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This repo contains the following branches:

grub-xen     - extracted grub-0.97 sources + patches from
grub-illumos - files required for zfs support taken directly from illumos-gate
master       - combination of the two above + necessary changes and adjustments

Commands below can be run to build pv-grub from the sources in this repositoy:

(Assuming 64-bit Linux system with all dependencies pre-installed is used)

git clone git:// xen.git
cd xen.git
git clone stubdom/grub-upstream.git
ln -s grub-upstream.git/grub-0.97 stubdom/grub-upstream
patch -p1 < stubdom/grub-upstream.git/zfs-support.patch
make -C tools/include
make -C stubdom pv-grub -j8

Resulting binary can be found in stubdom/mini-os-x86_64-grub/mini-os.gz