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python module for ganglia 3.1.

"diskstat" report disk stat metrics to ganglia.

This module can monitor multiple disk block devices including specific partitions instead of the entire device.


  • diskstat_XXX_io_time
  • diskstat_XXX_read_kbytes_per_sec
  • diskstat_XXX_read_time
  • diskstat_XXX_reads
  • diskstat_XXX_reads_merged
  • diskstat_XXX_weighted_io_time
  • diskstat_XXX_write_kbytes_per_sec
  • diskstat_XXX_write_time
  • diskstat_XXX_writes
  • diskstat_XXX_writes_merged


  • devices (The disk block device(s) to monitor. Example: "sda1 sda2")


This module has the option of explicitly setting which devices
to check using the "devices" option in your configuration. You
can monitor specific partitions instead of the entire device.
Example value: "sda1 sda2".
Example value: "sda sdb sdc".

Example Graphs

  • Available in the examples directory.


Jamie Isaacs

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