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SkelJS aims to be a reference implementation of a JavaScript-centric MediaWiki extension, embodying best practices.

Out of the box, you get:

  • QUnit test scaffold
  • ResourceLoader integration
  • MediaWiki-compatible JSHint config
  • Command-line build tool (grunt)


SkelJS is currently a very rough draft. More input and refinements are necessary before it is ready for public consumption.

  • TestSwarm integration
  • Top / bottom module setup
  • Sample JS code, using mw.loader
  • Maybe: grunt.js syntaxCheck.php integration
  • Maybe: Parse module configuration from JSON file so that no edits to PHP code are required


First, install the requirements: node, npm, grunt and phantomjs'.

Add the following line to LocalSettings.php:

require_once( "$IP/extensions/SkelJS/SkelJS.php" );

Run grunt in the extension's root directory to lint your JavaScript code and run unit tests.