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Advanced string handling for Sass
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Advanced string handling for Sass

The following three functions are currently supported:

str-replace(string, find, replace)

Will return a string with the every needle in the haystack replaced with replace

split-str(string, key), str-split(string, key)

Will return a list split by the key. For instance, the string "Hello World" split by " " would return a list "Hello", "World". Returns false if it can't be split

str-pos(needle, haystack)

Find the position of the needle in the haystack. Will return 0 if it's at the first position an -1 if the needle can't be found.


Finds the length of the string

str-insert(original, insert, index)

Will place insert into original at character index

str-extract(string, start-at, end-at = nil)

Will extract the substring from the given characters. e.g. str-extract("abcd", 2, -2) => "bc"

to-upper-case(string), to-uppercase(string)

Will transform the string to uppercase

to-lower-case(string), to-lowercase(string)

Will transform the string to lowercase

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