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A Ruby testing framework for Sass with Compass
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A Ruby testing framework for Sass with Compass.

Requirements and Usage

Navigator works through Ruby, so you need to be running Ruby 1.8.7 or greater, and you need Bundler installed. In order to use Navigator, drop these files into your project, update the Gemfile for the versions you'd like to test against, then run bundle install.

Once you have everything installed, run bundle exec rake to run the tests. This will compile all of the files in your tests/tests files into CSS files and compare those files to the files in tests/controls. If any of your output file from your tests don't line up with your controls, you'll get a .diff file generated of the differences and you'll get a failed assertion. If your Sass won't compile, you'll get a failed assertion.

If you're working off of a known set of good output and you'd like to generate your controls quickly, you can run bundle exec rake compile.

See the README files in tests/tests and tests/controls for more on what should go into each of them.


If you would like to employ Travis testing for your projects, copy the travis.yml file into your project's root directory and rename it .travis.yml. This will set Travis up to run the tests against Ruby 1.8.7 and 2.0.0. If you'd like to add the pretty build passing image to your Markdown READMEs, here's the code to use once you've got Travis set up!

[![Build Status]({user}/{repo}.png?branch={branch})]({user}/{repo})

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