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Adds commands to Sublime Text that converts RGB colors, in either hex or RGB() format, to HSL colors. For example:

  • #bada55 becomes hsl(74, 64%, 59%)
  • rgb(75, 96, 6) becomes hsl(74, 88%, 20%)
  • rgba(117, 149, 9, 0.65) becomes hsla(74, 89%, 31%, 0.65)

In the past, due to browser (IE) compatibility, it was best to use a CSS preprocessor to convert the HSL colors to hex. But now all major browsers support HSL color, including IE9+, so you can use HSL colors in CSS unless you need to support IE8.


You can install using Package Control or you can download or clone the repository and drop it into your Sublime Text packages directory.

Version 2 Features

  • Version 2 now converts hex and RGB to HSL and RGBA to HSLA. The previous version only converted hex to HSL.
  • Optionally, you can convert hex, RGB, and RGBA to HSLA (force alpha).
  • You can now convert all hex, RGB, and RGBA colors in a file by inputting the following command twice: (shift+ctrl+U).


  • Convert Selected to HSL: shift+ctrl+U
  • Convert Selected to HSLA: shift+ctrl+alt+U
  • Convert All to HSL (preserving alpha): shift+ctrl+U + shift+ctrl+U
  • Convert All to HSLA (force alpha): shift+ctrl+alt+U + shift+ctrl+alt+U

Why No Hex/HSL to RGB support

HSL color is just better than hex or RGB (Brandon Mathis gives a good explanation why HSL rocks). I don't see any use for RGB—HSL is just more intuitive and makes it much easier to combine colors into a logical color scheme.

If you have the need to convert to RGB, you might try the CSS Color Converter plugin.

HSL Resources

If you need more convincing about HSL, try these:


Sublime Text 2/3 plugin to convert CSS Hex colors to HSL.




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