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#NYAN-CAT the side scrolling cute shoot em up (bullet hell) game adventure


  • Initial Planning
  • Create a fun shoot-em-up aka bullet-hell game thats cute, attractive and possibly multiplayer

  • Utilize and educate self on phaser.io (and learning how to google search terms and ask questions in this.community)

  • Bonuses (in order)
  • Add use of websockets (socket.io)

  • Add a DB for inputting and saving player scores

  • Putting it on Ionic so its native on mobile, making use of the gyroscope for player movement ##User-stories

  • When I start the game, I want to play the game

  • Game should be intuitive and only need to use a few buttons (move and shoot)

  • Game must be cute, colorful, hilarious, explosions and dodging and with skill

  • When an enemy is eliminated by my nyan-beam, it will explode and drop 'doge tokens'

  • I want my nyan-cat to have a tail that grows based on how well I am doing at the game

  • If the game has multiplayer functionality, I should be able to 'block' other players with my tail. either obscuring their vision or disabling them from grabbing 'tokens'

  • When a player joins on multiplayer, expand the map 'down' by the original map size

  • Players will have views only to the map size (so if they go out of bounds at the bottom, they will see a different 'scene'), similar to Zelda LTTP

  • Bounds can repeat, as in if a player goes all the way North, he will arrive at the last Block view (South)

  • Game should be mobile friendly, on mobile I want to tap the screen to shoot and enable the gyroscope of the device for movement. AND have a default horizontal orientation.

##Captains Log

  • 10/13/2016
  • added powerups!
  • after 50 kills, youll get a 2x poiint multiplier
  • after 10 kills, youll get a life up! (i will change this later to an hp bar)
  • 10/2/2016

  • Introducing more cats! We have Neon Cat, DonutCat, NeonColorCat

  • Thanks to ALexTheHedgehog15 ![alexthehedgehog!] (http://i.imgur.com/yxUhkTr.png)

  • added powerup sprites but need to program it

  • 10/1/2016

  • Added 15 different backgrounds

  • New music: Another Winter by Anamanaguchi

  • TO Add - music player, donut cat, 2x points, more enemies

#Cool pics in making of: leaderboard AJAX works!

  • 8/16/2016 - Yay the GET AJAX request works with my Rails server. Took me awhile to remember I forgot Rack CORS..

![reaper sprites!] (http://i.imgur.com/8S8pBYx.png)

  • 8/10/2016 - Making the reaper sprites using pixlr.com

  • Tuesday 8/23/2016

##Monday 8/8/2016

  • Looked at source code from basic shoot em up.
  • Created the sprites and placed Nyan-cat (player), added Bogeys (enemies) the Bomb and the mage
  • Spent a 2 hours trying out different methods to append a tail to the nyan-cat... -- Need to:
  • Spawn multiple enemies
  • set up HP for enemies and player
  • finish reading the learnpub ##MTues
  • collideWorldBounds ##Wednesday
  • ok the basic game is good..Need to
  • create 'bosses' from killing 15 bombs
  • want to add a dynamic scoreboard and have player names showing (express?) + websockets
  • Expand the map, reset all the little bombs, add a camera to 800x600

##Made with:

  • Education from WDI General Assembly, instructors Nick, Jesse, Adrian

  • Javascript

  • Runs on node.js with http-server for local testing

  • Phaser.io

  • Socket.io for websockets

  • Heroku for hosting backend and possibly this app itself to get the phaser-input working..

  • Heroku Rails for scoreboard

  • Shoot em up in the afternoon learnpub tutorial (fantastic!)

  • Inspired by Jamestown and Ikaruga

  • pixlr and Adobe Photoshop for editing spritesheets

  • http://spritedatabase.net/ for getting the sprites


  • phaser input for form but makes me need to host with node.js. Thanks..

  • old Soundtrack: Yum yum by Essence (200% speed inspired by Runling Run WC3 UMS custom map https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hjIvbZTcSow)

  • new Soundtrack: Another Winter by Anamanaguchi (from Scott Pilgrim)