Atbash Octopus version; declarative permission based Java EE Security
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Declarative permission Security platform for Java EE

The Atbash Octopus is a rewrite of the original Octopus to have the following improvements

  • Better modularity (Java SE, JSF, JAX-RS, ...) for micro-services / Self-Contained systems (the original Octopus has dependency issues on for example WildFly Swarm factions)
  • Integration of Apache Shiro because there were so many extensions / hacks already that it became inefficient.
  • Better design since the original Octopus was designed for a certain use-case and later on heavily extended (and thus the design could be improved)

Other differences

Work in Progress

Currently only a very small subset of the original Octopus functionality is available.

And thus for the moment, it is no valid replacement.

End of alfa tryout

The status of Atbash Octopus is now that the new architecture has proven itself. Version 0.3 can be considered as the LAST ALFA version.

In the next phase, features (new and migrated features from Octopus) will be added to the platform.