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Automation tests application based on Atata Framework


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Atata Sample App Tests

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Automated UI tests C#/.NET application based on Atata Framework. It uses Atata Sample App (repository) as a testing website and NUnit 3 as a test engine. Tests application demonstrates different testing approaches and features of Atata Framework.


  • Atata configuration and settings set-up.
  • Page navigation.
  • Controls finding.
  • Data input and verification.
  • Validation messages verification.
  • Usage of triggers.
  • Interaction with pop-ups (Bootstrap modal) and alerts.
  • Work with tables.
  • Logging, screenshots and snapshots.
  • Page HTML validation.

Sample Test

public class UserTests : UITestFixture
    public void Create() =>
                .ModalTitle.Should.Be("New User")
                .General.FirstName.SetRandom(out string firstName)
                .General.LastName.SetRandom(out string lastName)
                .General.Email.SetRandom(out string email)
                .General.Office.SetRandom(out Office office)
                .General.Gender.SetRandom(out Gender gender)
                .AggregateAssert(x => x
                    .Header.Should.Be($"{firstName} {lastName}")



Atata is an open source software, licensed under the Apache License 2.0. See LICENSE for details.