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The very first project from TOP

Clone of Google Homepage. I used Grid Layout. My biggest frustration was to gt rid of a blank space in the right bottom corner. Added main to html helped to solved (forgotten to put it there in the first place).

Also, I learned how to use background property in the css when adding small image.

background: bg-color bg-image position/bg-size bg-repeat bg-origin bg-clip bg-attachment 

I learned that to change position and size of the image in the shorthand declaration I must use a / (slash). So, for example right center/15px means that the picture will be moved to the right center and the image size will be 15px.

10px 20px/50px 50px` will result in a background image, positioned 10 pixels from the left, 20 pixels from the top, and the size of the image will be 50 pixels wide and 50 pixels high. click

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