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Ganglia Python Modules for Nova
These plugins are for use with the Ganglia monitoring system. For more details:
They allow various components of Nova to be monitored using simple python
You will need to enable ganglia's modpython. On Ubuntu, this is easy:
mkdir /etc/ganglia/conf.d
cp conf.d/modpython.conf /etc/ganglia/conf.d
service ganglia-monitoring restart
On most systems, these can easily be configured by copying the desired
components from conf.d and python_modules to the same location in /etc/ganglia.
For instance, to install compute-metrics:
mkdir /etc/ganglia/conf.d
mkdir /etc/ganglia/python_modules
cp conf.d/compute-metrics.pyconf /etc/ganglia/conf.d
cp python_modules/ /etc/ganglia/python_modules
service ganglia-monitoring restart
To use custom graphics, copy graph.d contents in your system-specific
graph.d directory:
on Ubuntu:
cp graph.d/nova_services_report.php /usr/share/ganglia-webfrontend/graph.d/
on RHEL 6.1:
cp graph.d/nova_services_report.php /usr/share/ganglia/graph.d/
and enable it in conf.php:
$optional_graphs = array('nova_services');
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