A rails plugin engine to manage state of your web server : go in maintenance mode, come back, code to redirect users to maintenance page, bypass the maintenance for some user, ....,
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Be careful is always in Beta phase the maintenance check/in/out method works but interface is not completly finished! But i accept all feedback :)

 This plugin provide a system to manage maintenance state of web server.

 He provides an admin interface to set the maintenance ON/OFF, and to list IPs authorized to bypass the maintenance mode (usefull to check an update maked during the maintenance).

 The system redirect user to static maintenance page during maintenance mode.

 The plugin could use many backend to store maintenance mode and ips (database, memcache are provided for the moment FileLock, BRb and MongoDB must provided later)

 Install :
 in your application rails directory :

	./script/plugin install git://github.com/atalargo/ServerState.git

 create a file server_state.rb in the config/initializers directory and write in the line:


 Replace 'Ar' by the backend id available (Ar for ActiveRecord backend, Memcache for Memcache backend)

 If you use ActiveRecord backend, launche the command
	./script/generate server_state

this generates the migration used by the backend and after (if your database is configured) :
	rake db:migrate
	to propage the migration

	it's only requires ActiveRecord or Memcache for the backends.

	The admin interface requires that you use an admin namespace subdirectory (app/controller/admin/) and you must provide an Admin::ApplicationController base contoller class

	the admin interface view is construct to be integrate in one of your admin interface page, so :
		- if you use embedded_action plugin ( http://github.com/sd/embedded-actions ) include the line :
			<%= embed_action :controller => "admin/server_state", :action => "index" %>
		- if you use other similar plugin (Cell, etc) : follow the rules of your plugin for this -may be in futur, server_state plugin will provide laready write class for Cell Component http://cells.rubyforge.org/ or other if there is some people that query it.
		- if you use ActiveScaffold and if your Admin::ApplicationController active ActiveScaffold for all, you can add direct the helper where you want
		- if you provide nothing, you cold always directly go to page /admin/server_state a very basic render is provided

	you can direct integrate the interface in one of your admin page by add this line in your view :

	<%= server_state_admin %>

	Enjoy !

	When you browse your site bypassing the maintenance mode, an visual indication (big red div with message SERVER IN MAINTENANCE always in abasolute position) id automatically added in all rendered page -only html page-

The plugin provide some task too :
	- server_state:check : return maitnenance ON or maintenance OFF
	- server_state:set:in : put the maintenance mode on ON
	- server_state:set:out : put the maintenance mode on OFF

If you run you rails app with PhusionPassenger, some tasks linked provided too in interface (restart passenger, memory stats)

	- File backend
	- Brb Backend
	- use authentification/authorization system in couple with the IPs bypass system to only authorize to bypass the admin authentified users for ips
	- use a secure mechanisme redirect to static maintenance file if the backend failed (if during the maintenance, you shutdown the database, by example, the systeme will must redirect to maintenance all users -no bypass system allowed in this case)
	- give possibility to the users authorized to bypass maintenance to choose if they use bypass or not (use cookie only managed for authorized users)
	- improved the interface -in part realized-.