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utils-se : Maven Central
utils-cdi : Maven Central
utils-jsf : Maven Central


Utility classes for Java SE, CDI, CDI-test, ...

  • Java SE 8 based!
  • Automatic module name defined for Java 9+
  • Runs on Java 8 and 11 Classpath.

For Java 7 support, you can use version

utils SE

  • String Utils
  • Collection Utils
  • Top level RuntimeException and Exception for unexpected conditions
  • Proxy Utils
  • Class Utils
  • HEX encoding
  • Reading Version from MANIFEST.MF
  • Check if running within CDI container.
  • Resource API

utils CDI

Requires CDI 1.1

  • Programmatic retrieval of CDI instances.
  • Producer for SLF4J logger.
  • Manual retrieval of generic types CDI beans generated by Producer methods.
  • Fake Bean manager for testing (no need for full CDI container)

There is also a version for CDI 3.0 (Jakarta EE 9 namespace), see here.

utils JSF

Requires JSF 2.x

  • Some general useful utility methods related to JSF.
  • Fake FacesContext for unit testing

There is also a version for JSF 3.0 (Jakarta EE 9 namespace), see here.