Introductory and advanced docker tutorials. Presented at PyOhio on 7/26/14
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Docker 101 Tutorials

NOTE: Docker moves fast and this tutorial is now out of date. Please reference one of my more recent Docker tutorials.

These tutorials accompany a short presentation.

This repo includes a Vagrantfile and Ansible playbook which provision a docker daemon on an Ubuntu 14.04 LTS server to minimize time students spend configuring their environments.

Introductory tutorial

This tutorial is for people new to docker. It covers:

  • Docker basics
  • Dockerizing your own apps
  • Managing your development environment with Fig

See the intro subdirectory to get started.

Advanced tutorial

This tutorial is for people who already understand the basics of using docker. It includes a survey of different docker projects, plus an exercise to get you working with the docker API. Students will:

  • Check out Drone, Deis, and Tutum
  • Play with the docker API
  • Discuss how you're using docker with other folks

See the advanced subdirectory to get started.