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-A Ruby testing framework for Sass with Compass
+A Ruby testing framework for Sass with Compass.
+## Requirements and Usage
+Navigator works through Ruby, so you need to be running Ruby 1.8.7 or greater, and you need [Bundler]( installed. In order to use Navigator, drop these files into your project, update the Gemfile for the versions you'd like to test against, then run `bundle install`.
+Once you have everything installed, run `bundle exec rake` to run the tests. This will compile all of the files in your `tests/tests` files into CSS files and compare those files to the files in `tests/controls`. If any of your output file from your tests don't line up with your controls, you'll get a `.diff` file generated of the differences and you'll get a failed assertion. If your Sass won't compile, you'll get a failed assertion.
+If you're working off of a known set of good output and you'd like to generate your controls quickly, you can run `bundle exec rake compile`.
+See the README files in `tests/tests` and `tests/controls` for more on what should go into each of them.
+## Travis
+If you would like to employ [Travis]( testing for your projects, copy the `travis.yml` file into your project's root directory and rename it `.travis.yml`. This will set Travis up to run the tests against Ruby 1.8.7 and 2.0.0. If you'd like to add the pretty **build passing** image to your Markdown READMEs, here's the code to use once you've got Travis set up!
+`[![Build Status]({user}/{repo}.png?branch={branch})]({user}/{repo})`

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