LastWatch is a LastFM audio scrobbler which is based on linux >= 2.6.13's inotify feature.
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LastWatch is a scrobbler that fetches song information by using the inotify feature of the Linux kernel, version 2.6. You can use any OGG, MP3 or FLAC player to scrobble, as long as it doesn't use mmap(). The latter will be fixed in some future version.


In order to run LastWatch, you need Python (at least 2.3) and the following packages:

... and as already noted: Linux kernel v2.6 and higher (at least 2.6.13)

Using LastWatch

Try invoking ./ --help to get an overview about the available options. For example if you want to watch the directory /media/music you could just invoke:

./ /media/music

So far, that's all about using LastWatch. Have fun =)