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large-memory key-value pair store for Python
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atbr added timing on osx for loading data
atbrjudy added a simple judyhash test, for later integration
atbrserver preliminary skeleton code for chatting with zookeeper
atbrtst integrating values with atbrtst
blogposts fixed bug in calculation and added better encoding example
img imgs
FEATURES added features file removed boost-requirement updated readme
pip_requirements.txt updated setup added swig access to atbrtst client update to python 2.7


What is atbr?

large-scale in-memory key-value pair store for Python

Why atbr?

1) Modern boxes have 10-100s of Gigabytes of RAM

2) Gigabyte+-size Python dictionaries are slow to fill

4) Gigabyte+-size dictionaries are fun to use

5) atbr is fast - using C++-based key-value store

Where is the documentation?

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