Ontology of Arthropod Circulatory Systems
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OArCS - Ontology of Arthropod Circulatory Systems

OArCS is a structural model for the description of anatomical features (morphemes) using ontologies. Its domain is the Arthropod ciruclatory system.

OArCS contains a comprehensive collection of over 370 terms tied to over 290 concepts which are used for the description of various phenotypic aspects of circulatory organ features in arthropods. Each concept contains a genus-differentia definition which is taxon-independent and is based exclusively on structural attributes in strict avoidance of any reference to function or homology. Besides the obligatory relationships “is_a” and “part_of”, it also provides relationships specific for the circulatory system, for example “gives_rise_to/emanates from”.

You can browse OArCS in various places, incuding here.

Relation to other ontologies

OArCS uses CARO as its upper level ontology. Ultimately it will serve as a domain component of a broader Pan Arthropod Anatomy Ontology (a proposal at present, "PAAO"). This integration will occur through either through UBERON or a similar pattern derived specifically for the PAAO.


OArCS was built by Christian Wirkner, his lab and collaborators including Torben Göpel, Jens Runge, Jonas Keiler, Bastian-Jesper Klußmann-Fricke, Katarina Huckstorf, Stephan Scholz, and Stefan Richter.

István Mikó formalized taxon specific exemplars. Matt Yoder provided technical support and helped describe the initial effort.


Christian Wirkner is the project lead. christian.wirkner@web.de


The ontology is provided under a CC-BY license.