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What is NewsVerify?

NewsVerify is a news publishing platform with a verification framework.

NewsVerify acknowledges the positive contribution citizen journalism is making to todays information landscape, and attempts to address the lack of fact-checking and verification in social media sources. It also addresses the delay media organisations face when publishing stories emerging from non-traditional channels. By ensuring that the verification status is transparent, it is possible to publish earlier, while further fact-checking is undertaken, maintaining credibility and keeping readers informed.

NewsVerify allows you to curate pieces of evidence from social media and the web, and tie them together as a news Event.  An event has a verification status and narrative which can be updated as more evidence is added.  Events can be collected together to form a Story. A story allows you to tie events together with editorial analysis and original content.

Demo Site >


  • Import text, images, and video from most websites and social media (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Youtube) using
  • Tie imported evidence together as a news Event
  • Add verification information [where / when / what happened] to news Events
  • Built on [Drupal 7] ( - open-source CMS
  • Supports LTR and RTL languages (e.g. Arabic)
  • Compatible with mobile devices, using responsive design
  • Sophisticated search engine, using [Apache Solr] (
  • Ads are supported using the excellent [SimpleAds module] (


  • [Installation] (/atchai/newsverify/wiki/installation)
  • [General information] (/atchai/newsverify/wiki/general-information/)
  • [Content management] (/atchai/newsverify/wiki/content-management)
  • [Site administration] (/atchai/newsverify/wiki/site-administration)
  • [FAQs] (/atchai/newsverify/wiki/faqs)
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