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== 0.8
- NOTE: This release is only compatible with JRuby 1.1RC3 or later.
- Because of recent API changes in trunk in preparation for JRuby 1.1, this release is not
backward compatible with previous JRuby releases. Hence the version bump.
- Internal: convert Java methods to be defined with annotations
- Fix problem with reserved words coming back pre-quoted from #indexes in postgres
- JRUBY-2205: Fix N^2 allocation of bytelists for mysql quoting (taw)
- Attempt a fix for Rubyforge 18059
- Upgrade derby to
- Fix db:create etc. in the case where JDBC is loaded in Rails' preinitializer.rb
- Fix db:drop to actually work
- Fix for Rubyforge #11567 (Matt Williams)
== 0.7.2
- JRUBY-1905: add_column for derby, hsqldb, and postgresql (Stephen Bannasch)
- Fix db:create for JDBC
- Support Rails 2 with the old "require 'jdbc_adapter'" approach
- JRUBY-1966: Instead of searching for just tables, search for views and tables.
- JRUBY-1583: DB2 numeric quoting (Ryan Shillington)
- JRUBY-1634: Oracle DATE type mapping (Daniel Wintschel)
- JRUBY-1543: rename_column issue with more recent MySQL drivers (Oliver Schmelzle)
- Rubyforge #15074: ConnectionAdapters::JdbcAdapter.indexes is missing name and
schema_name parameters in the method signature (Igor Minar)
- Rubyforge #13558: definition for the indexes method (T Meyarivan)
- JRUBY-2051: handle schemaname and tablename more correctly for columns
- JRUBY-2102: Postgres Adapter cannot handle datetime type (Rainer Hahnekamp)
- JRUBY-2018: Oracle behind ActiveRecord-JDBC fails with "Invalid column index" (K Venkatasubramaniyan)
- JRUBY-2012: jdbc_mysql structure dump fails for mysql views (Tyler Jennings)
== 0.7.1
- Add adapter and driver for H2 courtesy of Caleb Land
- Fix "undefined method `last' for {}:Hash" error introduced with new Rake 0.8.1 (JRUBY-1859)
== 0.7
- PLEASE NOTE: This release is not compatible with JRuby releases earlier than
1.0.3 or 1.1b2. If you must use JRuby 1.0.2 or earlier, please install the
0.6 release.
- Release coincides with JRuby 1.0.3 and JRuby 1.1b2 releases
- Simultaneous support for JRuby trunk and 1.0 branch
- Get rid of log_no_bench method, so we time SQL execution again.
- Implement #select_rows
- MySQL migration and quoting updates
== 0.6
- Gem is renamed to "activerecord-jdbc-adapter" to follow new conventions
introduced in Rails 2.0 for third-party adapters. Rails 2.0 compatibility is
- Add dependency on ActiveRecord >= 1.14 (from the Rails 1.1.x release)
- New drivers (jdbc-XXX) and adapter (activerecord-jdbcXXX-adapter) gems
available separately. See the README.txt file for details.
- Plain "jdbc" driver is still available if you want to use the full
driver/url way of specifying the driver.
- More bugfixes to Oracle and SQLServer courtesy of Ola & ThoughtWorks
== 0.5
- Release coincides with JRuby 1.0.1 release
- It is no longer necessary to specify :driver and :url configuration
parameters for the mysql, postgresql, oracle, derby, hsqldb, and h2
adapters. The previous configuration is still valid and compatible, but for
new applications, this makes it possible to use the exact same database.yml
configuration as Rails applications running under native Ruby.
- JDBC drivers can now be dynamically loaded by Ruby code, without being on
the classpath prior to launching JRuby. Simply use "require
'jdbc-driver.jar'" in JRuby code to add it to the runtime classpath.
- Updates to HSQL, MS SQLServer, Postgres, Oracle and Derby adapters
== 0.4
- Release coincides with JRuby 1.0 release
- Shoring up PostgreSQL (courtesy Dudley Flanders) and HSQL (courtesy Matthew
- Fix timestamps on Oracle to use DATE (as everything else)
- Derby fixes: Fix for open result set issue, better structure dump, quoting,
column type changing
- Sybase type recognition fix (courtesy Dean Mao)
== 0.3.1
- Derby critical fixes shortly after 0.3
== 0.3
- Release coincides with JRuby 1.0.0RC1 release
- Improvements for Derby, Postgres, and Oracle, all of which are running
> 95% of AR tests
== 0.2.4
- Release coincides with JRuby 0.9.9 release
- JRuby 0.9.9 is required
- MySQL close to 100% working
- Derby improvements
- DECIMAL/NUMERIC/FLOAT/REAL bugs fixed with type recognition for Oracle,
Postgres, etc.
- HSQLDB has regressed this release and may not be functioning; we'll get it
fixed for the next one
== 0.2.3
- Release coincides (and compatible) with JRuby 0.9.8 release
- 8 bugs fixed: see
- Improvements and compatibility fixes for Rails 1.2.x
== 0.2.1, 0.2.2
- Early releases, added better support for multiple databases
== 0.0.1
- Initial, very alpha release
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