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Provide Emacs the support for hidding and unhidding HTML, XML and SGML elements
Emacs Lisp
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html-fold provides support for hiding and unhiding HTML/XML elements.

html-fold is a minor mode, so that you can use it with some HTML/XML editing major mode, ex. YaHTML, nxml-mode and psgml-mode.

Install html-fold.el

  1. Put html-fold.el into your load-path
  2. Byte-compile it, if you would like
  3. Put following code into your .emacs
(autoload 'html-fold-mode "html-fold" "Minor mode for hiding and revealing elements." t)


  • Initialize buffer with M-x html-fold-buffer

Folding/Unfolding commands list

  • C-c C-o C-b / C-c C-o b folding/unfolding buffer
  • C-c C-o C-r / C-c C-o r folding/unfolding region
  • C-c C-o C-p / C-c C-o p folding/unfolding paragraph
  • C-c C-o C-o folding and unfolding case by case
  • C-c C-o C-e folding block elements
  • C-c C-o C-m folding inline elements


You can skip M-x html-fold-buffer with add-hook.

This is an example for add-hook for html-mode.

(add-hook 'html-mode-hook 'html-fold-mode)


html-fold is depeloped based on tex-fold.el in AUCTeX, written by Ralf Angeli.

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