packaging for new rhythmbox tarball.
* SUNWfirefox.spec: Remove 'aclocal' dir from %files as it is now empty.
2006-07-27 Halton Huo <>
* SUNWevolution-data-server.spec: Correct with_bdb_devel depend on
SUNWbdb, not SUNWevolution-bdb-devel.
2006-07-26 Matt Keenan <>
* SUNWgnome-help-viewer.spec : Update to pick up local gecko.m4 for
building yelp 2.15.5
2006-07-26 Halton Huo <>
* SUNWevolution-bdb-devel.spec: New moudle to ship BerkeleyDB develop
* SUNWevolution-data-server.spec: Add SUNWbdb Requires and
SUNWevolution-bdb-devel BuildRequires to use system BerkeleyDB.
2006-07-26 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-session.spec, SUNWtgnome-xagent.spec: Add Build/Requires
SUNWgnome-desktop-prefs/-devel for gnome-settings-daemon.
2006-07-26 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-utils.spec: Update packaging to incorporate new gnome-utils
module, baobab. Add packages: SUNWgnome-disk-analyzer(-root).
* SUNWgnome-crash-report.spec: Update packaging (icons moved).
* SUNWgnome-cd-burner.spec: Update pkging for new tarball, including
removing l10n package as no files installed there.
* SUNWtgnome-xagent.spec: Use 'version' number from gnome-session.spec
instead of hard coding here.
2006-07-25 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-camera.spec: Fix 'rm .omf' line to not delete the C locale
2006-07-25 Jeff Cai <>
* SUNWevolution-data-server.spec:
* SUNWevolution-exchange.spec:
* SUNWevolution.spec:
* patches/evolution-02-solaris-sed.diff:
* patches/evolution-03-kerberos.diff:
* patches/evolution-data-server-02-kerberos.diff:
* patches/evolution-data-server-03-libexec.diff:
* patches/evolution-exchange-03-solaris-eutil.diff:
Reorder patches.
2006-07-24 Jeff Cai<>
* SUNWevolution-exchange.spec: Bump to trunk and remove uninstalled
gtk-doc files from RPM_BUILD_ROOT.
2006-07-23 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
* SUNWgnome-dialog.spec: add -lX11 to LDFLAGS
2006-07-23 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
* SUNWgnome-screensaver.spec: add missing %_libexec file
* SUNWgnome-system-monitor.spec: fix gconf schemas installation
and attributes
2006-07-23 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
* .pkgtoolrc: add /jds/packages/SOURCES to tarballdirs
2006-07-23 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
* SUNWgnome-screensaver.spec: fix pkgconfig attributes in %files
2006-07-23 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
* SUNWgnome-games.spec: add %{_datadir}/icons to %files
* SUNWgnome-im-client.spec: re-enable dbus stuff
2006-07-23 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
* SUNWgnome-crash-report.spec: add missing libgtop deps
2006-07-23 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
* SUNWlibgtop.spec: remove some bogus dependencies, there may be more
2006-07-22 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
* SUNWgnome-vfs.spec: update %files: delete %{libdir}/_bonobo,
add %{_datadir}/dbus-1
2006-07-21 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
* SUNWdbus.spec: add %{_libexecdir}/dbus-daemon to %files
2006-07-21 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
* SUNWdbus.spec: Add dbus RBAC entries to auth_attr and prof_attr
2006-07-22 Halton Huo <>
* base-specs/libgpg-error.spec: Bump to 1.3.
* SUNWlibgpg-error.spec: Add l10n package.
2006-07-21 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-audio.spec: Bump audiofile 0.2.6.
2006-07-21 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
* SUNWfsexam.spec: change scrollkeeper postrun script class from
JDS_wait to JDS so that gnome-session knows not to wait for it
to finish.
2006-07-21 Jeff Cai <>
* SUNWevolution-data-server.spec: Bump to 1.7.4
* SUNWevolution.spec: Bump to 2.7.4
* patches/evolution-02-solaris-sed.diff: rework
2006-07-21 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-base-libs.spec: Add cairo dir to CFLAGS. update %install
and %files for printbackends files.
* SUNWPython.spec: Bump to 2.4.3.
2006-07-21 Henry Zhang <>
* SUNWgnome-system-monitor.spec: Fix gconf problem
2006-07-20 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-base-libs.spec: Correct path to cairo-uninstalled.pc.
* SUNWcairo-java.spec, SUNWglib-java.spec, SUNWlibgconf-java.spec,
SUNWlibglade-java.spec, SUNWlibgnome-java.spec,
SUNWlibgtk-java.spec: Remove '2.14' references.
2006-07-20 Irene Huang <>
* SUNWevolution.spec: Remove manpage evolution-addressbook-export.1
* manpages/sman1/evolution-addressbook-export.1: Removed
2006-07-20 Damien Carbery <>
* include/ Change version from 2.14.1 to 2.15.4.
2006-07-19 Dermot McCluskey <>
* .pkgtoolrc: add gnome2.15 tarballsdir to search path
2006-07-19 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-system-monitor.spec: Fix dir perms and merge share pkg into
base pkg.
* SUNWtgnome-tsol-libs.spec, SUNWtgnome-tsoljdslabel.spec,
SUNWtgnome-tsoljdsselmgr.spec: Update Build/BuildRequires after run.
2006-07-19 Henry Zhang <>
* SUNWlibgtop.spec: New Solaris spec file
* SUNWgnome-system-monitor.spec: New Solaris spec file
2006-07-19 Halton Huo <>
* SUNWrealplayer.spec: Bump tarball version to buildjds4_45,
change minor version from 1453 to 1478.
2006-07-18 Damien Carbery <>
* Correct typos in apoc dir names.
2006-07-15 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
* SUNWgnome-cd.spec: add %{_datadir}/icons back into %files
2006-07-14 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
* SUNWevolution-webcal.spec, SUNWevolution.spec, SUNWfirefox.spec,
SUNWfsexam.spec, SUNWgnome-a11y-dasher.spec, SUNWgnome-a11y-gok.spec,
SUNWgnome-a11y-reader.spec, SUNWgnome-applets.spec,
SUNWgnome-archive-mgr.spec, SUNWgnome-base-libs.spec,
SUNWgnome-calculator.spec, SUNWgnome-camera.spec,
SUNWgnome-cd-burner.spec, SUNWgnome-cd.spec,
SUNWgnome-character-map.spec, SUNWgnome-config-editor.spec,
SUNWgnome-crash-report.spec, SUNWgnome-desktop-prefs.spec,
SUNWgnome-dialog.spec, SUNWgnome-display-mgr.spec,
SUNWgnome-doc-utils.spec, SUNWgnome-file-mgr.spec:
SUNWgnome-games.spec, SUNWgnome-gui-test.spec,
SUNWgnome-help-viewer.spec, SUNWgnome-hex-editor.spec,
SUNWgnome-im-client.spec, SUNWgnome-img-editor.spec,
SUNWgnome-img-viewer.spec, SUNWgnome-libs.spec,
SUNWgnome-media-apps.spec, SUNWgnome-media-player.spec,
SUNWgnome-media.spec, SUNWgnome-meeting.spec, SUNWgnome-panel.spec,
SUNWgnome-pdf-viewer.spec, SUNWgnome-perf-meter.spec,
SUNWgnome-pilot.spec, SUNWgnome-print.spec,
SUNWgnome-remote-desktop.spec, SUNWgnome-screensaver.spec,
SUNWgnome-session.spec, SUNWgnome-system-tools.spec,
SUNWgnome-terminal.spec, SUNWgnome-text-editor.spec,
SUNWgnome-themes.spec, SUNWgnome-ui-designer.spec,
SUNWgnome-user-docs.spec, SUNWgnome-utils.spec, SUNWgnome-vfs.spec,
SUNWgnome-wm.spec, SUNWlibrsvg.spec, SUNWrealplayer.spec,
SUNWthunderbird.spec: update %post/%postun/etc scripts to
support diskless client setup, fixes 6448317
2006-07-14 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
* SUNWpostrun.spec: move postrun from /usr/lib to /var/lib/postrun
so that "root" pkgs can use it. Add a new script (postrun.usr)
to /usr/lib that calls the real postrun if found. Also move
postrun-runq to /var/lib/postrun. This is part of 6448317.
2006-07-15 Brian Cameron <>
* SUNWgnome-cd.spec: Fix syntax error.
2006-07-15 Brian Cameron <>
* SUNWgnome-cd.spec: Install schema for CDDA.
2006-07-15 Glynn Foster <>
* manpages/sman1/gnome-keyboard-layout.1,
* manpages/sman1/gswitchit-plugins-capplet.1: Remove these since
we don't ship the feature anymore.
2006-07-15 Glynn Foster <>
* SUNWgnome-applets.spec: Update to remove all the layout features
from the keyboard applets.
2006-07-14 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-solaris-branding.spec: Add %{_datadir}/locale, byproduct
of intltool update.
* SUNWgnome-a11y-gok.spec: Add %{_datadir}/locale to l10n package,
byproduct of intltool update.
* SUNWgnome-a11y-libs.spec: Remove .la files before packaging.
2006-07-13 Willie Walker <>
* SUNWgnome-a11y-speech.spec: add new packaging scheme and also
optionally build DECtalk support if DECtalk is installed.
2006-07-13 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWtgnome-tsoljdslabel.spec, * SUNWtgnome-tsoljdsdevmgr.spec,
SUNWtgnome-tsoljdsselmgr.spec: Add %{_datadir}/locale to %files, a
byproduct of intltool up-rev.
2006-07-13 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWtgnome-xagent.spec: Add Build/Requires SUNWgnome-panel/-devel
for gnome-desktop.
2006-07-13 Damien Carbery <>
* Send email to Beijing build alias when build tarballs
available for download. This will start a script there to download.
* SUNWgnome-base-libs.spec: Add %{_bindir}/%{_arch64}/gtk-demo because
of new gtk+ tarball.
2006-07-13 Dave Lin <>
* SUNWfirefox.spec, SUNWthunderbird.spec: Add "-lCrun -lCstd" in
CXXFLAGS to improve the startup performance
2006-07-12 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
* SUNWgnome-base-libs.spec: move some binaries and man pages around
between base and -devel, hopefully fixes 6408042.
2006-07-12 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
* SUNWgnome-desktop-prefs.spec: set correct attributes for
mimeinfo.cache, fixes #6431057
2006-07-12 Damien Carbery <>
* Add extra files to list deleted from nightly.prev dir.
2006-07-11 Brian Cameron <
* SUNWlibmusicbrainz.spec, patches/libmusicbrainz-01-solaris.diff:
Remove patch no longer needed after upgrading to 2.1.3.
2006-07-11 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWtgnome-tsoljdsdevmgr.spec, SUNWtgnome-tsol-libs.spec,
SUNWtgnome-tsoljdslabel.spec, SUNWtgnome-tstripe.spec,
SUNWtgnome-tsoljdsselmgr.spec: Add commands to %prep to
permit building from 'cvs co' tarballs.
2006-07-11 Damien Carbery <>
* Merge in changes.
* Change install-nightly references to install-jds as
we now use which uses install-jds.
2006-07-11 Takao Fujiwara <>
* patches/SUNWtgnome-xagent-01-trusted-extensions.diff: Upstreamed
the cinnabar-solaris fix.
2006-07-10 Dave Lin <>
* SUNWgnome-meeting.spec: Change to use Ekiga 2.0.2 release
2006-07-10 Damien Carbery <>
* Build --with-tjds to build TJDS packages.
* SUNWtgnome-tsoljdslabel.spec: Correct owner for xsessions dir.
2006-07-07 Dave Lin <>
* SUNWgnome-a11y-orca.spec: Change to remove %{_datadir}/locale rather
than %{_datadir} when build-l10n is undefined
* SUNWgnome-help-viewer.spec, SUNWlibrsvg.spec: Add
"-I%{_includedir}/mps" in CFLAGS,CXXFLAGS to get nspr,nss related
header file from there
2006-07-06 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWapoc.spec: Add BuildRequires SUNWlxml-devel to use libxml/parser.h
* SUNWgnome-solaris-branding.spec: Add BuildRequires
SUNWgnome-base-libs-devel for glib-gettext.m4.
* SUNWgnome-base-libs.spec: Add BuildRequires SUNWlxml-devel as
required by libglade.
2006-07-05 Laszlo Peter <>
* SUNWzz-gnome-l10n.spec: add SUNWgnome-gtksourceview-l10n
2006-07-04 Ghee Seng Teo <>
* SUNWtgnome-xagent.spec: Updated to patch patch below.
* patches/SUNWtgnome-xagent-01-trusted-extensions.diff: Added.
2006-06-30 Stephen Browne <>
* SUNWgnome-panel.spec: add conditional SUNWtgnome-tsol-libs-devel dep
* SUNWtgnome-tsol-libs.spec: wrap in %if %build_tjds
* SUNWtgnome-tsoljdsdevmgr.spec: wrap in %if %build_tjds
* SUNWtgnome-tsoljdslabel.spec: wrap in %if %build_tjds
* SUNWtgnome-tsoljdsselmgr.spec: wrap in %if %build_tjds
* SUNWtgnome-tstripe.spec: wrap in %if %build_tjds
* SUNWtgnome-xagent.spec: wrap in %if %build_tjds, fix version
* include/ add new --with-tjds option
2006-06-30 Stephen Browne <>
* SUNWtgnome-tsol-libs.spec, SUNWtgnome-tsoljdsdevmgr.spec,
SUNWtgnome-tsoljdslabel.spec, SUNWtgnome-tsoljdsselmgr.spec,
SUNWtgnome-tstripe.spec, SUNWtgnome-xagent.spec: new spec files
for JDS Trusted Extensions Extra Value packages
2006-06-29 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
* SUNWevolution-webcal.spec, SUNWevolution.spec, SUNWfirefox.spec,
SUNWfsexam.spec, SUNWgnome-a11y-dasher.spec,
SUNWgnome-a11y-gok.spec, SUNWgnome-a11y-reader.spec,
SUNWgnome-applets.spec, SUNWgnome-archive-mgr.spec,
SUNWgnome-calculator.spec, SUNWgnome-camera.spec,
SUNWgnome-cd-burner.spec, SUNWgnome-cd.spec,
SUNWgnome-character-map.spec, SUNWgnome-config-editor.spec,
SUNWgnome-crash-report.spec, SUNWgnome-desktop-prefs.spec,
SUNWgnome-dialog.spec, SUNWgnome-display-mgr.spec,
SUNWgnome-doc-utils.spec, SUNWgnome-file-mgr.spec,
SUNWgnome-games.spec, SUNWgnome-gui-test.spec,
SUNWgnome-help-viewer.spec, SUNWgnome-hex-editor.spec,
SUNWgnome-im-client.spec, SUNWgnome-img-editor.spec,
SUNWgnome-img-viewer.spec, SUNWgnome-libs.spec,
SUNWgnome-media-apps.spec, SUNWgnome-media-player.spec,
SUNWgnome-media.spec, SUNWgnome-meeting.spec, SUNWgnome-panel.spec,
SUNWgnome-pdf-viewer.spec, SUNWgnome-perf-meter.spec,
SUNWgnome-pilot.spec, SUNWgnome-print.spec,
SUNWgnome-remote-desktop.spec, SUNWgnome-screensaver.spec,
SUNWgnome-session.spec, SUNWgnome-system-tools.spec,
SUNWgnome-terminal.spec, SUNWgnome-text-editor.spec,
SUNWgnome-themes.spec, SUNWgnome-ui-designer.spec,
SUNWgnome-user-docs.spec, SUNWgnome-utils.spec, SUNWgnome-vfs.spec,
SUNWgnome-wm.spec, SUNWrealplayer.spec, SUNWthunderbird.spec:
update gconf postrun scripts and/or classify postrun scripts
as JDS or JDS_wait. JDS_wait jobs are the ones that need to
finish before the desktop is usable.
2006-06-29 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
* SUNWpostrun.spec: add postrun-query
* SUNWgnome-gtksourceview.spec: new pkg. Moved gtksourceview here
due to dependency issues.
* SUNWgnome-config.spec: remove gconf-merge-tree
* SUNWgnome-libs.spec: update %post/%postun/%preun scripts
* SUNWgnome-print.spec: remove gtksourceview from here;
update %post/%postun/%preun scripts
* SUNWgnome-python-desktop.spec: add SUNWgnome-gtksourceview deps
* SUNWgnome-text-editor.spec: add SUNWgnome-gtksourceview deps;
update %post/%preun gconf scripts
* SUNWgnome-utils.spec: update %post/%postun/%preun scripts
2006-06-28 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWlibgconf-java.spec, SUNWlibgnome-java.spec, SUNWlibgtk-java.spec,
SUNWrealplayer.spec, SUNWmozilla.spec: Update Build/Requires after run.
2006-06-28 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgob.spec: Removed as no longer required by SUNWgnome-pilot.
2006-06-28 Halton Huo <>
* SUNWgnome-pilot.spec:Remove Build/Requires SUNWgob.
2006-06-28 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWlibgnome-java.spec: Add Build/Requires SUNWgnome-libs/-devel for
2006-06-27 Yuriy Kuznetsov <>
* SUNWzz-gnome-l10n.spec: updated with missing links
to fix CR#6432073
2006-06-26 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
* SUNWgnome-a11y-gok.spec: move to /usr
* SUNWgnome-a11y-reader.spec: move to /usr
* SUNWgnome-games.spec: move to /usr
* SUNWgnome-text-editor.spec: move gtksourceview from here to
SUNWgnome-libs so that the gtksourceview module gets built in
* SUNWgnome-libs.spec: move gtksourceview here.
2006-06-26 Damien Carbery <>
==== Vermillion build 44 ====
2006-06-26 Dave Lin <>
* SUNWgnome-panel.spec: Remove the dependency from thunderbird
since this dependency doesn't exist any more
2006-06-25 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
* SUNWgnome-media-player.spec: add missing files to %files
2006-06-25 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
* SUNWgnome-media-player.spec: define __EXTENSIONS__ so that
struct timeval definition is found
2006-06-25 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
* SUNWgnome-cd.spec: add icon directory to %files
2006-06-23 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
* SUNWgnome-dtlogin-integration.spec: bump to 0.26, fixes
6340366 "A modified version of /usr/dt/config/Xinitrc.jds
in /etc/dt/config is not used" and moves the code starting
ssh-agent here from gdm so that it runs for dtlogin users too.
2006-06-23 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
fix CR 6442260
* SUNWgnome-cd-burner.spec: set CXX="${CXX} -norunpath"
* SUNWmusicbrainz.spec: set CXXFLAGS="$CXXFLAGS -XCClinker -norunpath"
strangely enough, the CXX -norunpath trick doesn't work in this
module. I hate libtool...
* SUNWopensp.spec: set CXX="${CXX} -norunpath"
2006-06-23 Brian Cameron <>
* SUNWgnome-a11y-dasher.spec: No longer include -library=stlport
2006-06-23 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
* SUNWgnome-a11y-gok.spec: fix l10n packaging
* SUNWgnome-base-libs.spec: run chgrp in %pre before installf
* SUNWgnome-common-devel.spec: use -norunpath
* base-specs/gettext.spec: remove unnecessary (for intltool)
libs and executables
2006-06-23 John Rice <>
* Updated after review by Dermot, laca and Damien
* SUNWcairo-java.spec:
* SUNWglib-java.spec:
* SUNWlibgconf-java.spec:
* SUNWlibglade-java.spec:
* SUNWlibgnome-java.spec:
* SUNWlibgtk-java.spec:
* patches/glib-java-0.2.5-pointer.diff:
* patches/libgconf-java-2.12.3-config.diff:
* patches/libgconf-java-2.12.3-example.diff:
* patches/libgconf-java-2.12.3-jni.diff:
* patches/libglade-java-2.12.4-config.diff:
* patches/libgnome-java-2.12.3-example.diff:
* patches/libgtk-java-2.8.5-example.diff:
2006-06-23 John Rice <>
* SUNWglib-java.spec: part of Java-Gnome 2.14.1 release
Java-Gnome is a set of Java bindings for the GNOME and
GTK+ libraries that allow GNOME and GTK+ applications to
be written in Java
* SUNWcairo-java.spec: part of Java-Gnome 2.14.1 release
* SUNWlibgconf-java.spec: part of Java-Gnome 2.14.1 release
* SUNWlibglade-java.spec: part of Java-Gnome 2.14.1 release
* SUNWlibgnome-java.spec: part of Java-Gnome 2.14.1 release
* SUNWlibgtk-java.spec: part of Java-Gnome 2.14.1 release
* patches/glib-java-0.2.5-pointer.diff: remove compiler warning
* patches/libgconf-java-2.12.3-config.diff: fix config generation
* patches/libgconf-java-2.12.3-example.diff: fix javac/java detection
* patches/libgconf-java-2.12.3-jni.diff: remove spurious header guards
* patches/libglade-java-2.12.4-config.diff: fix config generation
* patches/libgnome-java-2.12.3-example.diff: fix javac/java detection
* patches/libgtk-java-2.8.5-example.diff: fix javac/java detection
2006-06-23 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
* SUNWgnome-pdf-viewer.spec: set CXX="${CXX} -norunpath" because
libtool appears to eat this option in the linking phase.
Fixes 6442292.
2006-06-23 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
* when any prototype in the nightly is different
from the latest milestone build's one, send an email with the
diffs to RE
2006-06-23 Christopher Hanna <>
* SUNWevolution.spec: Added manpange for evolution-addressbook-export
because it is still in /usr/bin and so should still have a manpage.
* SUNWgnome-common-devel.spec: removed man page intltool-unicodify
* SUNWgnome-desktop-prefs.spec: - removed manpages not needed:
gnome-file-types-properties and gnome-settings-daemon
* SUNWgnome-display-mgr.spec: Removed manpages which arent needed:
gdmchooser, gdmgreeter and gdmlogin
* SUNWgnome-media.spec: Removed all of the 0.8 version manpages and the
following manpages which are no longer needed:
gst-complete, gst-compprep, gst-launch-ext, gst-register
* SUNWgnome-panel.spec: Removed gkb_xmmap.1 and
gnome-panel-preferences.1 manpages
* SUNWgnome-session.spec: Removed gnome-smproxy manpage because it
is no longer needed
2006-06-23 Yandong Yao <>
* SUNWfsexam.spec: Bump tarball version to 0.3.2
Fix bug 6441381 (memory leak)
2006-06-23 Halton Huo <>
* SUNWrealplayer.spec: Bump tarball version to buildjds4_44,
Change minor version from 1358 to 1453.
2006-06-21 Brian Cameron <>
* SUNWgnome-media-player.spec, SUNWgnome-cd.spec: Updated packaging.
2006-06-22 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-config.spec: Correct LDFLAGS64 to use %{_arch64} and move
sparc-specific settings to a %ifarch sparcv9 section.
* SUNWgnome-a11y-libs.spec: Change 'return 0' to 'exit 0' in main
function in %post share. Fixes 6437617.
2006-06-22 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-panel.spec: Add Build/Requires SUNWevolution-data-server/
-devel after run.
2006-06-22 Simon Zheng <>
* SUNWevolution-exchange.spec:
* patches/evolution-exchange-01-ldap.diff: update the patch
2006-06-21 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
* SUNWgnome-meeting.spec: update CFLAGS/LDFLAGS
2006-06-21 Halton Huo <>
* SUNWrealplayer.spec: Add %postun script, Fix bug #6414069.
2006-06-20 Halton Huo <>
* SUNWrealplayer.spec: Install realplay.xml to %{_datadir}/mime/packages
2006-06-20 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWfirefox.spec, SUNWthunderbird.spec: Add SUNWpr and SUNWtls
dependencies after run.
* SUNWPython.spec: Add BuildRequires of the openssl libraries package
(already a 'Requires').
* SUNWgob.spec: Add Build/Requires SUNWgnome-base-libs/-devel after run.
2006-06-20 Irene Huang <>
* manpages/sman1/evolution.1: Change reserve to preserve.
2006-06-19 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWapleg.spec: Remove references to startupApps to fix build.
2006-06-16 Darren Kenny <>
* SUNWgnome-panel.spec: Amend CFLAGS and LDFLAGS to find XRes.h and located under /usr/openwin/share/include and
/usr/openwin/sfw/lib respectively.
2006-06-16 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-a11y-orca.spec: Add %{_datadir}/orca to %files for new
2006-06-16 Dave Lin <>
* SUNWgnome-meeting.spec: Fix the libraries missed the problem
2006-06-15 Yandong Yao <>
* SUNWfsexam.spec: Fix bug 6432608, remove redundant enviroment.
2006-06-13 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-a11y-libs.spec: Add dependencies on SUNWzoner/u and
SUNWpkgcmdsu for zonename and pkgcond binaries that are used in the
postinstall script. As suggested in 6377106.
2006-06-13 Dave Lin <>
* SUNWfirefox.spec:
* SUNWthunderbird.spec: add -R%{_libdir}/mps to let firefox/thunderbird
use nss,nspr in /usr/lib/mps required by ARC, remove -R%{_libdir}
2006-06-13 Irene Huang <>
* manpages/sman1/evolution.1: Minor modifications.
2006-06-11 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-system-tools.spec: Change devel package to have a basedir
of %{_basedir} instead of /.
* SUNWzz-gnome-l10n.spec: Add files from SUNWiso-codes-l10n.
Set perms for dirs to match source packages.
2006-06-11 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWrealplayer.spec: Fix mime & mime/application dir owner.
2006-06-11 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-system-tools.spec: Specify %dir %attr for %{_datadir} in
the devel package.
2006-06-11 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
Another jumbo commit: change the group of most directories and
almost all files from 'other' to 'bin' or 'sys' as appropriate.
In this round the following root:other directories were spared:
I'm hoping to reduce this list to only /usr/share/applications
and /usr/share/pixmaps in a future build.
The details:
* SUNWacroread.spec, SUNWapoc-adapter-gconf.spec, SUNWapoc.spec,
SUNWaspell-en.spec, SUNWaspell.spec, SUNWevolution-data-server.spec,
SUNWevolution-exchange.spec, SUNWevolution-jescs.spec,
SUNWevolution-libs.spec, SUNWevolution-webcal.spec,
SUNWevolution.spec, SUNWfirefox.spec, SUNWflac.spec,
SUNWflash-player-plugin.spec, SUNWfsexam.spec,
SUNWgnome-a11y-base-libs.spec, SUNWgnome-a11y-dasher.spec,
SUNWgnome-a11y-gok.spec, SUNWgnome-a11y-libs.spec,
SUNWgnome-a11y-orca.spec, SUNWgnome-a11y-poke.spec,
SUNWgnome-a11y-reader.spec, SUNWgnome-a11y-speech.spec,
SUNWgnome-applets.spec, SUNWgnome-archive-mgr.spec,
SUNWgnome-audio.spec, SUNWgnome-calculator.spec,
SUNWgnome-camera.spec, SUNWgnome-cd-burner.spec,
SUNWgnome-cd.spec, SUNWgnome-character-map.spec,
SUNWgnome-common-devel.spec, SUNWgnome-component.spec,
SUNWgnome-config-editor.spec, SUNWgnome-config.spec,
SUNWgnome-crash-report.spec, SUNWgnome-desktop-prefs.spec,
SUNWgnome-dialog.spec, SUNWgnome-display-mgr.spec,
SUNWgnome-doc-utils.spec, SUNWgnome-dtlogin-integration.spec,
SUNWgnome-file-mgr.spec, SUNWgnome-fonts.spec,
SUNWgnome-games.spec, SUNWgnome-gui-test.spec,
SUNWgnome-help-viewer.spec, SUNWgnome-hex-editor.spec,
SUNWgnome-im-client.spec, SUNWgnome-img-editor.spec,
SUNWgnome-img-viewer.spec, SUNWgnome-libs.spec,
SUNWgnome-media-apps.spec, SUNWgnome-media-mp3.spec,
SUNWgnome-media-player.spec, SUNWgnome-media.spec,
SUNWgnome-meeting.spec, SUNWgnome-panel.spec,
SUNWgnome-pdf-viewer.spec, SUNWgnome-perf-meter.spec,
SUNWgnome-pilot.spec, SUNWgnome-print.spec, SUNWgnome-ps-viewer.spec,
SUNWgnome-python-desktop.spec, SUNWgnome-python-libs.spec,
SUNWgnome-remote-desktop.spec, SUNWgnome-removable-media.spec,
SUNWgnome-session.spec, SUNWgnome-solaris-branding.spec,
SUNWgnome-spell.spec, SUNWgnome-sys-suspend.spec,
SUNWgnome-system-tools.spec, SUNWgnome-terminal.spec,
SUNWgnome-text-editor.spec, SUNWgnome-themes.spec,
SUNWgnome-ui-designer.spec, SUNWgnome-user-docs.spec,
SUNWgnome-utils.spec, SUNWgnome-vfs.spec, SUNWgnome-wm.spec,
SUNWgnome-xml.spec, SUNWgnutls.spec, SUNWgob.spec, SUNWgtkperf.spec,
SUNWiso-codes.spec, SUNWjdsrm.spec, SUNWjdsver.spec, SUNWjpg.spec,
SUNWjre-config.spec, SUNWlibcdio.spec, SUNWlibcroco.spec,
SUNWlibexif.spec, SUNWliboil.spec, SUNWlibpopt.spec,
SUNWlibrsvg.spec, SUNWlibtheora.spec, SUNWmozilla.spec,
SUNWmusicbrainz.spec, SUNWogg-vorbis.spec, SUNWopenjade.spec,
SUNWopensp.spec, SUNWrealplayer.spec, SUNWthunderbird.spec:
change group from other to bin/sys; clean up some %files lists
* SUNWzz-gnome-l10n.spec: change l10ndocument group to bin;
add localised scrollkeeper templates
* SUNWgnome-base-libs.spec: add a temporary preinstall script
that resets the group of some dirs from other to bin after
SUNWj5rt postinstall sets them to other. Add dependency on
SUNWj5rt. Change group from other to bin/sys.
* SUNWgnome-screensaver.spec: separate the l10n content into
an l10n subpkg; change group from other to bin
* SUNWpng.spec: move .pc and libpng*-config files to -devel;
change group from other to bin
2006-06-09 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
* SUNWgnome-vfs.spec: remove /usr/sfw/bin from LDFLAGS.
2006-06-09 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
Fix CR 6436771.
* SUNWiso-codes.spec: define l10n pkg and move %{_datadir}/locale
into it.
* SUNWzz-gnome-l10n.spec: add SUNWiso-codes-l10n.
2006-06-09 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWzz-gnome-l10n.spec: Remove references from obsolete pkgs
(gnome-im-switcher, gnome-jdshelp, gnome-pilot-link,
gnome-ps-viewer, evolution-socs-connect).
2006-06-09 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWthunderbird.spec: Uncomment man page lines in %files.
* SUNWfirefox.spec: Uncomment man page lines in %files.
2006-06-09 Takao Fujiwara <>
* SUNWzz-gnome-l10n.spec: Updated SUNW_LOC to remove sr_SP
for integrate command.
2006-06-08 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
* SUNWPython.spec: use backup files in %patch for it's easier to
re-work the patches
2006-06-08 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
* SUNWgnome-desktop-prefs.spec: make mimeinfo.cache volatile
(CR 6431057)
2006-06-08 Dave Lin <>
* SUNWfirefox.spec: add man page
* SUNWthunderbird.spec: add man page
* manpages/sman1/firefox.1:
* manpages/sman1/thunderbird.1: Add man page prepared by Leon Sha
2006-06-08 Jeff Cai <>
* SUNWevolution-exchange.spec: add man page exchange-connector-setup.1
* manpages/sman1/evolution.1: update man page for version 2.x
* manpages/sman1/exchange-connector-setup.1:: add man page for
exchange connector.
2006-06-08 Halton Huo <>
* SUNWgnome-pilot.spec: Change dependency from SUNWgob2 to SUNWgob.
2006-06-08 Halton Huo <>
* SUNWgob.specr, SUNWgob2.spec: Change name from gob2 to gob.
2006-06-07 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWzz-gnome-l10n.spec: Add BuildRequires of all the included
packages so that this module doesn't fail because of their absense.
2006-06-07 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWjre-config.spec: Update %install and %files as base spec file
has removed multiple files.
2006-06-06 Halton Huo <>
* SUNWgnome-pilot.spec: Add build depend for SUNWgob2.
* SUNWgob2.spec: New module.
2006-06-06 Glynn Foster <>
* patches/printman-01-menu-entry.diff: Update tooltip.
2006-06-05 Dave Lin <>
* SUNWgnome-meeting.spec: Comment out Build/Requires SUNWdbus,
SUNWdbus-devel since dbus's removed from the build temporarily
2006-06-05 Dave Lin <>
* SUNWgnome-meeting.spec: Add BuildRequires SUNWlxml-python
2006-06-03 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
* SUNWevolution-webcal.spec, SUNWevolution.spec, SUNWfsexam.spec,
SUNWgnome-a11y-gok.spec, SUNWgnome-a11y-reader.spec,
SUNWgnome-applets.spec, SUNWgnome-archive-mgr.spec,
SUNWgnome-calculator.spec, SUNWgnome-cd-burner.spec,
SUNWgnome-cd.spec, SUNWgnome-config-editor.spec,
SUNWgnome-crash-report.spec, SUNWgnome-desktop-prefs.spec,
SUNWgnome-file-mgr.spec, SUNWgnome-games.spec,
SUNWgnome-hex-editor.spec, SUNWgnome-img-viewer.spec,
SUNWgnome-libs.spec, SUNWgnome-media-apps.spec,
SUNWgnome-media-player.spec, SUNWgnome-media.spec,
SUNWgnome-meeting.spec, SUNWgnome-panel.spec,
SUNWgnome-pdf-viewer.spec, SUNWgnome-perf-meter.spec,
SUNWgnome-pilot.spec, SUNWgnome-print.spec,
SUNWgnome-remote-desktop.spec, SUNWgnome-session.spec,
SUNWgnome-system-tools.spec, SUNWgnome-terminal.spec,
SUNWgnome-text-editor.spec, SUNWgnome-utils.spec,
SUNWgnome-vfs.spec, SUNWgnome-wm.spec: use post/preun scripts
for installing gconf schemas into the merged gconf data base.
2006-06-02 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
* SUNWpostrun.spec: remove SUNWxcu4 dep as postrun no longer uses
2006-06-02 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-meeting.spec, SUNWgnome-character-map.spec: Add
Build/Requires SUNWgnome-doc-utils/-devel otherwise build fails.
2006-06-01 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-pilot.spec: Remove SUNWlibmr dependency. It was a typo
when fixing 6380655. This removal fixes 6432832.
2006-06-01 Damien Carbery <>
*, Use '--with-l10n' to build l10n
packages so that there are no surprises in the milestone builds.
2006-06-01 Irene Huang <>
* SUNWevolution-exchange.spec: Change renaming of
ximian-connector-setup to renaming of exchange-connector-setup
in %install section.
2006-05-31 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-a11y-libs.spec: Another update to %post share for 6431039.
The double level of symlinks are now resolved before installf calls.
2006-05-31 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWzz-gnome-l10n.spec: Re-add the gtkam perm lines that were removed
by Takao.
2006-05-31 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWevolution-exchange.spec: Revmove references to gtk-doc dir from
%files as files no longer installed.
* SUNWzz-gnome-l10n.spec: Delete en_?? files as they are not to be
installed. Add new gok dirs because the 1.0.10 tarball moved stuff
2006-05-31 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-a11y-gok.spec: Change dirs in base and l10n packages as
l10n files have been moved around for the 1.0.10 tarball.
* SUNWevolution-exchange.spec: When moving ximian-connector-setup-2.6
use %{tarball} instead of '*'.
2006-05-30 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
* SUNWpostrun.spec: add SUNWxcu4 dependency for /usr/xpg4/bin/id.
2006-05-30 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-a11y-libs.spec: Merge postinstall script from JDS3.1
branch. Include fix for 6431039.
2006-05-30 Irene Huang <>
* SUNWevolution-data-server.spec: Removed -I%{_includedir}/kerberosv5
from CFLAGS.
* patches/evolution-data-server-02-kerberos.diff: Modify patch to
include the right gssapi.h under /usr/include/gssapi
2006-05-29 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWevolution-data-server.spec: Add '-I%{_includedir}/kerberosv5' to
CFLAGS to find headers.
2006-05-29 Darren Kenny <>
* SUNWgnome-system-tools.spec: Clean up packaging, also added
new /etc/inet/gnome-system-tools dir to build so that it's created
on install.
2006-05-28 Irene Huang <>
* SUNWevolution-data-server.spec: add package requirements of SUNWkrbu
and SUNWgss, add a kerberos patch
* SUNWevolution.spec: add package requirements of SUNWkrbu
and SUNWgss, add a kerberos patch
* patches/evolution-03-kerberos.diff: New patch
* patches/evolution-data-server-02-kerberos.diff: New patch
2006-05-26 Irene Huang <>
* SUNWevolution.spec: Remove manpages for evolution-addressbook-export
and evolution-addressbook-import.
* manpages/sman1/evolution-addressbook-export.1: removed.
* manpages/sman1/evolution-addressbook-import.1: removed.
2006-05-26 Dave Lin <>
* SUNWgnome-meeting.spec: Add "-features=tmplife" in CXXFLAGS to
fix hang problem
2006-05-24 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
Remove dbus from the build temporarily :(
* SUNWdbus.spec: rename to SUNWdbus.disable
* SUNWevolution.spec: comment out dbus dependency for now
* SUNWgnome-im-client.spec: comment out dbus dependency for now
* SUNWgnome-media-player.spec: comment out dbus dependency for now
* SUNWgnome-pdf-viewer.spec: comment out dbus dependency for now
2006-05-23 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
* SUNWimagemagick.spec: rename to SUNWimagick.spec to match pkg name
2006-05-23 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
* SUNWacroread.spec: use product version number instead of 1.0
* SUNWgnome-solaris-branding.spec: add BuildReq SUNWgnome-common-devel
2006-05-22 Erwann Chenede - <>
* SUNWgnome-solaris-branding.spec : added new
package for trademarked items
2006-05-18 Takao Fujiwara <>
* SUNWzz-gnome-l10n.spec: Updated to remove
SUNWgnome-l10n*-unsupp packages since asked by RE.
2006-05-16 Shirley Woo <>
* SUNWrealplayer.spec: removed local SUNW_Rev defintion
2006-05-16 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
* SUNWgnome-hex-editor.spec: enable parallel build
* SUNWjds-registration.spec: update version number
* SUNWjdsrm.spec: update version number
* SUNWjdsver.spec: update version number
2006-05-14 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWzz-gnome-l10n.spec: Copy gtkam (SUNWgnome-camera) perms to the
l10ndocument-extra package.
2006-05-13 Erwann Chenede - <>
integration of the new branding Nimbus (opensolaris bits only)
* SUNWgnome-themes.spec : added nimbus.spec to this pkg
2006-05-13 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-camera.spec: Correct l10n package perms.
* SUNWgnome-print.spec: Change omf ref in l10n package to avoid
picking up C locale file.
2006-05-15 Dave Lin <>
* SUNWgnome-meeting.spec:
* patches/ekiga-05-pwlib-jitter.diff: Added.
* patches/ekiga-06-opal-jitter.diff: Added.
* patches/ekiga-07-conststr.diff: Added, add patch
ekiga-05-pwlib-jitter.diff, ekiga-06-opal-jitter.diff to fix
CR#6416969, add patch ekiga-07-conststr.diff to fix bug CR#6401342
on i386, and to fix this bug on sparc, add options in CFLAGS,
2006-05-13 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
* SUNWgnome-a11y-poke.spec: remove /usr/lib/jds-private from LDFLAGS
* SUNWgnome-help-viewer.spec: same
* SUNWgnome-media-mp3.spec: same
* SUNWgnome-text-editor.spec: same
2006-05-12 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
* SUNWgnome-themes.spec: add %preun script that removes the
icon theme files.
2006-05-12 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWlxml.spec, SUNWlxsl.spec: Removed. Using SFW version now.
2006-05-12 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWevolution.spec: Update dir perms for omf/evolution to correct
WOS integration error.
2006-05-12 Damien Carbery <>
* include/ Bump SUNW_Rev from 10.0.3 to 110.0.4.
2006-05-12 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWevolution-data-server.spec, SUNWthunderbird.spec,
SUNWevolution.spec, SUNWgnome-cd.spec,
SUNWgnome-im-client-devel.spec, SUNWgnome-utils.spec,
SUNWgnome-media-player.spec, SUNWgnome-python-libs-devel.spec,
SUNWgnome-wm-devel.spec, SUNWlibcdio.spec: Small update to
dependency list after run.
2006-05-12 Brian Cameron <>
* SUNWgnome-display-mgr.spec: Add SUNWgnome-dialog as a Required
dependency, since GDM does use zenity.
2006-05-12 Glynn Foster <>
* SUNWgnome-session.spec: Add dummy location for the autostart
stuff in case people want to use it on the system.
2006-05-11 Brian Cameron <>
* SUNWgnome-display-mgr.spec: Added %post section to migrate users
from the old SMF name to the new one.
2006-05-11 Brian Cameron <>
* manpages/*: Updated manpages so the Attributes section reflects
the 2.14 ARC materials. Chistopher Hanna
<> supplied the patch and I also
made some improvements.
2006-05-11 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
* include/ add the new Zones-related pkginfo tags when
running an official build. Requires JDS CBE 1.4.1 or later.
2006-05-11 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
* SUNWgnome-camera.spec: move to /usr; fix pkging; fix libusb
2006-05-11 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWlibexif.spec, SUNWlibcroco.spec, SUNWliboil.spec: Change build
dependency on SUNWgnome-base-libs-share. That pkg is obsolete with
files now in the base package.
* SUNWimagemagick.spec: Make 'auto' dir owner match SUNWperl-xml-parser
and SUNWperl-authen-pam (root:bin, not root:other).
2006-05-11 Halton Huo <>
* nightly-beijing.env: correct NFS location.
2006-05-11 Brian Cameron <>
* SUNWgnome-im-client.spec: Move gaim-client-example to demo
2006-05-11 Brian Cameron <>
* SUNWgnome-wm.spec: Move metacity-window-demo to /usr/demo/jds/bin
and no longer ship the useless metacity-window-demo manpage.
* SUNWgnome-python-libs: Move pygtk-demo to /usr/demo/jds/bin.
2006-05-11 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
* SUNWgnome-cd.spec: make gnome-cd a symlink to sound-juicer
* SUNWgnome-pdf-viewer.spec: make gpdf a symlink to evince
2006-05-11 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
*.spec: update summaries.
2006-05-10 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
* SUNWPython.spec, SUNWTiff.spec, SUNWgnome-a11y-base-libs.spec,
SUNWgnome-a11y-gok.spec, SUNWgnome-a11y-libs.spec,
SUNWgnome-a11y-poke.spec, SUNWgnome-a11y-reader.spec,
SUNWgnome-a11y-speech.spec, SUNWgnome-applets.spec,
SUNWgnome-archive-mgr.spec, SUNWgnome-audio.spec,
SUNWgnome-base-libs.spec, SUNWgnome-calculator.spec,
SUNWgnome-camera.spec, SUNWgnome-cd-burner.spec, SUNWgnome-cd.spec,
SUNWgnome-character-map.spec, SUNWgnome-common-devel.spec,
SUNWgnome-component.spec, SUNWgnome-config-editor.spec,
SUNWgnome-config.spec, SUNWgnome-crash-report.spec,
SUNWgnome-desktop-prefs.spec, SUNWgnome-dialog.spec,
SUNWgnome-display-mgr.spec, SUNWgnome-file-mgr.spec,
SUNWgnome-games.spec, SUNWgnome-help-viewer.spec,
SUNWgnome-hex-editor.spec, SUNWgnome-im-client.spec,
SUNWgnome-img-editor.spec, SUNWgnome-img-viewer.spec,
SUNWgnome-media-apps.spec, SUNWgnome-media-player.spec,
SUNWgnome-media.spec, SUNWgnome-panel.spec,
SUNWgnome-pdf-viewer.spec, SUNWgnome-perf-meter.spec,
SUNWgnome-pilot.spec, SUNWgnome-print.spec,
SUNWgnome-remote-desktop.spec, SUNWgnome-removable-media.spec,
SUNWgnome-session.spec, SUNWgnome-spell.spec,
SUNWgnome-sys-suspend.spec, SUNWgnome-terminal.spec,
SUNWgnome-text-editor.spec, SUNWgnome-themes.spec,
SUNWgnome-ui-designer.spec, SUNWgnome-utils.spec, SUNWgnome-vfs.spec,
SUNWgnome-wm.spec, SUNWjpg.spec, SUNWlibpopt.spec,
SUNWogg-vorbis.spec, SUNWperl-authen-pam.spec,
SUNWperl-xml-parser.spec, SUNWpng.spec: merge -share pkgs into the
corresponding base pkgs
* SUNWgnome-libs.spec: kill -share pkgs and fix the %postun script
so that it removes the scrollkeeper data instead of trying to
run scrollkeeper-update which will be removed by then anyway.
* SUNWopenjade.spec: kill -share pkg; move to /usr
* SUNWopensp.spec: kill -share pkg; move to /usr
* include/ allow defining jds_version and support_level on the
command line
2006-05-10 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
* SUNWgnome-media.spec: re-add version numbered binaries in
/usr/lib/gstreamer-0.10/tools and update toolsdir in
gstreamer-0.10.pc accordingly so that SUNWgnome-media-apps
can be built. Make the versionless binaries in %{_bindir}
symlinks to the versioned ones in toolsdir.
2006-05-11 Halton Huo <>
* SUNWaspell-en.spec, SUNWevolution-data-server.spec,
SUNWrealplayer.spec, SUNWevolution-exchange.spec,
SUNWevolution-webcal.spec, SUNWgnutls.spec, SUNWlibgcrypt.spec,
SUNWlibgpg-error.spec: Change %defattr to (-, root, other).
* SUNWevolution-libs.spec, SUNWevolution.spec,
SUNWgnome-pilot.spec, SUNWgnome-spell.spec: Merge -share pkg(s)
into the base pkg(s) and change %defattr to (-, root, other).
* SUNWgnome-im-client.spec, SUNWgnome-remote-desktop.spec:
Merge -share pkg(s) into the base pkg(s).
* SUNWevolution-jescs.spec: Change %defattr to (-, root, other) and
remove unused -root package.
2006-05-10 Brian Cameron <>
* SUNWgnome-base-libs.spec: Move gtk-demo to /usr/demo/jds
* SUNWgnome-im-client.spec: Remove .py extension from gaim-remote
and from gaim-notifications-example. Move gaim-notification-example
to /usr/share/gaim since it is a demo (system-independant since it
is written in python, so it can go to share). Working with the
GAIM maintainer to get this into CVS head.
2006-05-10 Brian Cameron <>
* SUNWgnome-media.spec: Remove the binaries with version numbers
to meet ARC requirements.
2006-05-10 Dave Lin <>
* SUNWacroread.spec: Changed plugin_dir to /usr/lib/firefox/plugins
since firefox moved from /usr/sfw/lib to /usr/lib
2006-05-09 Brian Cameron <>
* SUNWgnome-display-mgr.spec: Cleaned up spec file.
2006-05-09 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-img-viewer.spec: Move gthumb to
spec-files-extra/SUNWgnome-img-organizer as it has been EOL'd.
2006-05-09 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-dialog.spec: Change BuildRequires to SUNWgnome-doc-utils
as the -share package has been merged into the base package.
2006-05-08 Halton Huo <>
* SUNWrealplayer.spec: Delete unsupported hi and uk locale files.
2006-05-08 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-text-editor.spec: Add Build/Requires
SUNWgnome-python-desktop/-devel to build python plugins.
* SUNWdbus.spec: Add Build/Requires dependency on SUNWPython-extra
(for Pyrex) so that python bindings are built.
2006-05-05 Brian Cameron <>
* SUNWgnome-cd.spec: Removed "merged" tag. It seems you must for
now remove /etc/gconf/gconf.xml.defaults/%gconf-tree*.xml by hand
and rerun /usr/bin/gconf-merge-tree /etc/gconf/gconf.xml.defaults
for sound-juicer to work. I talked with Laca and he plans to fix
this in the build process so this isn't necessary.
2006-05-05 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-a11y-libs.spec: Copy postinstall script from JDS3.1 branch.
Incorporate dynamic code.
2006-05-05 Glynn Foster <>
* patches/printman-01-menu-entry.diff: Move into the system
tools menu, and call it 'Printer Queue Monitor' according to the
2006-05-04 Brian Cameron <>
* SUNWgnome-cd.spec: Add "merged" tag to GCONF_CONFIG_SOURCE
since otherwise the configuration data doesn't get set, matching
the way its set in "make install".
2006-05-04 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
* SUNWbrltty.spec: kill -share pkg; change defattr to root:bin/root:sys
* SUNWevolution-data-server.spec: same again
* SUNWevolution-jescs.spec: and again
* SUNWflac.spec: and again
* SUNWgnutls.spec: and again
* SUNWlibgcrypt.spec: and again
* SUNWlibgpg-error.spec: and again
* SUNWlibrsvg.spec: and again
* SUNWspeex.spec: and again
* SUNWgnome-a11y-dasher.spec: kill -share pkg
* SUNWgnome-doc-utils.spec: same again
* SUNWgnome-media-apps.spec: and again
* SUNWgnome-utils.spec: kill SUNWgnome-screenshot-share
* SUNWlibcdio.spec: change pkg version from 2.14.x to source version
* SUNWmusicbrainz.spec: same again
* SUNWlibexif.spec: same again, but with 11. prepended, since this
package is currently in Nevada with version 2.6.0 :/
* SUNWevolution-exchange.spec: change defattr to root:bin/root:sys
* SUNWevolution-webcal.spec: same again
* SUNWevolution.spec: and again
* SUNWdbus.spec: use the system i.manifest if available (s10u1+),
use the one in ext-sources otherwise
* SUNWpostrun.spec: same again
2006-05-02 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
* SUNWdbus.spec: change version to be dbus's version, not 2.14.x;
add SMF support (from Artem Kachitchkine)
* SUNWgnome-common-devel.spec: make it build whether you have a
full GNOME build installed or not
* include/ add date string to the end of REV
2006-05-02 Brian Cameron <>
* SUNWgnome-acroread.spec, SUNWgnome-meeting.spec,
SUNWflash-player-plugin.spec, SUNWrealplayer.spec,
SUNWgnome-system-tools.spec: Added comment so these are not included
in ARC materials.
2006-05-02 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-common-devel.spec: Remove 'rm -rf $RPM_BUILD_ROOT' as
pkg-config already installed.
* base-specs/libexif.spec: Remove unneeded intltoolize call.
2006-05-02 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWrealplayer.spec: Delete hi and uk locale files as there is no
package defined for them.
* include/ Bump package version to 2.14.1.
* SUNWgnome-common-devel.spec: Remove gnome and omf dirs from share
package as they are no longer installed.
2006-05-02 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
* SUNWgnome-ps-viewer.spec: (new) spec files that installs
a compatibility symlink to evince.
2006-05-02 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
* SUNWgnome-common-devel.spec: integrate the GNU gettext tools;
and use them in intltool; update %files to make most files
* SUNWgnome-media-mp3.spec: renamed from SUNWgst-fluendo-mp3
* SUNWgst-fluendo-mp3.spec: rename to SUNWgnome-media-mp3
* base-specs/gettext.spec: the GNU gettext tools for use in
* make-nightly-dist: obsolete SUNWgst-fluendo-mp3 and
* patches/gettext-01-build.diff: copied from the JDS CBE; a patch
for building the GNU gettext tools on Solaris
2006-05-01 Brian Cameron <>
* SUNWgnome-rhythmbox.spec: Removed
* SUNWgnome-media-player.spec: Added rhythmbox to this better named
2006-05-01 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-panel.spec: Change build dependency from
SUNWthunderbird-devel to SUNWthunderbird as the devel package has been
* SUNWrealplayer.spec: Define l10n-de package.
* SUNWgnome-img-viewer.spec: Add %{_datadir}/icons to share package.
2006-04-30 Halton Huo <>
* SUNWrealplayer.spec: Seperate l10n files to each locales,
requested by l10n team.
2006-04-29 Halton Huo <>
* SUNWrealplayer.spec:
Copy actual files from zh_TW to zh_HK to fix CR#6392783.
* install-jds: Add SUNWthunderbird-devel to remove list.
2006-04-28 Damien Carbery <>
* make-nightly-dist: Readd make-cinnabar-dist script as it is used by Rename script to eliminate any confusion as to what
script should be used after milestone builds (make-jds-dist from
* Use make-nightly-dist instead of make-cinnabar-dist.
* SUNWgnome-img-editor.spec: Fix %files after move to /usr/bin.
2006-04-28 Halton Huo <>
* SUNWrealplayer.spec: Install icons to
%{_datadir}/icons/hicolor instead to %{_datadir}/icons/gnome; Remove
size prefix of icons; Remove mimelnkr, mime-info, application-registry
from %{_datadir}, because they are legacy.
2006-04-28 Dave Lin <>
* SUNWthunderbird.spec: Remove the devel pkg since the it's
almost the same as firefox's devel pkg, set -R%{_libdir}/firefox
to let thunderbird use the nss,nspr libs delivered by firefox
2006-04-28 Glynn Foster <>
* SUNWgnome-img-editor.spec: Install into /usr/bin by default.
2006-04-27 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-rhythmbox.spec: Add gtk-doc files to share package after
tarball bump.
2006-04-27 Halton Huo <>
* SUNWevolution-exchange.spec:
Move ximian-connector-setup-2.6 to ximian-connector-setup,
ARC request: no version binaries under /usr/bin.
2006-04-26 Halton Huo <>
* SUNWrealplayer.spec: Fix problem: browser plugins are wrongly
2006-04-26 Halton Huo <>
* Solaris/SUNWevolution.spec, Solaris/SUNWevolution-data-server.spec:
Use JES's NSS/NSPR(/usr/lib/mps) instead of that provided
by mozilla or firefox, to fix bug #6418049.
2006-04-26 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWzz-gnome-l10n.spec: Remove SUNWgnome-project-l10n reference -
module moved to spec-files-extra.
2006-04-24 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
* SUNWPython.spec: use /* */ instead of // when updating
pyconfig.h so that python modules can be builds with -xc99=none
* include/ s/-fomit-frame-pointers/-fno-omit-frame-pointers
2006-04-21 Halton Huo <>
* SUNWaspell.spec: Move all things under %{_bindir} to
%{_libdir}/aspell, requested by ARC change.
* SUNWaspell-en.spec, SUNWgnome-spell.spec:
Add %{_libdir}/aspell to PATH.
2006-04-21 Brian Cameron <>
* SUNWgnome-utils.spec: Correct packaging to include needed glade
files and server files that gnome-dictionary and the dictionary
applet need to work.
2006-04-20 Halton Huo <>
* SUNWrealplayer.spec:
Change broswer from /usr/sfw/lib/mozilla to /usr/lib/firefox.
Add define browser_name to make it change easier in future.
2006-04-20 Halton Huo <>
* SUNWrealplayer.spec: Add removef in %post to fix bug #6414069.
2006-04-20 Halton Huo <>
* SUNWaspell.spec: Change aspell lib dir
from %{_libdir}/aspell-0.60 to %{_libdir}/aspell,
request by LSARC/2006/231.
* base-specs/aspell-en.spec, extra-specs/aspell.spec:
Delete duplicated specs for cleanup.
* base-specs/gnutls.spec: Bump to 1.2.10.
2006-04-20 Halton Huo <>
* SUNWgnupg.spec: Removed because gnupg won't be bundled into
2006-04-20 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-cd.spec: Correct %install line that removes omf files for
non-l10n build.
* SUNWgnome-text-editor.spec: Add Build/Requires
SUNWgnome-python-libs/-devel to build python plugins.
2006-04-20 Lin Ma <>
* SUNWgnome-utils.spec: Enable build logview.
2006-04-20 Damien Carbery <>
* make-cinnabar-dist: Removed. make-jds-dist in re-scripts used now.
2006-04-19 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWzz-gnome-l10n.log: Add mg as unsupported language (only in it).
* SUNWgnome-project.spec: Remove references to planner as it has been
* SUNWgnome-rhythmbox.spec: Remove scrollkeeper files; add new files.
2006-04-19 Dave Lin <>
* SUNWflash-player-plugin.spec: Added flash 7 plugin for Firefox in
Vermillion, and changed spec file to fit for Vermillion,
1, changed the installation location to firefox plugin directory
2, changed wording to "firefox"
3, changed pkg category
2006-04-19 Halton Huo <>
* SUNWrealplayer.spec, patches/realplayer-01-libs.diff:
Added to integrate into vermillion.
2006-04-18 Brian Cameron <>
* SUNWgnome-display-mgr.spec: Now mark custom.conf as in the "preserve"
class so it doesn't get removed on pkgrm.
2006-04-18 Laszlo (Laca) Peter <>
* make-cinnabar-dist: fix category selection code, backport from
2006-04-19 Glynn Foster <>
* SUNWgnome-system-tools.spec: Remove typo to sound-juicer.
2006-04-18 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-archive-mgr.spec: Icons have moved to %{_datadir}/icons,
from pixmaps.
* SUNWgnome-desktop-pres.spec: Add desktop-directories directory.
2006-04-14 Dave Lin <>
* SUNWthunderbird.spec: Changed package category to "THUNDERBIRD" to
make it more clear.
* make-cinnabar-dist: Changed to use "THUNDERBIRD" as thunderbird's
2006-04-14 Dave Lin <>
* SUNWgnome-meeting.spec: Changed all reference of "gnomemeeting" to
"ekiga", delete SUNW_Category tag to use the general one
2006-04-14 Dave Lin <>
* SUNWthunderbird.spec: changed pkg category to "THUNDERBIRD" to make
it more reasonable.
2006-04-14 Dave Lin <>
* SUNWevolution-jescs.spec: Add /usr/lib/evolution/%{evo_major_version}
to LDFLAGS, fix bug #6411728.
* SUNWevolution-webcal.spec: Add install schema script, fix #6408031
2006-04-14 Dave Lin <>
* SUNWevolution-data-server.spec, SUNWfirefox.spec, SUNWjre-config.spec,
SUNWthunderbird.spec: for all above changes, move firefox/thunderbird
to "/usr/lib" on Solaris
2006-04-13 Brian Cameron <>
* SUNWgnome-meeting.spec, SUNWgnome-system-tools.spec,
SUNWacroread.spec: Mark these as not to be reviewed by ARC.
2006-04-13 Dermot McCluskey <>
* patches/gnome-netstatus-03-ne-po.diff: remove svn:eol-style
property; set svn_mime-type property to application/octet-stream;
and re-instate correct version of file which got mangled during
cvs2svn conversion
2006-04-12 Dermot McCluskey <>
* changed cvs command to svn command
2006-04-11 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-common-devel.spec: Set ACLOCAL_FLAGS for gtk-doc to find a
pkgconfig macro. Move pkgconfig dir.
2006-04-10 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWzz-gnome-l10n.spec: Add dz as unsupported language (only in it).
2006-04-10 Padraig O'Briain <>
* SUNWgnome-system-tools.spec: Add dependency on SUNWperl-authen-pam.
* SUNWperl-authen-pam.spec:
* patches/authen-pam-01-solaris.diff: New package to be used by
Gnome System Tools to change password.
2006-04-10 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-vfs.spec: Remove BuildRequires SUNWopenssl-include as it
builds fine without this package.
* SUNWgnome-rhythmbox.spec: Add locale files to the l10n package.
2006-04-09 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-cd.spec: Add help files to share and l10n packages.
2006-04-07 Dermot McCluskey <>
* SUNWkeyring.spec, SUNWapleg.spec: inc. t_suffix for build 38b
2006-04-07 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWlxsl.spec: Add --without-crypto to configure to ensure
gcrypt/gpg-error not discovered as they will break the build because
64bit libs are not available.
2006-04-06 Brian Cameron <>
* SUNWTiff.spec, SUNWevolution-exchange.spec,
SUNWgnome-dtlogin-integration.spec, SUNWjpg.spec, SUNWlxml.spec,
SUNWlxsl.spec, SUNWpng.spec: Now use tarball_version to be
2006-04-06 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-vfs.spec: Add SUNWopenssl-libraries/include to
Build/Requires after run.
* SUNWacroread.spec: Add SUNWgnome-base-libs/-devel to Build/Requires
after run.
2006-04-06 Glynn Foster <>
* SUNWaspell.spec, SUNWgnutls.spec, SUNWlibcroco.spec,
* SUNWlibexif.spec, SUNWliboil.spec, SUNWlibrsvg.spec:
Fix a few more offenders, for .pc files and -config
files. All in -devel now.
2006-04-06 Glynn Foster <>
* SUNWlibgcrypt.spec, SUNWlibgpg-error.spec: Move -config
scripts to -devel packages.
2006-04-06 Glynn Foster <>
* SUNWlibcroco.spec: Move the config binary into -devel. Even
though all the .pc files are installed in the base package.
2006-04-06 Glynn Foster <>
* SUNWgnome-perf-meter.spec,
* base-specs/gnome-perfmeter.spec: Fix gconf schema installation.
2006-04-05 Brian Cameron <>
* SUNWapoc-adapter-gconf.spec, SUNWapoc.spec, SUNWfirefox.spec,
SUNWimagemagick.spec, SUNWlxml.spec, SUNWlxsl.spec,
SUNWthunderbird.spec: Add comment to these spec files to identify
that these are not ARC reviewed by JDS team. This comment is
grepped for by ARC scripts to help generate docs for ARC.
* SUNWjdsrm.spec: ditto
2006-04-05 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-python-libs.spec: Add pygobject. It has been moved from
2006-04-05 Glynn Foster <>
* SUNWgnome-utils.spec: Update.
* patches/gnome-utils-03-gnome-screenshot.diff: Remove, move to
standard patches directory.
2006-04-05 Glynn Foster <>
* patches/control-center-01-solaris-printmgr.diff,
* SUNWgnome-desktop-prefs.spec: Install into the right directory
and fix up the category - may not be in the right position according
to the spec, but at least it will show up. Remove hack to link the
screensaver properties dialog to the now defunct control-center-2.0
2006-04-04 Henry zhang <>
* gnome-perfmeter.spec: Remove create_MainWin() in style_set_callback,
because when reset style, don't need create_MainWin(), and this function
will cause NULL pointer, and make the application crash. In fact
create_MainWin() will call style_set_callback again...
2006-04-04 Glynn Foster <>
* SUNWgnome-camera.spec: Remove the Linux specific hotplug
stuff. Not that this builds yet, but it at least cuts out
the -root package.
2006-04-04 Halton Huo <>
* SUNWevolution-data-server.spec, SUNWevolution-exchange.spec,
SUNWevolution-jescs.spec, SUNWevolution-libs.spec,
SUNWevolution.spec, SUNWgnutls.spec,
SUNWlibgcrypt.spec, SUNWlibgpg-error.spec:
Alter remove .a/.la files part into linux spec.
* base-specs/gnutls.spec, extra-specs/libgcrypt.spec,
Remove .a/.la files in linux spec.
2006-04-04 Glynn Foster <>
* SUNWbrltty.spec: Revert bits of last commit - seemingly
we have no rules for .so and .so.* in separate packages on
2006-04-04 Glynn Foster <>
* SUNWbrltty.spec: Fix installation locations of libraries.
2006-03-31 Dermot McCluskey <>
* SUNWkeyring.spec, SUNWapleg.spec: inc. t_suffix for build 38
2006-03-30 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWlibcdio.spec: Add SUNWgcc build dependency as it will not build
with forte.
* SUNWgnome-cd.spec: s/BUILDRequires/BuildRequires/ for consistency.
2006-03-30 Halton Huo <>
* SUNWevolution-data-server.spec, SUNWevolution-exchange.spec,
SUNWevolution-jescs.spec, SUNWevolution-libs.spec,
SUNWevolution.spec, SUNWlibgcrypt.spec, SUNWlibgpg-error.spec,
SUNWgnutls.spec, extra-specs/gnutls.spec:
Remove all *.a/*.la files.
2006-03-28 Brian Cameron <>
* SUNWgnome-cd.spec: New spec file for sound-juicer.
* SUNWgnome-media-apps.spec: No longer build gnome-cd.
* SUNWgnome-media.spec, SUNWlibcdio.spec: The libcdio library is a
new dependency for GStreamer to support CD ripping.
2006-03-24 Laszlo Kovacs <>
* SUNWkeyring.spec: add some i18n symlinks
2006-03-23 Shirley Woo <>
* SUNWliboil.spec, SUNWlibrsvg: Updated package summary description
2006-03-22 Laszlo Peter <>
* SUNWjavaapps.spec: remove. This pkg was EOF'd.
2006-03-22 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWkeyring.spec, SUNWapleg.spec: Bump t_suffix for build 37b.
2006-03-22 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-user-docs.spec: Uncomment removal of l10n files when not
doing l10n build.
2006-03-21 Damien Carbery <>
* include/ Detect whether building on Nevada.
* SUNWgnome-xml.spec: Modify BuildRequires to work on s10 and snv,
where /usr/bin/unzip in different packages.
2006-03-20 Glynn Foster <>
* SUNWgnome-pilot.spec: Install capplet into correct location.
2006-03-03 Laszlo Kovacs <>
* SUNWkeyring.spec: add a load of i18n related stuff
2006-03-16 Padraig O'Briain <>
* patches/gnome-system-01-config.diff:
* patches/gnome-system-02-forkpty.diff:
* patches/gnome-system-03-emptystruct.diff:
* patches/gnome-system-04-tz.diff:
* patches/gnome-system-05-shares.diff:
* patches/system-tools-backends-boot-01-solaris.diff:
* patches/system-tools-backends-common-01-solaris.diff:
* patches/system-tools-backends-disks-01-solaris.diff:
* patches/system-tools-backends-network-01-solaris.diff:
* patches/system-tools-backends-services-01-solaris.diff:
* patches/system-tools-backends-shares-01-solaris.diff:
* patches/system-tools-backends-time-01-solaris.diff:
* patches/system-tools-backends-users-01-solaris.diff:
Remove as patches are being moved to spec-files/patches directory.
* SUNWgnome-system-tools.spec: Remove references to patches as
they have been added to Linux spec files.
2006-03-15 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-system-tools.spec, SUNWgnome-camera.spec,
SUNWgnome-python-desktop.spec, SUNWgnome-text-editor.spec,
SUNWgnome-applets.spec, SUNWapoc.spec: Add to Build/Requires after
2006-03-15 Padraig O'Briain <>
* SUNWgnome-system-tools.spec: Update to refer to new patch files.
* patches/system-tools-backends-01-solaris.diff: Remove
as it it split into the following files.
* patches/system-tools-backends-boot-01-solaris.diff:
* patches/system-tools-backends-common-01-solaris.diff:
* patches/system-tools-backends-disks-01-solaris.diff:
* patches/system-tools-backends-network-01-solaris.diff:
* patches/system-tools-backends-services-01-solaris.diff:
* patches/system-tools-backends-shares-01-solaris.diff:
* patches/system-tools-backends-time-01-solaris.diff:
* patches/system-tools-backends-users-01-solaris.diff: Add
Remove -d parameter to date for Solaris.
2006-03-15 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWzz-gnome-l10n.spec: Add km as unsupported language (only in it).
* SUNWgnome-text-editor.spec: Add Build/Requires
SUNWgnome-component/-devel for ORBit2.
* SUNWgnome-pdf-viewer.spec: Add Build/Requires
SUNWgnome-component/-devel for ORBit2.
* SUNWgnome-utils.spec: Add Build/Requires SUNWgnome-component/-devel
for ORBit2.
2006-03-15 Glynn Foster <>
* SUNWgnome-applets.spec: Add the deskbar applet to the utility
2006-03-14 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-text-editor.spec: Add plugins files to %files and remove
unneeded rmdir of /usr/var.
2006-03-14 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-utils.spec: Remove code that deleted gnome-dictionary .a
and .la files. No longer present.
* SUNWgnome-system-tools.spec: Set perms for %{_libdir} in %files.
* SUNWgnome-user-docs.spec: Uncomment l10n files to pick up 'it' files.
* SUNWgnome-pdf-viewer.spec: Remove unneeded scrollkeeper files before
2006-03-14 Darren Kenny <>
* SUNWgnome-system-tools.spec:
Fix some build issues:
- var/lib and usr/var removal breaking build
2006-03-14 Alvaro Lopez Ortega <>
* SUNWapoc-adapter-gconf.spec: Added dependency on SUNWlibmsr.
Fixes #6318884.
2006-03-14 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-a11y-libs.spec: Add doc dir to share package.
* SUNWgnome-python-desktop.spec: Set perms for %{_datadir}.
2006-03-14 Glynn Foster <>
* SUNWgnome-python-desktop.spec: Add new
2006-03-13 Laszlo Peter <>
* *.spec: fix postun script so that they check if postrun exists
before trying to run it. This will allow these packages to be
uninstalled even if postrun was uninstalled.
* run pkgtool uninstall-pkgs first, then gnome-remove.
2006-03-13 Darren Kenny <>
* patches/system-tools-backends-01-solaris.diff:
Fix some issues:
- Spurious empty network device
- Empty static hosts configuration
2006-03-13 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-xml.spec: Add BuildRequires for SUNWunzip.
2006-03-13 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-system-tools.spec: Add Build/Requires
SUNWgnome-doc-utils/-devel. Add to %files for l10n package.
* SUNWzz-gnome-l10n.spec: Add SUNWgnome-system-tools-l10n to list of
Gnome packages.
2006-03-10 Dermot McCluskey <>
* SUNWkeyring.spec, SUNWapleg.spec: inc. t_suffix for build 36b
2006-03-10 Darren Kenny <>
* SUNWgnome-system-tools.spec,
Initial import of gnome system tools for Solaris. Not ready for prime
time use, but there if people want to see it.
Will not be included in install image because of entry in NODIST (done
for me by Laca).
2006-03-10 Damien Carbery <>
* Call pkgtool to uninstall packages that remove-gnome
* SUNWgst-fluendo-mp3.spec: GStreamer MP3 plugin from Fluendo.
2006-03-09 Damien Carbery <>
* install-jds: s/2.12/2.14/.
2006-03-08 Damien Carbery <>
* include/ Bump product version to 2.14.0 for final 2.14.0 build.
2006-03-08 Glynn Foster <>
* base-specs/libexif.spec: Update some licences.
2006-03-06 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWkeyring.spec, SUNWapleg.spec: Bump t_suffix for build 36.
2006-03-05 Damien Carbery <>
* remove-gnome: Add EVO25 and FIREFOX categories for remove-jds ver.
* Add dirs to remove before rotating nightly/.prev dir.
2006-03-02 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-media-player.spec: Remove locale dir from l10n package -
no files installed there.
* SUNWzz-gnome-l10n.spec: Add bg & vi as unsupported languages; remove
gnome/javahelp code from the eu/ro/ru/uk section as there are no
javahelp files any more.
2006-02-27 Laszlo Peter <>
* SUNWdbus.spec: add /usr/ccs/lib to the PATH in %build so that
python/ finds cpp.
2006-02-26 Laszlo Peter <>
* SUNWdbus.spec: update %files due to python move from site-packages
to vendor-packages
2006-02-26 Laszlo Peter <>
* SUNWdbus.spec: set LDFLAGS and CFLAGS here, not in dbus.spec
2006-02-26 Laszlo Peter <>
* SUNWevolution.spec, SUNWfirefox.spec, SUNWfsexam.spec,
SUNWgnome-a11y-dasher.spec, SUNWgnome-a11y-gok.spec,
SUNWgnome-a11y-reader.spec, SUNWgnome-applets.spec,
SUNWgnome-archive-mgr.spec, SUNWgnome-calculator.spec,
SUNWgnome-camera.spec, SUNWgnome-cd.spec,
SUNWgnome-character-map.spec, SUNWgnome-config-editor.spec,
SUNWgnome-crash-report.spec, SUNWgnome-desktop-prefs.spec,
SUNWgnome-dialog.spec, SUNWgnome-display-mgr.spec,
SUNWgnome-doc-utils.spec, SUNWgnome-file-mgr.spec,
SUNWgnome-games.spec, SUNWgnome-gui-test.spec,
SUNWgnome-help-viewer.spec, SUNWgnome-hex-editor.spec,
SUNWgnome-im-client.spec, SUNWgnome-img-editor.spec,
SUNWgnome-img-viewer.spec, SUNWgnome-libs.spec,
SUNWgnome-media-apps.spec, SUNWgnome-media-player.spec,
SUNWgnome-panel.spec, SUNWgnome-pdf-viewer.spec,
SUNWgnome-perf-meter.spec, SUNWgnome-pilot.spec,
SUNWgnome-print.spec, SUNWgnome-project.spec,
SUNWgnome-remote-desktop.spec, SUNWgnome-screensaver.spec,
SUNWgnome-session.spec, SUNWgnome-terminal.spec,
SUNWgnome-text-editor.spec, SUNWgnome-ui-designer.spec,
SUNWgnome-user-docs.spec, SUNWgnome-utils.spec, SUNWgnome-wm.spec,
SUNWlibpopt.spec, SUNWlibrsvg.spec, SUNWthunderbird.spec:
Add %post/%postun scripts for scrollkeeper-update for pkgs that
have omf files; add %postun scripts for update-desktop-database
for pkgs that already have %post scripts for update-desktop-database;
add missing SUNWpostrun dependencies.
2006-02-24 Laszlo Kovacs <>
* SUNWkeyring.spec: add symbolic link
2006-02-24 Shirley Woo <>
* SUNWliboil.spec: Updated package summary description
2006-02-24 Shirley Woo <>
* SUNWlibcroco.spec: Updated package summary description
2006-02-24 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWTiff.spec, extra-specs/docbook_3-3.1.spec,
extra-specs/docbook_4-4.2.spec: Update source url, patch from Henry
Jen <>.
2006-02-24 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWkeyring.spec, SUNWapleg.spec: Bump t_suffix for build 35b.
* make-cinnabar-dist: Change firefox category from FF15 to FIREFOX.
* SUNWlibcroco.spec: Update Summary.
2006-02-24 Darren Kenny <>
* SUNWdbus.spec: Add files that are generated when python dbus
bindings are generated.
2006-02-24 Dave Lin <>
* SUNWfirefox.spec:
Changed package category to FIREFOX;
Improved preremove script, using ${BASEDIR} instead of absolute path
2006-02-23 Willie Walker <>
* SUNWgnome-a11y-orca.spec: bump to 0.2.1, which also removed
the need to patch the install location.
2006-02-23 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWbrltty.spec, SUNWgnome-a11y-dasher.spec, SUNWgnome-a11y-orca.spec:
Use version number from base spec file for Solaris package version.
2006-02-23 Damien Carbery <>
* include/ Define default_category so that it can be added to in
the Evolution packages.
* SUNWevolution-data-server.spec, SUNWevolution-exchange.spec,
SUNWevolution-jescs.spec, SUNWevolution-libs.spec, SUNWevolution.spec,
SUNWevolution-webcal.spec: Use default pkg version to match other pkgs;
add EVO25 to default category.
2006-02-23 Damien Carbery <>
* make-cinnabar-dist: Remove SUNWacroread from NODIST_PKGS list to fix
* SUNWlxml.spec: Add SUNWlibms to Requires after running
* SUNWgnome-a11y-dasher.spec: Update Build/Requires after running script.
2006-02-22 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWfontconfig.spec, SUNWxwxft.spec,
patches/fontconfig-01-fcpat-cast.diff: Removed. Using versions in snv.
2006-02-22 Alvaro Lopez Ortega <>
* SUNWapoc-adapter-gconf.spec: Added a few missing
dependencies. This should close the bug #6379552
2006-02-21 Damien Carbery <>
* base-specs/libexif.spec: Add patch, 01-no-docs; Change aclocal dir.
* patches/libexif-01-no-docs.diff: Added to not build docs as docs
Makefile is a mess.
2006-02-21 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-media-apps.spec: Just a few more dependencies for
* base-specs/libexif.spec: Bump to 0.6.13.
* SUNWgnome-gui-test.spec: Update packaging for new tarball.
* SUNWgnome-user-docs.spec: Delete scrollkeeper files before packaging.
2006-02-21 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWgnome-terminal.spec, SUNWgnome-desktop-prefs.spec: Add X packages
to Requires after running script.
2006-02-20 Damien Carbery <>
* SUNWevolution-data-server.spec, SUNWevolution-exchange.spec,
SUNWevolution-jescs.spec, SUNWevolution-libs.spec,
SUNWevolution-webcal.spec, SUNWfirefox.spec, SUNWgnome-a11y-gok.spec,
SUNWgnome-a11y-libs.spec, SUNWgnome-a11y-orca.spec, SUNWgnome-libs.spec,
SUNWgnome-a11y-reader.spec, SUNWgnome-a11y-speech.spec,
SUNWgnome-archive-mgr.spec, SUNWgnome-base-libs.spec, SUNWgnupg.spec,
SUNWgnome-calculator.spec, SUNWgnome-cd-burner.spec, SUNWgtkperf.spec,
SUNWgnome-character-map.spec, SUNWgnome-config-editor.spec,
SUNWgnome-desktop-prefs.spec, SUNWgnome-img-editor.spec,
SUNWgnome-display-mgr.spec, SUNWgnome-file-mgr.spec, SUNWlibrsvg.spec,
SUNWgnome-media-apps.spec, SUNWgnome-games.spec, SUNWgnome-utils.spec,
SUNWgnome-help-viewer.spec, SUNWgnome-hex-editor.spec,
SUNWgnome-im-client.spec, SUNWgnome-img-viewer.spec, SUNWgnome-vfs.spec,
SUNWgnome-media.spec, SUNWgnome-media-player.spec, SUNWgnome-panel.spec,
SUNWgnome-pdf-viewer.spec, SUNWgnome-perf-meter.spec,
SUNWgnome-print.spec, SUNWgnome-project.spec, SUNWgnome-session.spec,