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Based off UI Spec 1.7
General Tasks
- Determine required privileges to be functional
- Review "Help" link points
- Tool-tips, as appropriate.
API Specific
- Translate Daemon Events
- Update UI elements to handle
Panel Icon
- Generation of Vanity Naming - Wired/Wireless + Number if > 1
Wireless Status
- Add support to monitor wireless signal strength in status icon if
wireless i/f is connected.
Panel Menu
- Addition of Icon for Location's activation mode.
- Sort Wireless by signal strength
- Addition of Icon for VPN Activation mode
- VPN Message (start/stop) should change by current state.
Join Wireless Network
- Toggle for auto add to wireless favourites?
- Is it possible to discern start/stop point?
Notification Messages
- Standardisation of messages - use enum, etc.
Network Preferences
Rules Dialog
- All new, needs implementation.
- Validation of IP address entered
Status View
- API to get current status
- Standardisation of messages - generate in one place.
Network Profile View
- Icon for activation mode
- Support for grouping
- Handle Group/Ungroup buttons
- TBD - determine how grouping is done to get activation message in
- Update Activation Mode / Edit Rules based on selection
- Remove ability to rename connection.
Connection Properties Overview
- Subnet or Bitmask - interchangable?
IP Address Entry
- Allow subnet/bitmask entry x.x.x.x/y
- Validate IP addresses
Wireless Tab
- Ask before? - Is this possible?
Location Preferences
- Icon for activation mode
- Handle activation mode and edit rules based on selection
- Generation of new locations (Unamed_X)
- Renaming Locations / Duplication of Locations - is this possible?
Proxy Tab
- Remove this for Phase 1.
Name Services
- Add support - new TAB.
- Only allow one of each Name Service
IP Filter
- Add support for selection of files.
Network Services
- Add support for enable/disable services lists.<F36>-
Add/Edit/Join Wireless Network
- Update title correctly
Wireless Network Chooser
- New dialog.
- Configurable - may not be shown.
VPN Application Preferences
- Activation Status
- Handle Edit Rules button based on selection.
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