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2012-01-25 Padraig O'Briain - <>
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/plugin/zfssend/
Fix for 7065464
* VERSION: bumped to 0.2.101
2012-01-18 Padraig O'Briain - <>
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/
Fix for 7064327
* VERSION: bumped to 0.2.100
2011-07-29 Erwann Chenede - <>
* var/*: moved to lib for 6939144
* VERSION: bumped to 0.2.99
2011-06-24 Erwann Chenede - <>
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/
fix for d.o.o 18302, 7046724. Fix by Julian Wiesener
2011-04-27 Erwann Chenede - <>
* VERSION: Bump to 0.2.98
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/
usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/ :
Fix for 7038498 removed Primary Administrator references
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/
usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/ :
Fix for 6996354 gracefully handle snapshot failure
2010-07-29 Niall Power - <>
* VERSION: Bump to 0.2.97
2010-07-08 Niall Power - <>
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/
Fix typo when raising exception. Defect #16361
RunTimeError -> RuntimeError
2010-07-05 Niall Power - <>
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/
Don't set filesystem tree view size request based on
number of filesystems: Doesn't scale well. Set fixed
initial size instead. Fixes defect #16319
Correct misspellings of "writable and "administrator".
Fixes defect #16388
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/
Check returned value of bisect.bisect_left() is within
index range of list before trying to dereference it and
causing IndexError exceptions. Fixes defect #16377.
Thanks to Tim Foster for this fix.
2010-06-16 Niall Power - <>
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/plugin/rsync/
Remove accidental clobbering of tempSchedule list so
that non-archived backups can be expired as per normal
schedule retention rules. Opensolaris defect #16280
2010-06-04 Niall Power - <>
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/
Register menu callback in Note class instantiation to
avoid multiple registration of same callback.
2010-05-24 Niall Power - <>
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/
Fix minor function spelling typo
2010-05-24 Niall Power - <>
* usr/share/time-slider/glade/
Replace GtkFileChooser combo widget with standard
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/
User path_tol_volume() from util library instead of
private copy
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/
Replace standard GtkFileChooser logic with custom combo
box implementation that is more tailored towards selecting
a backup device rather than a generic path. Is able to
handle an offline/unmounted previously configured backup
device gracefully (impossible with stock widget). Doesn't
show meaningless shortcuts like Home, Documents, etc. either
Cleanup of code, renamed variables to use camel case and
made unnecessarily public class variables private.
Changed order of target validation tests to check if the
device supports posix style links before checking if it's
empty. Means user doesn't have to delete everything on a
PCFS/FAT32 device only then to find out it's still unsuitable.
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/ Move previously
private function path_to_volume(path) here so it can be shared.
2010-05-14 Niall Power - <>
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/
Use icon list hinted by gio.Volume instead of hardcoded
harddisk icon when possible when displaying notifications.
Makes icon more context specific to type of backup device.
2010-05-14 Niall Power - <>
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/
Determine volume name of rsync target if available and
display that instead of the raw mount point in
notifications. More user friendly.
2010-05-14 Erwann Chenede - <>
* usr/share/time-slider/glade/
Added Type combobox
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/plugin/
fix import to call this class from a non standard
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/
implemented rsync backup visualization and deletion
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/
renamed member function destroy_snapshot to destroy
to reflect allow polymorphic call in
as the list of backup to delete can now be snapshots
or rsync backups.
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/
propagated member function destroy name change.
2010-05-14 Niall Power - <>
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/plugin/rsync/
Fix list ValueError in list_pending_snapshots() caused
when rsync plugin is enabled but no fileystems are
selected for backup. Check that zfs returns something
more than a blank in such cases.
2010-05-14 Niall Power - <>
* usr/share/time-slider/glade/
Fix resizing issue that prevented list view from expanding
to occupy all extra space when window gets vertically
2010-05-14 Niall Power - <>
* etc/dbus-1/system.d/time-slider.conf:
Add service and policy definitions for TimSlider.config
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/plugin/rsync/
Deal with backup device being mounted under variable
removable media mount points if not found in it's expected
location. Find and validate alternate mount points.
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/
Refactored to allow more modular notification management.
Improved rsync device monitoring by implementing both gio.File
and gio.Volume monitors so we can track mounting/unmounting of
static mounts like nfs/zfs and variable mount points for
hotpluggable devices. Validate rsync target is correct using
SMF configuration key. Listen to TimeSlider.Config D-Bus events
and refresh configuration when D-Bus notification is received.
Add menu item to enable launching of setup GUI from the applet.
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/
Add class and method definition for TimeSlider Config service
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/
Register with system D-Bus and send notification of changes
to time-slider and rsync plugin services so the applet can
2010-05-13 Niall Power - <>
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/plugin/rsync/
Fix list IndexError exception caused by looking
for non-existent backups on an empty device.
2010-05-11 Niall Power - <>
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/plugin/rsync/
Tweak the space management of the rsync device for better
- don't scan for deleteables unless the device starts to
exceed threshhold capacity.
- Rescan capacity periodically during rsync backup thread
lifecycle and rescan for deleteable backups only if
device exceeds threshold capacity level.
2010-05-11 Niall Power - <>
* var/svc/manifest/system/filesystem/auto-snapshot.xml:
Update service bundle name and version number to
SUNWtime-slider and 0.2.96 respectively.
* var/svc/manifest/application/time-slider-plugin.xml:
Add 2 new properties to define cleanup threshhold level of
rsync backup device and verbosity of rsync output for
debugging purposes.
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/ Adjust
signature of util.debug() to make the verbose argument
mandatory instead of automatic.
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/plugin/rsync/
Add 2 new methods to retrieve cleanup threshhold and rsync
verbosity properties from the rsync SMF service instance.
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/plugin/rsync/
Cleanup variable naming, making class private variables
actually private using leading "_" character.
Rename RsyncBackup class to RsyncProcess to me more descriptive.
Add support for rsync verbosity in RsyncProcess class.
Implement better cleanup and space management mechanism:
- Removes old backups in parallel to new rsync backups running
in a separate thread if space falls below threshhold level.
- Identifies what backups can and can't be deleted for a given
new rsync backup based on age and number of backups left for
the associated filesystem.
- Cleanup threshhold tuneable via SMF atic.
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/plugin/rsync/
Add 2 new methods to retrieve cleanup threshhold and rsync
verbosity properties from the rsync SMF service instance.
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/plugin/rsync/
Add check to make sure config key on target device matches that
stored in SMF before commencing backups.
Cleanup variable naming, making class private variables
actually private using leading "_" character.
Rename RsyncBackup class to RsyncProcess to me more descriptive.
Add support for rsync verbosity in RsyncProcess class.
Implement better cleanup and space management mechanism:
- Removes old backups in parallel to new rsync backups running
in a separate thread if space falls below threshhold level.
Avoids having to make rough, inaccurate guesses about size
required for new backups because it responds in real time.
- Identifies what backups can and can't be deleted for a given
new rsync backup based on age and number of backups left for
the associated filesystem.
- Cleanup threshhold tuneable via SMF.
- Doesn't try to backup snapshots older than what's already on
the backup device if device is almost full.
2010-05-05 Niall Power - <>
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/plugin/rsync/
Redesigned queue management and backlog mechanism. Backs up
most recent snapshot set first, then works backwards through
the queue. Stops backup mechanism falling too far behind while
still allowing backup of older snapshots to take place if
time and space permit.
Enhancements to filesystem layout of backups - added seperate
folders for partial transfers, log files, trash folder and lock
files. Added file locking mechanism to prevent deletion by other
tools of backups in use (eg during incremental backups).
Added trash mechanism, replaces in place deletion of snapshots
which messes up directory mtimes and incremental backups.
Instead, expired backups are moved to a .trash folder and a new
method: empty_trash_folders() cleans it up after before starting
the next snapshot set backup.
Fix bug in list_pending_snapshots() where ctime of snapshots was
returned as a string instead of a long.
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/plugin/rsync/ Add new
filesystem suffix definitions for partial backups, trash
folders, backup lock files and backup log files.
2010-05-03 Niall Power - <>
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/
Determine if <zpool/remedial-cleanup> SMF property is set to true.
Do not perform remedial cleanups if it's value is false.
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/
Add new method: get_remedial_cleanup() to indicate the value of
property <zpool/remedial-cleanup>
* var/svc/manifest/application/time-slider.xml:
Add new SMF property: <zpool/remedial-cleanup> as boolean with
default value of 'true'. Indicates that time-sliderd should
perform remedial cleanups when snapshotted pool runs low on
2010-05-03 Niall Power - <>
* Makefile:
Install/uninstall time-slider.desktop into
2010-05-02 Niall Power - <>
* lib/svc/method/time-slider:
Remove any legacy zfs-auto-snapshot cron jobs in
zfssnap's crontab that may not have been removed
if the old auto-snapshot services were not stopped
2010-05-02 Niall Power - <>
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/
Fix incorrect invocation of util.debug() that caused
unconditional verbose output.
2010-05-02 Niall Power - <>
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/
Fix small typo in monthly calculation.
2010-05-02 Niall Power - <>
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/plugin/rsync/
Instantiate RsyncBackup objects with verbose flag
passed through. Remove "--progress" argument from
rsync and add "-vv" argument instead if verbose
flag is set.
2010-05-01 Niall Power - <>
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/plugin/ Fix some
incorrect invocations that didn't pass verbose
parameter (and were therefore no-ops)
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/
Fix monthly period calculation. Now handles period
increments > 12 months and period increments that
land on december (originally logged as bugster
CR #6904417)
2010-05-01 Niall Power - <>
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/
Cache all GUI configuration values at startup and
use them later to compare changes in configuration
state. Only apply the minimum set of configuration
changes necessary instead of previous method of
blindly applying everything, even if unchanged.
Configuration is much much faster now, especially
for minor configuration changes.
Recognise previously configured backup devices and
ask the user if they want to start using it again
instead of rejecting it as belonging to another
Remove duplicate import of os.path modules.
2010-04-28 Niall Power - <>
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/plugin/rsync/
Add removal of partial backups missing a matching
snapshot in the backup queue. They are zombies.
When catching an rsync exception, change directory
to "/" so that pfexec doesn't freak out when trying
to release the snapshot. pfexec bails out when it
tries to add cwd to it's path if cwd is non-existent
which can be the case if the backup device suddenly
goes offline.
2010-04-27 Niall Power - <>
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/plugin/rsync/
Remember to also delete log files when deleting backups.
2010-04-27 Niall Power - <>
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/plugin/rsync/
Exit if effective UID of process is not 0 (root)
2010-04-27 Niall Power - <>
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/plugin/rsync/
Send rsync loggint to individual log files on the backup
device. Delete log files when corresponding backup gets
Create rsync backups in a temporary directory first and
move to permanent location when completed. Prevents
incomplete backups appearing in backup view in Nautilus.
Also use "--inplace" rsync option to allow resumption of
partial (interrupted) backups.
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/plugin/rsync/
Add shared key get/set methods for rsync SMF instance.
Use new "set_string_prop" Smf class method for setting
rsync target directory so that path names containing
spaces can be correctly set. Conversely, strip out '\ '
space formatting characters returned by SMF in
get_target_dir() method.
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/plugin/rsync/
Don't tag new snapshots whose filesystems are not mounted
Prevents piling up of snapshots from unmounted BEs. Might
be best to make this behaviour configurable via SMF.
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/
Clean up OK button clicked callback by farming out several
validation checks to separate methods. Add rsync config
checking method to chek configuration/selection of rsync
target device. Implement shared key checking to validate/
identify pre-configured backup devices. Rejects devices
configured for use on other systems. Add checks to ensure
target device is writable by root and supports hard links
as required for rsync incremental backups. Add a random
key generation function. Perform basic space checking on
rsync target device to see if it's big enough.
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/
Implement set_string_prop() method that allows white space
string characters.
* var/svc/manifest/application/time-slider-plugin.xml:
Remove rsync plugin's property override of
<plugin/trigger_on> and inherit defaults instead. Backing
up frequent snapshots caused near constant backup disk
2010-04-16 Niall Power - <>
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/ Fix bug in
method "create_auto_snapshot_set() where it would skip
the entire pool if the root of the pool was tagged and
all datastets under the root inherited from it. Also,
use sorted lists and binary searching to speed up the
operation and avoid making repeated unnecessary calls
to Dataset.list_children() (the data is already provided)
2010-04-15 Niall Power - <>
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/plugin/rsync/ Clean up
dangling holds on snapshots left by abnormally terminated
rsync transfers from previous invocations. Also, release
snapshot holds if an Rsync exception is caught during
transfer. Allows time-sliderd to delete snapshots when they
naturally expire.
2010-04-13 Niall Power - <>
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/
Fix broken target directory retrieval from FileChooser button
2010-04-13 Niall Power - <>
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/plugin/rsync/ Create a
RsyncBackup class to run rsync backup commands in a
separate thread. Define Rsync exception clases and map
to expected rsync exit codes.
Modify toplevel backup path for backups to begin with:
<SMF defined target dir>/TIMESLIDER/<nodename>/
Deal with rsync exceptions raised and place into maintenance
state if non recoverable.
Try to recover space on target directory (work in progress)
Add debugging and error logging output.
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/plugin/rsync/ define
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/
Use new backup path format as described above.
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/
Use new backup path format as described above.
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/
Add general purpose syslog wrapper function.
* var/svc/manifest/application/time-slider-plugin.xml:
remove accidental definition of <plugin/target_dir>
Set to empty string value "" instead of a directory on my
own system. Doh.
2010-04-01 Niall Power - <>
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/ insert a
'h' character between hour and minute values of auto snapshot
labels as a subsitute for the previously removed ':' character
used in time stamps. Makes life easier for nautilus component
and plays nicely with strptime()
2010-04-01 Niall Power - <>
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/ gio FileMonitor
events are inconsistent between UFS/ZFS filesystem mounting.
Ignore event type from gio FileMonitor and verify backup target
status manually using os.stat()
2010-04-01 Niall Power - <>
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/ Improve string
formatting on notifications and tooltips. Stop the status icon
blinking once the notification has been closed.
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/ Forgot to
connect rsync folder selection to rsync SMF instance
configuration. Added. Also use get_current_folder() instead of
get_filename() to get correct folder from FileChooserButton
2010-03-31 Niall Power - <>
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/ Restrict manual
synchronisation menu item to priviliged users only (root or
users assigned Primary Administrator profile). Also, don't
bother popping up a right click menu if it's empty.
2010-03-31 Niall Power - <>
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/plugin/rsync/ Implement cleanup
of expired backups on rsync target directory. Uses same rules as
time-slider as defined by each auto-snapshot schedule's SMF instance
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/plugin/rsync/ Add a method to
return the list of archived schedules (ie. ones that don't get
cleaned according to the normal schedule retention rules)
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/ add a
'Synchronize Now' menu item to the applet. Added gio based file
monitoring to keep track of when the rsync backup target directory
is mounted/unmounted and adjust menu sensitivty accordingly.
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/ Define
SNAPLABELPREFIX as a constant for snapshot label names
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/ Modify RBAC
rules to ensure that setup GUI is run with euid of root which is
necessary for validation and initialisation of rsync backup target
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/ use
SNAPLABELPREFIX constant instead of local multiply defined values.
* var/svc/manifest/application/time-slider-plugin.xml: Override
"plugin/trigger_on" value in rsync plugin manifest. Add a new
property "rsync/archived_schedules" to define snapshot schedules
that are archived as long as possible and not purged according
to the normal schule retention rules.
2010-03-25 Niall Power - <>
* etc/dbus-1/system.d/time-slider.conf: add policies for
rsync plugin's dbus service and methods.
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/plugin/rsync/ restructure script
to perform backups via a Gobject mainloop which is necessary to allow
it to send dbus notifications correctly. Adjust backup target dir
to use a rsync plugin specific subdirectory on the target dir
(.time-slider/rsync) - prevents borkage of mount points with
unmounted filesystems. Use "-a" option with rsync command which
covers all the desired arguments fo our rsync usage case (archival)
Add dbus method invocations. General cleanup and removal of commented
out code. Use lockfile to prevent multiple instances running at once.
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/plugin/rsync/ Add definitions
for backup subdirectory and filesystem property tag constants.
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/plugin/rsync/ Use constants as
defined in
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/ Incorporate new
RsyncNote class and other pieces from Krishnan Parthasarathi. Thanks
Krishan. Added signal handlers and tooltips/popups for dbus events
sent from rsync plugin.
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/ New dbus signal
definitions added, including a few from Krishnan.
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/ Perform validation
on target directory for rsync. Not exhaustive yet. Checks that target
directory isn't on a file system or pool that's been selected for
automatic snapshots.
2010-03-11 Niall Power - <>
Add rsync plugin (WORK IN PROGRESS), restructure SMF related code
and restructure file/directory layout to provide seperate
subdirectories for plugins.
* Makefile: Add/remove files to (un)install rules.
* usr/lib/time-sliderd: Fix script invocation to invoke python2.6
explicitly (ie. do not use /usr/bin/env to source it)
* usr/share/time-slider/glade/ Add in UI
features to enable rsync backup configuration
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/ adjust sys.path
to allow importation from the plugin directory
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/ Refactor to
inehrit from the smf base object class (
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/ Remove import
of smfmanager module.
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/ Remove import of
smfmanager module. Implement UI logic and view for rsync
configuration (filechooser, list view check buttons etc.)
Tie in with rsync plugin SMF backend. WORK IN PROGRESS.
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/ Drop use of old
smfmanager class and replace with new smf and timeslidersmf modules
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/ Misc. cleanups. Define
proper Exception classes for ZFS and ZPool errors and raise them when
appropriate. Old style string based exceptions not supported in python
* var/svc/manifest/application/time-slider-plugin.xml: Define rsync
plugin SMF instance and properties.
* usr/lib/time-slider-zfssend: Removed. Replaced by:
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/ Removed. Replaced by:
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/ Removed. Replaced by:
* lib/svc/method/time-slider-rsync: Added. Starts stops rsync plugin SMF
instance and sets up cron job for rsync-backup script.
* usr/lib/time-slider/plugins/rsync/rsync-backup: Added. Performs
asynchronouse rsync backup of zfs snapshots previously tagged for backup.
* usr/lib/time-slider/plugins/rsync/rsync-trigger: Provides trigger
mechanisem for time-slider to call when snapshots created. Queues up
zfs snapshots for later backup using rsync-backup script.
* usr/lib/time-slider/plugins/zfssend/zfssend: Replacement of
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/plugin/ Added. Initialises new
plugin module
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/plugin/ Replacement of:
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/plugin/ Added. Defines plugin
SMF class specialised for time-slider plugin SMF instances
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/plugin/rsync/ Added. Initialises
new rsync plugin module.
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/plugin/rsync/ Added. Main code
block for rsync-backup script.
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/plugin/rsync/ Added. Defines
SMF class specialised for rsync plugin SMF instance.
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/plugin/rsync/ Added. Main code
block for rsync-trigger script.
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/plugin/zfssend/ Added.
Initialises zfssend plugin module.
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/plugin/zfssend/ Replacement for
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/ Added. Provides cleaner
and more structured base class for generic SMF instances and and is
inherited by timeslidersmf, pluginsmf, rsyncsmf derived classes.
Provides common methods to enable/disable and get/set property values
and refresh and query service state.
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/ Defines
SMF class and methods specific to the time-slider SMF instances.
2010-02-04 Niall Power - <>
* Makefike: Add lib/svc/method/time-slider-plugin to
install/uninstall rules.
* lib/svc/method/time-slider-plugin: Added.
Provides simple, generic plugin start method.
* var/svc/manifest/application/time-slider-plugin.xml:
Added comments for time-slider-plugin method, advising
that non trivial plugin instances should provide their
own specific methods.
2010-02-03 Niall Power - <>
* var/svc/manifest/application/time-slider.xml:
Define new property "zfs/sep". Taken for zfs-auto-snapshot,
allows custom definition of a separator character for snapshot
datestamps that can work on filesystems that previously choked
on the ":" characted such as CIFS, PCFS.
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/ Added new
method to get zfs/sep property.
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/ modify
snapshot creation and listing operations to use the new zfs/sep
property, while maintaining compatibility with old snapshot
datestamps that used the ":" character.
2010-02-02 Niall Power - <>
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/
Fix invalid function call "debug()" should be "util.debug()" when
reporting disabled plugin in PluginManager.refresh()
Missing "()" in method call Plugin.is_running() in Plugin.refresh()
2010-01-26 Niall Power - <>
* VERSION: bump to 0.2.96
* Use explicit path: "/usr/bin/python2.6" to reference python interpreter
instead of relying on "/usr/bin/env" to find it.
* Add plugin framework to enable user defined plugins to be executed after
snapshots get taken by time-sliderd. Plugins are based on the SMF service
framework and plugins are defined as instances of the base SMV service:
* Provide a "zfs-send" plugin as a replacement for the zfs-auto-snapshot
provided "backup-save-cmd" property.
* Add to define two commoonly used utility functions: debug/logging
and command spawning. Reduces lines of code and duplication.
* Refactor all python files to use util.run_command() convenience function
where possible.
* Fix a bug where time-sliderd emits warnings and tries to cleanup pools
upon which it creates no snapshots. Also make time-sliderd more descriminating
in general and able to identify snapshots it created from backups of snapshots
it create (via zfs send/receive) by checking for the auto-snapshot property
corresponding to the filesystem/volume of snapshots.
* TODO: SMF code is a bit all over the place and could do with proper stucturing
2009-11-27 Niall Power - <>
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/ fixed a date
calculation bug whereby a schedule with a period in months next falls
due on December. Was getting incorrectly modulused to 0.
2009-11-04 Niall Power - <>
* VERSION: bump to 0.2.95
* Move to python2.6
* Drop dependency on zfs-auto-snapshot methods and implement our own
snapshotting mechanism in the form of time-sliderd
* Add dbus system bus notification and notification applet, replacing
the previous ugly hack of su to logged in user ID and running
* Enhance all .py modules to use python subprocess module when spawning
commands instead of os.popen.
* Add SMF manifest for system/filesystem/auto-snapshot to replace
systems snapshot configuration previously supplied by
zfs-auto-snapshot. Generally compatible but cleaned up by dropping
some of zfs-auto-snapshot's more quirky or deprecated configuration
2009-07-08 Niall Power - <>
* VERSION: bump to 0.2.10
* Fix defect 8667 in following source files:
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/ Refactor
code to modified APIs, remove some dead code, make capacity
checks conditional where possible.
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/ minor code
refactoring to match API changes.
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/ Remove references
to zfscontroller module which has been removed. Uses
exclusively now. Refactor for changes
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/ removed.
Very little functionality and nothing that shouldn't be in
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/zfs/py: New class definition
for "Datasets" which stores all system snapshots, filesystems and
volumes in a cache. Existing Dataset, Filesystem, Snapshot and Volume
class methods now use the global Datasets cache for querying and
listing instead of making zfs(1m) spawned commands.
2009-05-18 Niall Power - <>
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/
Cleanup both Filesystem and Volume snapshots. Fixes d.o.o 8454
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/ Prepend private
class methods with "__" in accordance with python coding standards.
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/ Use predefined
macros for ZFS commands instead of hardcoding path in the code.
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/ Improve object
hierarchy and inheritance tree. Rename some methods for improved
clarity of purpose. Improve method and function documentation.
Add capability to deal with ZFS volumes. Fixes d.o.o 8454 & 8685
2009-05-13 Harry Fu - <>
* VERSION: bump to 0.2.9
2009-04-10 Erwann Chenede - <>
* /usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/
used gobject.idle_add instead of gtk.gdk.threads_* fixes
2009-04-09 Erwann Chenede - <>
* /usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/
removed hard dependency on external thumbnailer and meld
fixes #7502
2009-04-07 Niall Power <>
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/
Use macro substitution to specify full paths to all spawned
commands (zfs, zpool, svcadm, svccfg, svcprop, pfexec) so that
commands work independently of user's PATH environment.
Fixes opensolaris defect #7396
2009-03-01 Niall Power <>
* VERSION: bump to 0.2.6
* Makefile: Pick up PYTHON environment variable. Enhancement for
fix to 6754650
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/ Allow filesystems
to inherit properties from their parent instead of locally tagging
every filesystem with the required property setting.
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/ Add an "inherit" argument
to Filesystem.commit_state() to allow the fileystem to inherit from
it's parent when setting the auto-snapshot property.
2009-02-19 Takao Fujiwara <>
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/ updated
the comments because translators are confused it.
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/ updated
the gettext "%s" so that translators can change the oder of "%s".
2009-02-05 Niall Power - <>
* VERSION: bump to 0.2.5
* Makefile: don't install .pyc files, but generate them as part
of "install:" rule. Fixes bugster: 6754650
* Prepend "DESTDIR" to compile python bytecode
within the installed directory tree.
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/__init__.pyc: removed
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/cleanupmanager.pyc: removed
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/deletegui.pyc: removed
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/fileversion.pyc: removed
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/notification.pyc: removed
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/rbac.pyc: removed
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/setupgui.pyc: removed
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/smfmanager.pyc: removed
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/snapnowui.pyc: removed
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/zfs.pyc: removed
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/zfscontroller.pyc: removed
2009-01-23 Erwann Chenede - <>
* VERSION: bump version to 0.2.4
* Makefile : added new files
* usr/lib/time-slider-version
* usr/share/time-slider/glade/
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/fileversion.pyc :
Initial implementation of the file version explorer app
2009-01-16 Takao Fujiwara <>
* po/ Update with the latest files.
* usr/share/time-slider/glade/
* usr/share/time-slider/glade/
* usr/share/time-slider/glade/
Update to remove "translatable" tag for GTK textdomain.
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/
Update to localize date and add the encoding conversion.
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/
Update to localize "legacy".
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/
Update to add gettext.
2009-01-09 Niall Power - <>
* VERSION: bump version to 0.2.3
* usr/share/time-slider/glade/
add progress dialog for snapshot scanning feedback
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/
restructure initialisation code and run snapshot scanning in it's
own thread so that feedback can be give to user via a progress dialog
Prevents the app appearing dead when dealing with huge numbers of
2009-01-09 Erwann Chenede - <>
* Makefile: added newly introduced file
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/ removed print
2009-01-09 Erwann Chenede - <>
* usr/lib/time-slider-snapshot:
* usr/share/time-slider/glade/
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/
Initial implementation of the snapshot now dialog
2008-12-17 Niall Power - <>
* VERSION: bump version to 0.2.2
* lib/svc/method/time-slider: remove "set -x" command which errantly turns
on debug mode. Fixes bugzilla defect #5067
* usr/share/time-slider/glade/ Change mnemonic key for
"Custom" radio button from "C" to "u". C is already in use by "Cancel" button.
Fixes bugzilla defect #3986
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/ Change error dialog text to
instruct user to consult "svcs -xv" instead of "svcs(1) man page" for more info
when time-slider SMF instance is placed into offline state by SMF.
Fixes bugzilla defect #5804
2008-12-17 Niall Power - <>
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/ Check
ps commmand output before accessing it by catching IndexError
exceptions. Prevents root's mailbox being spammed by cron.
Fixes bugster #6758575
2008-12-12 Niall Power - <>
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/ Implement
destruction of older snapshots since zfs-auto-snapshot only does
snapshot destruction recursively and we break the recursion by
deleting individual snapshots instead of recursive sets.
2008-12-05 Niall Power - <>
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/
Fixed a patch generation problem when launching time-slider-delete
2008-12-05 Niall Power - <>
* VERSION: bumped to 0.2.1
* Makefile: Minor cleanups
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/ add
perform_purge method to clean up zero sized snapshots under
safe circumstances so that the system doesn't become cluttered
with too many permanently zero sized snapshots.
Rewrote emercency space makeing cleanup alogorithm in run_cleanup
to be more efficient and spawn far fewer shell commands. No longer
usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/ Change error dialog text to
instruct user to consult "svcs -xv" instead of "svcs(1) man page" for more info
when time-slider SMF instance is placed into offline state by SMF.
Fixes bugzilla defect #5804
does recursive snapshot deletion since the above changes will break
the recursive snapshot chain in most cases and recursive deletion
is now overkill since individual snapshots should be larger in size
and yield larger space savings per snapshot deleted.
Fixed notification bug where notification would happen twice if
gnome-session is launched via dbus-launch.
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/ move
__get_cloned_snapshots() method to a public function in
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/ fix typo
bug in send_to_desktop() where initial warning level was set to
90000 which broke desktop notification. Should be 0.
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/ Add new function:
list_cloned_snapshots() to list snapshots that have cloned filesystem
based on them.
2008-12-02 Niall Power - <>
* Makefile: Fix install target error that didn't install both glade
2008-12-02 Niall Power - <>
* VERSION: bumped to 0.2.0
* Makefile: added new files to install and uninstall targets
* data/Makefile: adjusted for renamed file
* usr/share/time-slider/glade/ Added launch
button for snapshot deletion GUI. Rename window title from
"Time Slider Setup" to "Time Slider Manager"
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/ add launch handler
for time-slider-delete
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/ Add utility functions
for time-slider-delete for listing and creating snapshot objects
* data/ renamed from
* usr/lib/time-slider-delete: Added new snapshot deleter program to
allow snapshot browsing/deletion.
* usr/share/applications/time-slider.desktop: renamef from
* usr/share/time-slider/glade/ Added glade UI
file for snapshot delete GUI
* usr/share/time-slider/lib/time_slider/ Added main python
code for listing and deleting snapshots
2008-12-02 Niall Power - <>
* Added to insure pyc files are in sync with
.py sources. Fixes bugster #6754650
* VERSION: Added version file. Bump to 0.1.5
* SUNWgnome-time-slider.spec: removd because spec file is
in spec-files-other repository on
* Makefile: added "dist" target for creating dist bz2 tarballs
2008-10-23 Erwann Chenede - <>
* usr/share/icons/hicolor/16x16/apps/time-slider-setup.png
* usr/share/icons/hicolor/24x24/apps/time-slider-setup.png
* usr/share/icons/hicolor/32x32/apps/time-slider-setup.png
* usr/share/icons/hicolor/36x36/apps/time-slider-setup.png
* usr/share/icons/hicolor/48x48/apps/time-slider-setup.png
* usr/share/icons/hicolor/72x72/apps/time-slider-setup.png :
new icon (4182)
2008-10-20 Takao Fujiwara <>
* Makefile: Updated to load po/Makefile and data/Makefile.
* data/Makefile: Added to generate .desktop files.
* data/ Added for intltool.
* po: Added for intltool.
2008-09-11 Niall Power - <>
* Initial import of Time Slider service