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👋 Hey there! Get to know all about the key events just with a key stroke.

🚀 Live demo

The app is deployed using Vercel and Netlify. You can play around with it from here,

Netlify Status

Optionally, you can also play around with it from here,

👍 Want to Motivate?

Thanks for your time to reading this. Feel free to clone/fork/improve. Who doesn't want motivations? Give the project a star() if you liked the work.

Many Thanks to all the Stargazers who has supported this project with stars()

Stargazers repo roster for @atapas/js-keyevents-demo

🖮 A List of Key Codes

Click Here to see the list of key codes.

🏃🏿‍♂️ How to run the project locally?

  • Clone the project to a local directory.
  • Browse to the project folder, js-keyevents-demo.
  • Use the npx serve command to run the server.
  • Now you can access the app @ http://localhost:5000

Note: You must have Node.js v12.x or higher installed. Optionally, you can also deploy this app to any other web/app servers like tomcat, express, etc. and run.