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@rdebusscher rdebusscher released this Nov 4, 2017 · 16 commits to master since this release

The initial release of the web-tester framework.

Instead of trying to automate the Browser (with WebDriver but I have always issues to keep tests stable because of updates of WebDriver/Selenium), This testing framework uses the WebView component of JavaFX which is capable of using HTML, CSS and JavaScript just like a real browser.

The idea is

  • Create a WebArchive with ShrinkWrap which contains only the required classes and resources (like JSF/HTML pages)
  • Deploy this archive with WildFly Swarm, no need to set up a server upfront.
  • Use WebView of JavaFX to test the code.

Used already to test Jerry, Valerie and Octopus but many updates/improvements required before this can become a real testing framework.

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