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@joysfera joysfera released this Dec 28, 2019 · 8 commits to master since this release

Version 4.2.0 (2019/12/28) - released at SILK

New Features:

  • raw Pokey registers recording by Ivo van Poorten
  • new platform supported: FireBee
  • optional hiding of hidden files/folders in the UI file selector
  • libatari800 (Atari800 as a library) by Rob McMullen
  • R: device (many years old feature) enabled by default


  • proper check if SDL joysticks are found (fixes #58)
  • Portrait mode for Android (related to #41)
  • RMW for Pokey
  • Improved BASIC LST file loading (#55)
  • ROM OS path changes handled better (#15)
  • improved "Find ROM images" - now Atari800 reboots if necessary (#15)
  • fixed an old bug which caused freezing in the UI on Falcon

New command line options:

  • -pokeyrec and its children
  • -atari_files (#29)
  • -saved_files (#29)
  • -kbdjoy0 -kbdjoy1 -nokbdjoy0 -nokbdjoy1 (#29)

Plus many Atari Falcon specific fixes and improvements by Mikro. This should be the most complete and bug-free Atari Falcon release in years, so enjoy! :)

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