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d lib/ 0755 root bin
d lib/svc 0755 root bin
d lib/svc/method 0755 root bin
f lib/svc/method/fs-joyent 0555 root bin
f lib/svc/method/smartdc-init 0555 root bin
f lib/svc/method/smartdc-config 0555 root bin
d smartdc 0755 root bin
d smartdc/bin 0755 root bin
f smartdc/bin/ 0555 root bin
d root 0755 root root
f root/.bash_profile 0644 root root
f root/.bashrc 0644 root root
f root/.profile 0644 root root
f lib/svc/manifest/system/filesystem/joyent-fs.xml 0444 root sys
f lib/svc/manifest/system/smartdc-init.xml 0444 root sys
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