Parallel Algorithms in Python for Hadoop/Mapreduce
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Snabler - Parallel Algorithms in Python for Hadoop/Mapreduce

Contact for more info.

1. Which Algorithms are currently implemented in Snabler?
(So far) A Parallel Machine Learning Classifier for Hadoop Streaming in Python.

2. Which Algorithms will be implemented?
There is a potential backlog of hadoop/mapreduce algorithms here

3. Why the name Snabler?
The word Snabler is the Danish and Norwegian plural of an Elephant's Trunk (e.g. the Hadoop elephant), and shapewise referring to Python and plurality referring to parallelism.

4. Is Snabler open source?
Yes, Snabler is an open source project with an Apache Licence 2.0

5. Who is behind and develops Snabler?
Atbrox - a startup company that develops cloud & search software - is behind Snabler.

6. How do I contribute to Snabler?
Implement an algorithm in Python for Hadoop Streaming with methods def map(key,value) and def reduce(key,values), see this for an example implementation