Simple starter projects for bare-metal MCU development
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Bare-Metal MCU Starter Projects

This is a collection of simple projects for bare-metal MCU development. Both Makefiles and IDE projects are provided when possible. The target compiler is GCC.

Currrently supported devices:

  • Atmel SAMD10D14 (SAM D10 Xplained Mini)
  • Atmel SAMD11D14 (SAM D11 Xplained Pro)
  • Atmel SAMD20J18 (SAM D20 Xplained Pro)
  • Atmel SAMD21J19 (SAM D21 Xplained Pro)
  • Atmel SAMC21J18 (SAM C21 Xplained Pro)
  • Atmel SAML21J18 (SAM L21 Xplained Pro)
  • Atmel SAML23N18 (SAM L22 Xplained Pro)
  • Atmel SAMG55J19 (SAM G55 Xplained Pro)
  • Atmel SAMV71Q21 (SAM V71 Xplained Ultra)
  • Atmel SAME70Q21 (SAM E70 Xplained)
  • Atmel SAM4SD32C (SAM 4S Xplained Pro)
  • Atmel SAME54P20A (SAM E45 Xplained Pro)
  • Microchip SAML10E16A (SAM L10 Xplained Pro)
  • Microchip SAML11E16A (SAM L11 Xplained Pro)
  • SiFive FE310-G000 (HiFive1)