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Provide a Rails application with support for scheduled events
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Rails Scheduler

This project provides your Rails application with support for scheduled events

  • Provide any model with database-stored scheduler (weekly, monthly, etc..)

  • Database queries to obtain instance between dates

  • Build Javascript powered scheduler forms

  • I18n and l10n support


Just add gem 'rails-scheduler' to your Gemfile and bundle update


A sample migration is available at db/migrate

Then, just add to your model:

class Event < ActiveRecord::Base

Now, you can create events such as:

event = Event.create(:start_at =>,
                     :end_at => + 3.hours,
                     :frequency => 2,     # weekly
                     :interval  => 1,     # every 1 week
                     :week_days => [ 1 ]) # on monday  

Event.between(, + 15) #=> [ next monday, next monday + 1 week, etc.. ]

This example is based on an Event class. However, it Rails Scheduler works with any model, provided the suitable database fields are created


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