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# Atbash Code repository

Home for the code of the Atbash related to Jakarta EE and JVM backend web applications in general.

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  1. jsf-renderer-extensions jsf-renderer-extensions Public

    Extensions on the JSF renderer to have advanced validation and security

    Java 2 1

  2. runtime runtime Public

    A small modular Jakarta EE Core Profile runtime

    Java 6 1

  3. jakarta-integration-testing jakarta-integration-testing Public

    Integration testing with Testcontainers for Jakarta EE

    Java 4 2

  4. atbash-json-smart atbash-json-smart Public

    Adapted json-smart version; fast/small JSON decoder and encoder


  5. atbash-octopus atbash-octopus Public

    Atbash Octopus version; declarative permission based Java EE Security

    Java 4

  6. octopus-examples octopus-examples Public

    Examples for the Octopus framework (JAVA EE Security framework)

    Java 2


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