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@atarimacosx atarimacosx released this Jan 18, 2021

Features Added/Changed:

  • Added support for ARM based M1 Macs.
  • Update libSDL to version 2.0.14.
  • Removed 2k limit on the number of characters that can be pasted into the emulator

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed issue with not correctly restoring machine type when loading a configuration file.
  • Fixed issue with not being able to insert a piggyback cartridge to SDX.
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@atarimacosx atarimacosx released this Jan 8, 2021

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed issues with mounting hard disk images created inside the emulator (with .img instead of .vhd extensions).
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@atarimacosx atarimacosx released this Jan 8, 2021

New Features (in version 5.5.0):

  • Added support for the PCLINK host disk system, providing a working alternative to H: for SpartaDOSX.
  • Added enhanced copy and paste, so that ATASCII graphics characters may be copied and pasted as well, along with support for automation with delays.
  • Added ability to specify a string that is pasted automatically at the startup of the emulator.
  • Added Break key to Touch Bar, and removed Power key. The funtionality of the Power key is now achieved by pressing Shift along with the Reset Touch Bar key.

Bug Fixes (in version 5.5.0):

  • Fixed copy of text in Full Screen
  • Fixed copy of text in 80 column modes
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@atarimacosx atarimacosx released this Dec 2, 2020

Bug Fixes (in version 5.4.4):

  • Fix issue with Trackball and Mouse emulation. The Y Axis was inverted, making Trackball emulation of little use. By default, the Y Axis is now inverted, but an option has been added to the Controllers tab of Preferences which allows the original behavior.
  • Fix issue with not being able to sector edit an ATR image that does not contain a supported DOS.
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@atarimacosx atarimacosx released this Nov 22, 2020

Bug Fixes (in version 5.4.3):

  • Fixed issue with initial setting of Ultimate1mb and SIDE2 Preferences if they have not be set before.
  • Fixed issue with Atari 800 Bounty Bob Strikes Back cartridge. It still conflicts with the D: and H: patches so those will have to be turned off for the cartridge to work.
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@atarimacosx atarimacosx released this Nov 17, 2020

New Features/Bug Fixes (in version 5.4.2):

  • Added full emulation for The!Cart, replacing the limited atari800 emulation which worked for few ROM image types. The new emulation supports Flexi mode RAM, but does not yet support flashing in the emulator.

Bug Fixes (in version 5.4.2):

  • Fixed issue with "ghost"/double characters being entered with non-US Keyboards which was reintroduced with 5.4.0.
  • Fix issue with raw cartridge images with new image types that were added in 5.3.
  • Fixed issue with Save Media when exiting, where it would not clear the cartridge if it was ejected during operation.
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@atarimacosx atarimacosx released this Nov 13, 2020

Bug Fixes (in version 5.4.1):

  • Fixed issue where H: Patch broke Ultimate1mb emulation
  • Fixed issue with D: Patch which was introduced in version 5.3.0
  • Indexed built-in help such that it is searchable
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@atarimacosx atarimacosx released this Nov 9, 2020

New Features/Bug Fixes (in version 5.4.0):

  • Added emulation of Ultimate1mb upgrade
  • Added emulation of SIDE2 cartridge
  • Added emulation of XEGS
  • Added emulation of 1200XL
  • Added Hard Drive image creation to support SIDE2 emulation.
  • Added Atari Caps Lock indicator LED option
  • Added Hard Disk sector indicator LED
  • Added option to enter Preferences dialog from Fatal Error dialog box.
  • Added F10 as a keyboard shortcut for the Help key in addition to option-F10 and Page Down to support Ultimate1mb menu hotkey.
  • Added F12 as a keyboard shortcut for screenshot in addition to F13 to better support Mac keyboards without F13.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed keyboard repeat issue which was introducted in 5.0
  • Fixed issue with erroneous debugger display issue which was introduced in 5.3.
  • Fixed issue with editing of SpartaDOS ATR images with 512 byte sectors.
  • Fixed issue with Sector Editing of ATR images with 512 byte sectors.
  • Fixed issues with Breakpoint Edtior causing emulator to crash
  • Fixed dark mode issues with Graphical Debugger
  • Fixed issue wih Cmd-K shortcut not working
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@atarimacosx atarimacosx released this Sep 18, 2020

Features Added/Changed

  • Added tab character translation to Disk Image Editor.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed issues with Atari Capslock preventing lowercases letters to be entered in the emulator, especially in XL/XE machines.
  • Fixed longstanding issue which prevent the emulator from opening and saving files in directories with international characters.
  • Fixed linefeed translation in Disk Image Editor for SpartaDOS ATRs.
  • Disabled D Patch for this version, as it is not functioning with the new atari800 core. It will be readded in a future version.
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@atarimacosx atarimacosx released this Aug 28, 2020

New Features/Bug Fixes (in version 5.3.0):

  • Add continuous scaling of Atari display by simply dragging the window resize handle.
  • Added ability to set scaling to integer values only, still by dragging the window resize handle.
  • Changed Fullscreen to use true MacOS Fullscreen, with seperate workspace. This elimiinates the need for a Fullscreen GUI, since the normal Mac windows and dialogs work in Fullscreen now.
  • Added option to maintain Atari screen aspect ratio in fullsize
  • Added 80 column card selection pull down to Media Center
  • Add Touch Bar contatining special Atari keys for use on laptops with Touch Bars
  • Integrated features from atari800 emulator core, version 4.2, including:
    • Support for new ROM types
    • Added support for AltirraOS 400/800, AltirraOS XL, Altirra 5200 BIOS and Altirra BASIC. This means the emulator will now work out of the box without external ROMs
    • Many core emulator fixes around Pokey, ANTI, GTIA, PIA, and CPU.
    • Removed built-in Basic for 400/800 type machines for more accurate emulation, and removed seperate OS A/OS B machine types.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed copy/paste in Debug Monitor and Sector Editor.
  • Removed Drawer from Monitor/GUI Debugger which is deprecated by Apple and was not working in Fullscreen. For now, Debug GUI is always visable, another solution may be available in the next release.
  • Fixed issue with Rename in Disk Editor that was introduced in 5.1.0.
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