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h2. ActiveScaffoldCKeditor

Copyright (c) 2010 Atalargo

MIT License use as you wish, see MIT-LICENSE file

Version 0.2

Provide CKeditor for text area content in ActiveScaffold Form

h3. Installing:

You must have ActiveScaffold and Rails-ckeditor plugin installed and configured

(you must use this fork of rails-ckeditor : to have the possibility to have many editor opened of different instance of same model at the same time -like in subform editors of association)

* ./script/plugin install git://

 To use it, first add CKeditor javascript in your layout like indicated in Rails-ckeditor README.
 After in a controller where you active ActiveScaffold, active CKeditor for a form_ui column

 active_scaffold :page_contents do |config|
	columns[:content].form_ui = :ckeditor

 you can pass option for the CKEditor composent with column options

 active_scaffold :page_contents do |config|
	columns[:content].form_ui = :ckeditor
        config.columns[:content].options = {:width => "100%"}

 For the moment the options managed by this form are : 
 * width          : string
 * height 	  : string
 * class          : string
 * ajax           : boolean
 * language       : string
 * resize_enabled : boolean