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Update 2.1.3 release notes

Change-Id: Id96c89155f644ef32caa744138f8f66e3d2faf38
Signed-off-by: Shawn O. Pearce <>
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1 parent e8fd49f commit 74b40b2b65ad25bd4f715a1e0e5b18d07940e3b5 @spearce spearce committed Jun 17, 2010
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@@ -31,12 +31,12 @@ they no longer have an interest in, but had commented on previously.
* issue 124 Index changes by external issue tracking id numbers
Changes can be searched for by an external issue tracking system's
-id numbers. Site administrators can configure trackingid sections
-in gerrit.config to parse and extract issue tracking links from
-a commit message's footer, and have them indexed by Gerrit.
-Users can search for relevant changes using the search operator
-`tr:`, for example `tr:432181`. Administrators can index existing
-change records using the ScanTrackingIds program.
+id numbers. Site administrators can configure trackingid sections in
+gerrit.config to parse and extract issue tracking links from a commit
+message's footer, and have them indexed by Gerrit. Users can search
+for relevant changes using the search operator `tr:` or `bug:`,
+for example `tr:432181` or `bug:JIRA-42`. Administrators can index
+existing change records using the ScanTrackingIds program.
* List branches/tags containing a merged change
@@ -164,6 +164,13 @@ transfer.timeout to place an upper bound on how long the server will
wait for the client before aborting the connection and releasing
the worker thread back into the pool.
+* container.slave: Automatically enable --slave
+Adminstrators can now add `container.slave = true` to their slave's
+gerrit.config file, avoiding the need to make sure they always
+pass the --slave flag on the command line when starting their
+slave server.
* Add separate task queue for non-interactive users
Users who are a member of the special 'Non Interactive Users' group
@@ -191,6 +198,9 @@ Apache Commons DBCP to 1.4.
Bug Fixes
+Web UI
* issue 396 Prevent 'no-score' approvals from being recorded
Change messages no longer say 'No score; no score' when the user
@@ -205,6 +215,28 @@ auto-generated message is a one line summary indicating how many
inline comments were published at that time. This makes it easier
to see what has occurred on the change.
+* issue 461 Space out Review and Submit Patch Set buttons
+The risk of clicking 'Submit Patch Set n' when the user meant to
+click 'Review' has been reduced by spacing the buttons further apart.
+* issue 587 Fix user site header/footer preference
+The user preference to hide the site header/footer wasn't always
+being applied. Fixed.
+* issue 575 Require branches to always start from commits
+Branches could be created starting from annotated tags, resulting
+in crashes when a change gets submitted to the branch. Fixed by
+ensuring branches always start from commits.
+* issue 574 Add Cancel button to Register New Email dialog
+Users couldn't (easily) get out of the dialog popped up by the
+'Register New Email...' button. A cancel button was added to
+close the dialog.
Server Programs
@@ -214,6 +246,13 @@ When scanning for projects, any directory that is a valid Git
repository is now imported, even if its name does not end with
the standard '.git' suffix.
+* issue 460 Request at least 1024 file descriptors
+In the default configuration, Gerrit Code Review started with a
+hard limit of 256 file descriptors, which is too small for any site.
+This caused a number of failures, and a number of bugs were filed.
+The default has been raised to 1024.
* issue 578 Improve schema version update by avoiding early pruning
Previously init kept trying to remove unused tables or columns
@@ -272,4 +311,4 @@ the current stable version of the Maven plugin.

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