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Adding ReleaseNotes for stable release

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+Release notes for Gerrit
+Gerrit is now available:
+There are no schema changes from 2.2.2. However, if upgrading from
+anything but 2.2.2, follow the upgrade procedure in the 2.2.2
+Bug Fixes
+* issue 1139 Fix change state in patch set approval if reviewer is added to
+closed change
+For the dummy patch set approval that is created when a reviewer is
+added the cached change state is always open, which is incorrect if a
+reviewer is added to a closed change. As a result the closed change will
+appear in the reviewers dashboard in the 'Review Requests' section and will
+stay there forever. Ensure the correct change state is cached in the dummy
+patch set approval when it is created.
+* issue 1171 Fix ownerin and reviewerin searches
+Update the ownerin and reviewerin searches to use AccountGroup.UUID as
+required by commit e662fb3d4d7d0ad05791b8d2143ac5ce58117335.
+* issue 871 Display hash of the cherry-pick merge in comment
+After merging a change via cherry-pick, we add the commit's
+hash to the comment. This was accidentally removed in
+commit 14246de3c0f81c06bba8d4530e6bf00e918c11b0
+* Update top level SUBMITTING_PATCHES
+This document is out of date, the URLs are from last August.
+Direct readers to the new server.
+* Add contributing guideline document
+* Documentation: update version references for 2.2.2
+Correct wording and instructions to be sure they match what would
+be observed with the indicated version of gerrit.
+Expand instructions when needed to ensure all commands could be
+executed and were successful.
+Indent commands and output based on a run of the instructions
@@ -5,6 +5,7 @@ Gerrit Code Review - Release Notes
Version 2.2.x
* link:ReleaseNotes-2.2.2.html[2.2.2],
+* link:ReleaseNotes-[],
* link:ReleaseNotes-2.2.1.html[2.2.1],
* link:ReleaseNotes-2.2.0.html[2.2.0]

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