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Package overalls

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Package overalls takes multi-package go projects, runs test coverage tests on all packages in each directory and finally concatenates into a single file for tools like goveralls.

Usage and documentation

overalls -project=github.com/bluesuncorp/overalls -covermode=count -debug
then with other tools such as goveralls
goveralls -coverprofile=overalls.coverprofile -service semaphore -repotoken $COVERALLS_TOKEN

$ overalls -help

usage: overalls -project=[path] -covermode[mode] OPTIONS

overalls recursively traverses your projects directory structure running 'go test -covermode=count -coverprofile=profile.coverprofile' in each directory with go test files, concatenates them into one coverprofile in your root directory named 'overalls.coverprofile'

OPTIONS -project Your project path relative to the '$GOPATH/src' directory example: -project=github.com/bluesuncorp/overalls

-covermode Mode to run when testing files. default:count


-ignore A comma separated list of directory names to ignore, relative to project path. example: -ignore=[.git,.hiddentdir...] default: '.git'

-debug A flag indicating whether to print debug messages. example: -debug default:false

How to Contribute

There will always be a development branch. In order to contribute, please make your pull requests against that branch.

If the changes being proposed or requested are breaking changes, please create an issue.


Distributed under MIT License, please see license file in code for more details.