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Atari800 v4.1.0

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@joysfera joysfera released this 13 Apr 17:05
· 366 commits to master since this release

Version 4.1.0 (2019/04/13)

New Features:

  • Atari800 now includes Altirra BIOS-es for all emulated systems: 400/800,
    XL/XE, and 5200; as well as Altirra BASIC. It is now possible to use the
    emulator without providing any ROM images.

  • The Altirra OS-es and Altirra BASIC can now be selected by users in the
    "System settings", if they want to use them. Previously Altirra OS was used
    automatically only when no other OS ROMs were found.

  • joyhat support for all four real joysticks, configurable in CLI/cfg/TUI

Notable changes:

  • All documentation specific to building Atari800 on Windows has been moved
    from DOC/INSTALL to a new file, DOC/ This document
    has also been expanded with a new chapter covering building Atari800 using

  • Ability to use the built-in EmuOS firmware has been removed. Users wishing
    to run Atari800 without providing OS ROMs now have an option of using the
    built-in Altirra OS-es, which are compatible with much more Atari software
    than EmuOS.
    At the same time, it is still possible to compile a version of Atari800
    without any OS ROMs built in, by means of the --disable-altirra_bios
    configure option.

Port specific improvements:

== Atari Falcon ==

  • More Videl/screen handling fixes
  • Ability to run Atari800 in an AES-less environment
  • Replaced C2P with MMU friendly and faster code
  • Atari800 should run on all TOS clones with XBIOS Sound API

== Android ==

  • Fixed building of the Android target, broken in the previous release.
  • Fixed labels on console keys (unreadable on hi-res displays)
  • Fixed console keys press detection
  • Fixed "right-handed joystick" trigger press

== Raspberry Pi ==

  • updated build documentation
  • find proper Broadcom GLes libraries
  • fixed bug in GRAPHICS 9 (shifted colors)

== MS Windows ==

  • updated build documentation

General Fixes:

  • updated build documentation
  • it is possible to build atari800 out of source tree
  • unconnected host joysticks initialized properly, fixes the MULE game