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+Release notes for Gerrit
+Gerrit is now available in the usual location:
+Bug Fixes
+* Include smart http:// URLs in gitweb
+The managed gitweb configuration file didn't know about our smart
+http URLs, so it didn't advertise them for projects to clone by.
+* issue 493 documentation: Document the internal gitweb
+* issue 496 documentation: Explain etc/gitweb_config.perl
+The documentation on configuring gitweb didn't talk about our own
+managed support, where we can write the gitweb configuration file
+based on our own settings, and run the CGI directly from within
+our servlet container. Its an older feature that we have had for
+a while now. Fixed.
+* issue 494 Look for gitweb in /usr/share/gitweb
+* issue 495 Fix gitweb CGI when in subdirectory
+The CGI didn't always load its supporting assets like CSS and icon
+from the right URLs. Fixed.
+* Move generated gitweb_config.perl to hidden tmp directory
+The generated gitweb configuration file was written to /tmp,
+which might cause it to be deleted every 7 days on some Linux
+distributions. Moved to our private application temporary directory,
+which is usually under $HOME/.gerritcodereview/tmp.
+* Update documentation regarding tag deletion
+The documentation incorrectly described tag deletion. Fixed.
+* Allow schema upgrades to display messages
+On MySQL servers, schema upgrades from older versions failed if the
+administrator didn't create the nextval functions for administrative
+purposes. Fixed by making this a warning and not a hard-stop.

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