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This repository has been archived by the owner on Oct 8, 2022. It is now read-only.


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NOTE : Repository is archived and split up into the following repositories,, and


Utility classes for Java SE, CDI, CDI-test, ...

  • Java SE 8 based!
  • Automatic module name defined for Java 9+
  • Runs on Java 8 and 11 Classpath.

For Java 7 support, you can use version

Release of version 1.2.0 contains only utils SE module. The code repository will be split up soon since utils SE change rate is much higher than the CDI and JSF one and no need to release them all the time without any real changes.

utils SE

  • String Utils
  • Collection Utils
  • Top level RuntimeException and Exception for unexpected conditions
  • Proxy Utils
  • Class Utils
  • HEX encoding
  • Reading Version from MANIFEST.MF
  • Check if running within CDI container.
  • Resource API

utils CDI

Requires CDI 1.1

  • Programmatic retrieval of CDI instances.
  • Producer for SLF4J logger.
  • Manual retrieval of generic types CDI beans generated by Producer methods.
  • Fake Bean manager for testing (no need for full CDI container)

There is also a version for CDI 3.0 (Jakarta EE 9 namespace), see here.

utils JSF

Requires JSF 2.x

  • Some general useful utility methods related to JSF.
  • Fake FacesContext for unit testing

There is also a version for JSF 3.0 (Jakarta EE 9 namespace), see here.